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-Avalanche! Kimi Reveals His Inner Power!-

Emperor El was ten years older than Kimi. He had straight, very long black hair, which went up to his feet. His eyes were light green, lighter and brighter than Anael’s. He had thin eyebrows. Also, he was tall and strong, pretty capable of defending himself without backup. He was going down the golden stairs of his chambers with a sinister smile.

“Eclipse failed because she hadn’t chosen well her allies or her battle scenario” El replied normally “But I won’t fail. I see that you read the compilations and books I had been gathering to have the information I needed since you stole the Sankari from me…” He grabbed a staff and prepared to fight against his former friend “Now that you know what I’m up to, I cannot let you stay alive! Come and fight!”

“Let’s see who dies here” Kimi answered, halberd prepared to the fight “Come to me!”
The two elves ran into each other, eager to take one’s life. El was stronger, but Kimi was faster; each hit El tried to take on Kimi, the blonde evaded, but he couldn’t cut El with his halberd, for the black haired was fast as well.

El hit Kimi hard, making the blonde to fall on his knees, dazzled with the pain. The staff had some hidden spikes on it, making the blonde bleed a lot. The Emperor smiled with triumph, but the Ice Guardian did not give up; instead, he stood up, grabbed his weapon and continued fighting.

“Why are you doing this?” El asked, teasing Kimi “Why you betray me this way? Weren’t we friends?”

“We used to be friends” Kimi grunted, investing against him with his halberd “When you ordered my brother’s execution, then you were no longer my friend.” He was getting closer of hitting El, who started to fell afraid of him “Kaiser never did anything wrong; still, you wanted to see my family suffering – you were seeking our dishonor for a long time, for your father trusted us, but you…” He made a deep cut in El’s flesh, which came from his right shoulder up to his left ribs, causing him to scream and go away from him. “You… you simply didn’t” Kimi’s eyes could show the hatred he felt, years accumulated “You thought that we wanted to become the newest emperor, which we never intended to do. With your absurd powers, you manipulated every magician in this settlement to persecute and kill my relatives… One by one…” His eyes were targeting the young emperor “Today… You’ll be my prey!”

The blonde positioned his Shaman-Stone in front of him, and let its glow involve him, covering the entire room with a turquoise dense light, which made El to cover his eyes with his arms, trying not to get blinded.

‘Shaman-Stone of mine, give me the powers to continue this fight…’

“You are going to regret this, Das Vaali!” El shouted, running away from that fight “I’ll have my revenge, I swear to you!”

The Emperor managed to get away from the room while it was still covered by the turquoise light. When it ceased from existing, it revealed a frozen room, in which snowflakes were flying on the cold air… And Kimi was standing on the frozen floor.

His clothes had changed. Instead of the regular guardian outfit, he was wearing a cyan sleeveless tunic, which behaved as an overcoat going up to his knees. A long-sleeve icy blue shirt was under the tunic. His pants were closer to the Arabic style and icy blue color. Some details of his upper clothes were either purple or dark blue, with a blue fabric belt over them. His shoes were blue with dark blue and icy blue details. His eyes were glowing in a glacier tone, giving him a scary image, although his outfit was very elegant and didn’t seem to come across as a warrior.

His gaze was full of pure hate; El’s speeches triggered bad memories to overcome Kimi’s thoughts. The worst memories he had from his childhood burst out in a matter of seconds, and his Shaman-Stone was feeding itself from those feelings, converting them into pure power.

“Now” Kimi muttered to himself “Let’s find my brother.”
The blonde walked his way out of the frozen chambers of El. He knew the Emperor was no longer there, but that didn’t bother him that much, for they were going to meet again soon.


Anael was getting out of that treacherous pit, reaching the stairs the black haired elf told him about. The Guatemalan hero was finally close to the inner jail. The stairs were clean – no enemies on his sight. He just followed his path until he reached his goal.

What he saw next was really unpleasant.


Thalas suddenly woke up; he seemed very frightened and anxious. His hut was strangely silent. He looked to his right, and he did not find Anael – after gazing the empty cot near him for a while, he figured out why, and rushed to wake Melchior up.

“Melchior!” Thalas said, shaking the Salvadorian’s shoulders “Wake up, hombre! They are gone?”

“Just a few more minutes, madre…” Melchior babbled, sleepy.

“Cut it out!” Thalas said, shaking him harder “Wake up, lazy mage!”

“What?” Melchior suddenly woke up, staring at the bottom of Thalas’ eyes “What the hell?”

“Kimi and Anael are not here!” Thalas said, serious “They made their way to the Elven Fortress in order to save Kaiser and Altagracia. We must go after them!”

“None leaves this settlement before dawn” A mysterious voice said near them, making both look in the direction of the sound. It was Cody who made that statement. “Unless… Unless they are followed by one of the tenants. I’m your tenant. We will go. Together.”

To Be Continued…


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