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-The Curse of the Blue Moon-

By the time the Knights were arguing with Bielarus, Kaiser and Altagracia were still locked on the prison, ten times weaker than before. The only thing that kept them alive for that long was their Shaman-Stones, which were draining the poison in order to save their owners’ lives.

The Finnish was still holding the girl tight; he didn’t want her to feel unsafe and hopeless. The cellar in which they were trapped didn’t look that scary – wooden floor and marble gray walls; the bars were made of some icy metal work, and some light bubbles were coming out from it. The last item was the only thing they had to worry about.

Kaiser approached from the strange bubbles, leaving Altagracia on her place, so that she wouldn’t get hurt. When he touched one of the lilac bubbles, he screamed in pain – these weird manifestations of light somehow drained a bit of his life-force, hurting him in a way that would be hard to heal.

“Kai?” Altagracia asked, trying to reach her friend “You okay?”

“Yes.” He lied, trying to stop his right arm from shaking as the sign of electrocution “I’m fine. Don’t worry; I’ll get us out of here before this venom kills us…”


Anael and Kimi were almost ready; for the first time since they got there, Anael was going to reveal his Sapphire Sword for the elven people to see. Kimi’s halberd was being sharpened by the blonde; they were coming for the kill in order to save the ones that matters the most for them: their blood brothers.
Belarus was in her hut, discussing the plans for another invasion – this time, somewhere else in order to avoid losses. The two Blue Moon Knights weren’t interested on these actions – they had other issues to deal with.

“Ready, Kimi?” Anael asked, gazing him with his reptilian eyes ready for the lack of light.

“Always, Leader” Kimi replied with a serious countenance “Which gate we are going to choose?”

“The same one we entered earlier” Replied Anael, near the entrance of the camp. “I’ll open our way out. Stay back, please.”

The Elite Dragon put his half-moon necklace between his hands, and its powers made it float and open the vortex, which had turquoise tones of color. The team passed through it, closing the magical passage as soon as they got out of it. Anael put the necklace around his neck and conjured the Sapphire Sword, following Kimi all their way to the Elven Fortress. They tried to be as swift as the desert wind, for they wanted to avoid as much noise and trouble as they could.

Hiding on the shadows of each corner they could found, Anael and Kimi discovered that they wouldn’t be alone their way to the Fortress: the city was being guarded by several soldiers. Since the Fortress was attacked, the Emperor decided to be more cautious.

On the top of a building, the two Knights were staring at a battalion on their way.

“So, what are going to do?” Kimi asked, talking in a low tone of voice.

“We are going to eliminate them.” Anael replied, clearly angry at them. “All of them.”

The Elite Dragon didn’t wait for Kimi to reply his statement. Instead, he rapidly soared into a distracted group of elven guards, who were instantaneously slaughtered by the Guatemalan warrior, who just left one of them alive; he needed information, after all.

“Where do you keep your imprisoners?” He asked, clearly angry.

“I don’t care about what you’ll do to me; I won’t reveal this for you!” The guard screamed, attracting the attention of the other guards nearby.

“Leave him alone, Anael” Kimi asked “I remember the entrance. Please follow me.”

“Too late.” Anael replied, hissing like a snake “We have company.” He pointed at a massive group of shadows; certainly, the guards were attracted by the screams of the injured guard. Frustrated, Anael cut the elf’s throat and let him bleed until death. Kimi didn’t say a word: he was staring at the following group.

“Do you think that Belarus will care if we do the revolution first?” Anael asked, shooting energy bolts at the approaching elves, which lied dead on the first wave of shots.

“I don’t think so” The Finnish replied, casting some ice spells at the following group, creating an icy statue garden in front of them. “Let’s proceed. Hasten to the fortress!”

Sí!” The Elite Dragon replied, running alongside his blonde friend.

They managed to get through the enormous battalions of guards. Every step they made, some corpses were left behind. The Emperor must know that they were there, and were coming for the kill for only one reason: their siblings.

They were almost reaching the entrance when the floor beneath them yielded; Kimi tried to hold Anael’s arm, but the Guatemalan slipped and fell into the darkness, leaving Kimi all by himself.

“Anael?!” Kimi shouted in despair “Please, answer! Are you okay? Anael!”
His pleas were followed by silence. The blonde didn’t want to scream, but his heart and mind were begging for it. ‘It was my entire fault’ He thought, desperate ‘If I hadn’t let him go search Altagracia, he wouldn’t…’

“Kimi?! Are you there?”

“Thanks Lord!” Kimi replied, with a fragile tear rolling through his face “Yes, I’m up here! Can you fly until the surface?”

“Nope” Anael answered, with a painful voice “My wings… are kind of broken… Even though my arms are okay, I cannot go up – the pain doesn’t allow me… I’ll try to find a way downstairs, and you should do the same upstairs. We’ll meet each other at the prison of this Fortress. Understood?”

“Niin” Kimi answered, pulling himself out of the hole “I’ll meet you there, I promise!”

“I know you will” Anael replied, with his voice lowering “And, please, don’t die on your way. I’ll try to do the same here.”

Kimi waited until he could no longer hear the footsteps of Elite Dragon. Now, the Ice Guardian had to make his way into the Fortress… alone. His Shaman-stone started glowing, as if it was trying to show him the correct path to follow.

“I know I warned Anael not to abuse from his Shaman-Stone’s power…” Kimi muttered to himself, eyes closed “However, it will be more than necessary…” He held the stone tight in his hands “I rely on you, my Stone, to guide me through the right path… To save my brother, which I don’t want to lose again…”

To Be Continued…


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