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-Enter into the Void! Kaiser’s Turn!-

A great moment of silence followed Cody’s statement; Melchior and Thalas were insecure about letting the elf come with them. What if something went wrong and someone ended up killed? Certainly, if Cody happened to die in battlefield, Bielarus would be devastated.

“Are you aware of the risk you are putting on yourself?” Melchior asked the blonde, with a grin countenance.

“More than you do.” Cody replied with the same countenance “Considering the color of the fog inside this place, it’s almost dawn, which means that your friends left few hours ago. In that case, we should hurry, for they may find themselves in a dangerous situation, even being as strong as they are.”

“Agreed” Thalas responded, his Shaman-Stone at hand “Considering this fact, we must leave immediately” He used his Shaman-Stone to conjure his outfit and his magical bow, and Melchior did the same with his own Shaman-Stone “Whenever you are ready, Maverick”

Cody left the hut for a few moments, which led Melchior and Thalas confused; the elf returned afterwards, dressed in a way much similar to Melchior; we has carrying a short sword, a special staff, which seemed made of white marble with a white raven engrave, a brocade backpack, a large grimier and a long black and grey robe, classical magician outfit.

“As you can see, I’m a wizard, just like your red-haired friend” Cody said to Thalas “Actually, I’m an alchemist; I can prepare anything you need in the grounds of medicines and potions. I’m carrying everything I may need in case we stay in the Fortress more than we should. Now, we can leave.”

The three young men left the hut and went straight to the vortex’s conjure altar, which was opened by Cody, who used a specific spell for it. One by one, they entered in the vortex and left the settlement. Cody closed the magical door right after Melchior left, for he was the last one.

Then, they moved swiftly and silently through the empty streets; they did not take long to spot the track used by Anael and Kimi: they saw lots of dead guards; some were instantly frozen, and others were clearly electrocuted; on those who died from the second cause, it was still possible to see rapid flashes of lightning going through their bodies.

“Anael did not waste a single movement” Thalas declared, a bit terrified of his best friend’s power.

“Neither did Kimi” Melchior said while he stepped between the corpses “They are clearly angry… And I’m afraid they might do something that can screw with us all…”

“Meaning?” Cody asked, as afraid and impressed as the Blue Moon Knights were.

“I know Anael” Thalas said, thoughtful “And he does not respond this way, even being Elite Dragon. Stealing Altagracia from him was something those elves shouldn’t have done. And he was completely taken by his anger. I think Kimi was right; the Shaman-Stone is taking over the control. We must find them quickly!”

“I know a shortcut which will lead us to the inner jails” Cody declared, putting his grimier on his backpack, grabbing his word afterwards “Follow me!”

The trio followed Cody into a narrow passage into some trees near the Fortress. Both Thalas and Melchior’s hearts were beating faster and stronger than before; has Anael done something terrible while they were asleep? Has Kimi done the same as well? Would the three of them be able to survive that night?


“Kaiser! Altagracia” Anael screamed angry, worried and sad simultaneously.

The Elite Dragon ran into the two Blue Moon Knights’ cell; he used his Shaman-Stone to overcharge its bars, breaking them and releasing his friend and his beloved little sister. Both of them were too weak to stand on their feet, so Anael had to help them standing up. He made his sister hold his waist really tight, while he put Kaiser’s left arm around his shoulders. While he did that, he felt an intense pain on his back, for his wings were seriously damaged. He screamed really loud, and he was concerned that action could have attracted more soldiers to the area.

“You shouldn’t have gone too far for us” Kaiser whispered.

“I wouldn’t leave you even if my life depended on it!” Anael answered, trying to control his tone of voice, due to the enormous pain he was feeling again “What kind of man would I be to leave behind the man who saved the life of the most precious thing I have – my young sister?” He tried to make the two of them to move with him, step by step.

Then, the Elite Dragon turned his gaze to a curious jail – there were two dead bodies in it, whose characteristics seemed too familiar for him; his eyes widened when he realized why he felt this way: they were the black –haired elf’s parents! Certainly, they refused to obey the Emperor, and he let them die in there, without any chances of seeing their beloved son again. That sequence of facts made Anael’s blood boil. The Emperor was going to pay for his actions.

Suddenly, they listened to a strange sound; Anael’s fears were getting real – more soldiers were coming for them.

“Leave us here, hermano mayor, and save yourself!” Altagracia screamed with difficulties of speaking; she was losing her consciousness while grabbing her brother’s waist.

“Never” Anael angrily hissed “I won’t leave you!”

The troops were approaching fast, and Anael’s anger was increasing in the same amount; his Shaman-Stone was feeding itself from that same rage, giving him more power.

“Kaiser” He said, hissing like a cobra “Can you walk?”

Niin” Kaiser hesitantly affirmed “What do you want us to do?”

“Go back into your jail with my sister and hide yourselves there.” Anael said, serious “Things are going to get pretty ugly, and you are not able to fight. I’ll find a way to get us out of here before whatever is afflicting you guys terminate your lives.” The Elite Dragon grabbed his sword, ready for another round.

