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-Tears of a Reborn Soldier-

Anael and the other Blue Moon Knights took a vow of silence concerning about Cody’s real cause of death; since Kimi didn’t want to have any trouble with Bielarus, they would do anything they could to avoid Kimi to tell the truth.

Even though he agreed with that, he felt some agony and pain in his heart, for he didn’t like to lie about facts. He was at Anael’s, unable to sleep. The Guatemalan was sleeping on the other hammock, breathing slowly and gently as a baby. The Finn had to ask something important to his leader, and woke him up to do so.

“Anael…” Kimi whispered while shaking the Guatemalan’s shoulders “I need to ask you a question…”

Qué quieres?” Anael inquired, tired.

“I… I think that…It’s wrong to lie…” Kimi answered timidly “Do you think that I’ll be able to tell the truth…someday?”

No lo creo” Anael answered negatively “I think you should leave things as they are now… If you ever tell her the truth, maybe she won’t forgive you.” He closed his eyes and opened them slowly “I don’t like lying, Kimi. But we’ll have to. I don’t want further trouble to neither of us. Please hang in. maybe if you have somewhere you can write down those thoughts… maybe you’ll get better” He smiled at the blonde “Let’s rest now… We really deserve it. Buenas noches…” The Guatemalan returned sleeping,

Hyvä yötä…” Kimi responded, closing his eyes slowly and starting to sleep.


Meanwhile, in Thalas’, Melchior was the one who couldn’t sleep tight. Something in his mind was keeping his dreams away, ruining with his sleep night. Although Kimi was the one who normally had premonitions, Melchior was starting to feel like something was coming. Something bad…

He heard some metallic noises; his sight was still blurred and dark, but he started identifying places that suited the definition of a laboratory. Tubes, machines, chemicals… Everything.
A strange device was lying somewhere in the darkest corner of that place; it seemed to be some kind of casket; a metallic casket, in which colored chemicals were flowing as if it was feeding something…

The strange device was eliminating vapors and seemed to be reacting to its own chemicals. There was a huge glass on the top of the casket, which exhibited something different…

There was a girl inside of it, with straight, long lime green hair and some strange devices surrounding her. Her body was made of metal, and seemed to be sinisterly glowing as the vapors escaped from her casket and the chemicals reacted with each other…

Melchior’s mind was looking at the face of the girl. Then, she suddenly opened her eyes, which were golden colored… She seemed angry

At that point, Melchior woken up screaming; his scream woke Thalas up, who seemed very upset with that rude interruption of his resting.

“What the hell?” The French Guatemalan asked, slightly angry.

“I…I had a weird nightmare…” Melchior said, breathless and putting his right hand on his chest. “I’m feeling like Kimi… I think it’s some kind of vision…”

Thalas’ countenance changed from anger to worry in a matter of seconds. He made a sign indicating Melchior to make silence while he was going to get something to calm him down. He returned to the bedroom few minutes later, bringing a glass of water and sugar, which he gave to Melchior.

“Calm down” Thalas said while sitting next to the Salvadorian “Now, tell me: what kind of ‘nightmare’ was that?” He looked to Melchior’s hands, which were trembling while the Salvadorian tried to calm down.

“Well…” Melchior started apprehensive “I dreamt that I was exploring some kind of lab…” He held the glass harder “Then, I saw something weird, you know? It was like a casket… Similar to those I conjured to bury Cody and the other elves, remember?” He looked into Thalas’ eyes, clearly scared “I… I think I saw… a cyborg there.” He interrupted his speech, scared at Thalas’ incredulous face “I’m not lying! There was a robot inside of that thing… She looked so human that… I wouldn’t think she’d actually be a robot…”

Thalas couldn’t believe in what Melchior said; his words seemed too crazy to believe. Even though robots already exist nowadays, it sounded weird that one would be hidden in a lab, as if it wasn’t supposed to exist.

“I’ll tell you something” Thalas said putting his right hand on Melchior’s shoulder “Don’t freak out. Wait until tomorrow. We need to talk to Anael and the others about that issue as soon as possible.” He stood up and went to his bed “Now get some rest. Tomorrow is going to be a long day…”

Melchior put the glass on a table near him. His heart was still beating faster than normal, but he tried to sleep anyway. Maybe if he told the other Knights about these facts, his mind might get calmer…


Melchior’s spirit came back to the strange lab, exactly to the place in which he stopped exploring. The metal casket was still there, and so was the robot. Her eyes were closed now.

His attention was fixed on the structure of the casket. Along with some chemical tubes and other metal engineering, there was something written in that artifact. It seemed Russian, but Melchior wasn’t that sure. Them, he saw what he needed to be sure of his conclusions:

Москва, Союз Советских Социалистических Республик – 1942 – Распутинoba (Moscow, Union of Socialist Soviet Republics – 1942 – Rasputinova)

There were other things written, also in Russian: tributes to Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky, along with other remarkable things of Soviet Union…

“What would be the true meaning of all of this?”


On the following day, Melchior was feeling too tire to pay attention to any classes he had. He was caught sleeping several times, and he couldn't focus his thoughts on anything else than his nightmare from the previous night. He could feel in the bottom of his heart that something bad was coming for them…

When their break time arrived, Melchior came straight to Anael’s classroom, followed by Maya and Thalas.

“I need to talk to you about something…” Melchior started a bit nervous.

Anael didn’t said a word, but he asked the Knights to follow him to school’s courtyard in order to talk to them. Thalas and Melchior found that attitude a bit weird, for Anael haven’t even talked straight with them.

“I know you said you wanted to talk first” Anael started, serious “But I have to announce something. Remember when I used my cellphone as a number for The Blue Moon Knights?” He asked, realizing that everyone remembered that episode, nodding to Elite Dragon “Well, yesterday I received a call… A very important call…”

“Made by whom?” Melchior asked nervous.

“By our President” Anael answered with a darkened countenance “He called me, I mean, Elite Dragon, to ask us to do something for him...Guys” He took a deep breath before continuing his sentence “We must go to Brazil. Now.”

End of Second Season.


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