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-Midwinter Tears-

When the six Blue Moon Knights arrived, the settlement was beginning its activities. Still, Bielarus haven’t woken up, but Maya did; she was the first one to see the coffin with them.

“Are all of you okay?” The Honduran asked, worried “I couldn’t wake up, sorry for not following you…”

“That’s okay” Thalas answered with a discrete smile “It’s good to know that you are fine…” His face blushed discretely as he shut his mouth.

“Who’s that?” Maya asked discretely, pointing at the coffin.

“Cody.” Thalas answered sadly “He died while we tried to rescue Kaiser and Altagracia…”

The Honduran change her countenance to a sad one; when she felt one tear falling of her face, a terrorizing scream hit her ear; Bielarus was the one who screamed. The Blue Moon Knights turned their heads on the direction of the noise, and what they saw was not pleasant.

Bielarus’ face was full of anger, sadness and pleas for vengeance.

“How did that happened?!” Bielrus shouted desperate “Who did this?!”

In order to protect Kimi, the Knights who were present at Cody’s execution made up the facts.

“A battalion of El’s” Melchior rapidly answered “The guards rapidly surrounded us and Cody found himself surrounded by dozens of guards. Even though he was strong, he couldn’t withstand an entire battalion by himself… and he perished before we could come to his aid…”

The leader of the Resistance knelt before the Knights, her eyes full of tears, her gaze without any sparkle of life. The Knights left the coffin near her, and stepped back. She put her arms over the coffin, removing its top and revealing Cody’s dead body. She held his head close to her chest and cried loudly; the other elves near her started doing arrangements for Cody’s funeral.

The Knights helped them making the grave and gathering the resources they needed to make the ritual. Some flowers in different tones of blue were placed in the bottom of the grave. Then, Cody’s coffin was placed without the top, so everyone could see his serene face before being buried.

The Elves place some of the lighter colored flowers on the empty spaces of the coffin, making it look very pleasing.

“A beautiful way to die…” Anael whispered.

When the elves finished that part of the ritual, Bielarus put a red rose on his chest, and gave him her last loving kiss. She was saying goodbye to him. Forever.

She let the rest of the rebels bury her former fiancée’s body; his journey to the afterlife was beginning, and the next step was believed to be taken by his soul. Now, Bielarus was alone; she had nothing more to believe.

“El…” She growled “…He’s going to pay. Resistance!” She raised her tone, furious “We are going to strike against that so called Emperor!” She conducted her troops until the vortex. At that point, Anael recognized Ilya in the middle of the rebels. He smiled at him, pleased to see him there. Bielarus opened the vortex “We are going to give him a one-round trip to hell! May our gods protect us!”

The rebels felt their spirits rejuvenated; their angry became their fuel, and they crossed the vortex without fear. They were carrying their weapons, ready to strike. Until they arrived at the main gate of the Fortress, no enemy had been sought by them. However, when the troops arrived at the Fortress, they found some battalions that would make their day a bit more fun.

Since they began their riot, El’s army was diminishing rapidly. Now, there were fewer soldiers than before. The rebels could feel the battlefield a lot more comfortable to fight than weeks before. The Knights were supporting the troops on the gate in order to maintain positions. Bielarus, on the other hand, had somewhere else to go…


El was on his chambers, wearing his armor and carrying his weapons for the fight that was coming. He knew about Cody’s death in every detail. He also knew that Bielarus was coming for him, and he sent troops to the gates in order to fight the peasant who was defying his government.

“Time is running out…” The Emperor said while grabbing his lance and staff “Bielarus are you there?” He spotted Bielarus’ shadow over the floor. He knew she was there.

Bielarus jumped from the window to strike him with her dagger, but she wasn’t able to eliminate the Emperor, for he used his staff against her, striking the maiden elf against the marble walls.

Bielarus stood up with some difficult, spitting blood all over the floor.

“Time is running out… for you” El said, striking Bielarus’ face with his staff, making her falling on the floor again. “You’re nothing but a peasant who thinks that can control an entire nation!
Now…” He was pointing his lance towards her neck “You are going to meet him… in hell!”

El was about to transpose Bielarus’ throat when he felt something piercing his lung; it was Bielarus’ dagger the murder weapon. El started spitting blood; some drops hit Bielarus’ face. He fell on the ground, his mouth dropping blood in an incredible speed; his eyes started losing its natural glow. He died there.

When Bielarus saw that he was no longer breathing, she grabbed his lance, and used it as an axe, cutting his head. Then, she grabbed his hair and brought the head with her as her prize.

She arrived at the main gate holding the former Emperor’s head really high, so that all of them could see themselves free of tyranny. Some of the guards were still alive and could witness the event. Anael and his fellows helped the rebels to bury the bodies of those who died in battlefield and, using their Shaman-Stones, they rebuilt some parts of the city.


Hours later, Bielarus was named Empress of the northern Elves; she was dressing herself with lilac, the elven royalty‘s signature color. Her dress was a taken-that-fall one, with purple and golden detailing. She was holding a royal lance, made of sodalities and pink wood. Even though she seemed happy, she was trying to hide her sorrow from Cody’s death.

When the elves left the place to continue rebuilding their nation, Bielarus called the Knights.

Kiitos” She said humbly “I’m more than grateful for having your help on this fight. Now, I’ll do all that I can to make my people happy and able to live well and proudly…” she sighed before continuing “I just wish Cody were here to see what I accomplished…”

“He’s with you” Kimi said, trying to be hopeful “His soul is taking care of you, believe in me. He will always be here for you.”

Bielarus smiled.

“Thanks for your supporting words” She said solemnly “Now, you may leave our nation. The upper world needs you. If we need you anytime…”

“Call us.” Anael answered “We are allies from now on. You can count on us whenever you need. Thanks for giving us the opportunity of doing something to help your people to break free.” He signed to Kaiser, asking him to open a vortex which would lead them straight to Guatemala. “See you someday.”

“See you…” Bielarus said, leaving the throne room in order to do a speech to her people.

The Knights left the undergrounds of Finland to come back to Guatemala. Since they left, their copies did a nice job keeping streets safer and crime lower. Still, there was so much to be done, and Anael and his friends felt more than prepared to do so. After participating on a civil war, they knew what they would face from now on…

To Be Continued…


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