Kaiser obeyed Anael’s command, even though Altagracia tried to convince him to do the opposite. He held her in his arms, hidden in the darkest spot they could find. The steps were getting louder and stronger. And Anael started hissing angrily.

“Let the party begin!” Declared the Guatemalan, ready to make his stand as long as he could.
The army entered in the place, overwhelming the upper stairs; as far as Anael could count, at least 30 elves were at the scene. Anael used his sword as an electrical conductor, and the electrical charge was enough to dazzle most of the battalion.

Kaiser was praying, hoping for the best; he held his Shaman-Stone tight on his right hand, claiming for his brother. All the sadness and anxiety he was feeling were transferred to his Stone, which started to respond.

“Kaiser…” Altagracia tried to say something, but she suffocated her thoughts while a dark purple light embraced both Kaiser and Altagracia.


Thalas, Melchior and Cody entered in the Fortress without problems of any sort; while they were walking, they felt the tunnel cold; its walls were a bit frozen, and snow could be detected on certain parts of the floor.

“What the hell?” Cody asked out loud, very intrigued.

“Let’s follow this track” Melchior declared, pointing to a curious snow track “Maybe it will lead us to our goal!”

“I wouldn’t be so certain if I were you” Thalas said, thoughtful once again “There’s something wrong with all of this…”

“What other options do we have?” Melchior asked, annoyed with Thalas’ thoughts “We are not going back to the surface in order to reveal our position! Either we follow this track or follow this track! There are no other options. Make you choice.”

“Shut up and walk” Thalas said, clearly frustrated with Melchior’s statements “I won’t discuss with you, but I still feel that something is wrong indeed.”

As they were moving forward in the pit, the wintry signs were getting even stronger than before, and Thalas started to feel apprehensive, and Cody noticed it; only Melchior didn’t, either ignoring or really not paying attention to his colleague.

“Are you okay, Thalas?” Cody whispered, worried.

 “No, monsieur.” Thalas answered, clearly anxious, for he only spoke French in awkward situations; he avoided speaking his mother tongue at an early age, for the other Guatemalans mistreated him for his origins, and Cody noticed that. “Melchior…” He started speaking, but he stopped when the Salvadorian stopped walking.

Thalas was right; something was wrong indeed. The cold winds hit strongly in their faces; they could see lots of dead elves, all for the same reason: frozen to death. And Melchior knew only one man who had such power to do it.

“Kimi… What have you done?”


Anael was too busy fighting to see what was happening behind him; the purple light was now embracing only Kaiser, and it seemed to have cured a bit of Altagracia’s weakness.  She was now staring at the shiny mass of light, which disappeared right after, revealing a revamped and fully healed Kaiser.
His clothes changed completely; instead of the regular Guardian outfit, he was wearing a purple turtleneck, long-sleeved shirt with a black overcoat, which was ornamented with three different tones of purple fabric, dark purple pants and grey cothurnus. Also, in addition to these features, his Shaman-Stone gave him a black bladed sword with dark purple hilt and his eyes had changed colors as well – they were now in a lilac tone.

“Kai…” Altagracia tried to say, surprised and weak.

“I promised to you, my darling” Kaiser said to the Guatemalan child “that I was going to keep you safe… I had kept my word until this point, and I’ll still keep it… By helping your brother.” He gently smiled at her while he was in his knees “Be a good girl and stay here, okay? I’ll be back in a matter of minutes…” His smile was replaced by an angry and serious stare to the battalion faced by Anael. He stood up and went to help Elite Dragon.

At that point, Anael was weakling; he couldn’t stand the pain of his broken wings, and he started to retreat, but kept fighting. He was not going to yield so easily. Some elves were already dead and others, injured, kept fighting with Elite Dragon, who used all his electrical powers to make his stand.

“I won’t resist any longer” Anael thought in pain “But I have to. Where’s Kimi when you need him?”

Suddenly, the Guatemalan’s eyes widened. Some strange vortexes appeared, dragging some elves into them; purple and black flashes of magical energy were invading the floor, and in a matter of seconds the battalion of elves just vanished. When Anael looked around, he could see the responsible for those actions, who was sinisterly smiling at him.

Kaiser used his sword and Shaman-Stone to conjure the vortexes and the magic beams. The effects they caused were going to be explained by Kaiser.

“I didn’t know you had such power, hombre.” Anael said, impressed “How come you haven’t shown them before?”

“I didn’t know the extensions of my powers either!” Kaiser said, as impressed as his leader was “But I knew I had to do something. I couldn’t simply let you lose this fight and doom us all.”

“And this magic…?” Anael asked, confused.

“It’s Void.” Kaiser answered simply “The element of those who returned from afterlife. I cannot command undead, like Maya does, but I can command the time-space portals and connections. That’s why I can create teleportation vortexes and black holes without destroying everything… Just what I want to see destroyed.”

They heard some noise coming from the cellar that Kaiser once was. Altagracia’s health condition was worsening as the time was passing by. The two Blue Moon Knights didn’t know what to do. How could they heal Altagracia, the Lotus Flower?

To Be Continued…


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