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-Norse Blood-

With his right hand, Kimi held the Shaman-Stone at the height of his face, using its light on his behalf, to prevent further enemy attacks.

He went straight to the entrance, leaving the hole in which he almost fell minutes before. He was feeling anxious about Anael, who was having a hard time downstairs. The corridors were empty. Maybe they killed all the guards of this sector when they tried to make their entrance earlier.

With no hesitation, Kimi made his Stone float alongside him to start running. Holding tight his halberd, he hastened his way into the Fortress in order to find both Kaiser and Altagracia…


Kaiser and Altagracia were regaining their strength in the past hours. Now, they were able to sit straight and talk normally, but walking and running were still very difficult actions, and Altagracia was unable to heal none of them.

“What if…?” Kaiser muttered to himself, thinking out loud.

“What?” Altagracia asked, sleepy.

“I was just wondering here…” Kaiser started, thoughtful “What if I use my Shaman-Stone to set us free? I mean maybe its magic can overrun this barrier and release us!”

“Great idea!” Altagracia celebrated, hugging him “Try it! We’ve got nothing to lose!”

“Okay” He said, removing his necklace and releasing his Shaman-Stone “Here we go…”

Kaiser put his Shaman-Stone between his hands and focused his thoughts on getting out of that cellar; the Stone started glowing more and more, as if it was trying to answer to Kaiser’s request. It would set them free, but not the way Kaiser expected.

The Stone started acting strange, glowing in some patterns, haltering its light from brighter to darken several times.

“What’s happening?” Kaiser muttered to himself as Altagracia approached to see it.

“I don’t really know…” Kaiser answered, confused “I think it’s responding to my thoughts… Is it?”

His Shaman-Stone was still glowing as if it was trying to talk to… another Stone. The truth was that both Kimi and Kaiser’s Stones were deeply connected to each other, making it easier to track them. Kaiser’s Stone was calling for Kimi. And certainly he was going to meet his brother.


Down on the open hole, Anael was struggling to make his way out there. His wings were broken and hard to maintain closed, sounding more like dead weight. If he could put himself into his normal form, everything would be fine, but he would face another problem: his self-defense would be compromised.

He was using the walls as support to his difficult walking. He could smell death into that endless pit, which seemed to be driving him to his death. The Guatemalan was breathing with difficulties as well, for the lack of oxygen in his way. His Shaman-Stone was trying to keep him alive working as another lung, filtrating the air near him and allowing Anael to breath.

‘I have to find my sister…’ He thought, trying to focus ‘No matter what. If some elves cross my way, they’ll suffer.’ While he was walking, he noticed several skeletons in the walls, as if they were used to do the walls of that pit.  That scenario was disturbing for him, and it made his stomach act awkwardly, as if he was nauseous.

Then, he saw a strange light on the horizon. Maybe, it was his way out of that deadly place. He tried to walk faster. ‘Don’t worry, sister’ He thought, a bit more optimistic ‘I’ll rescue you, I promise.’ Then he stopped walking. He heard some strange noise coming from the light. Guard elves were coming! The Elite Dragon tried to calm down and breathe slower, but the numbers were increasing faster, and that fact was making him nervous. He held the Sapphire Sword tighter.

‘Calm down, Dragon’ He thought, trying to get calmer ‘These are a bunch of peasants who aren’t as strong as Kimi is. Also, they are not going to stop you on your way to find the person you love the most in the world.’

The Elite Dragon then made the most important decision at that time – he decided to talk to the guards. If they didn’t respond nicely, then we would make matters physic. He started walking slowly, and he diminished his Shaman-Stone’s glow in order not to be detected easily.

The amount of elves on the pit were somewhere on the neighborhood of 20 – a large number even for Anael to take care of. The Elite Dragon stopped after walking a few steps from the wall. He waited until he could hear the group.

The elves were dressed with crystalline armors and seemed confident; thanks to his Shaman-Stone, Anael could understand Finnish pretty well – he discovered that they were coming to the beginning of the open pit, in which Anael fell and Kimi escaped. They were the troops assigned to get rid of them. They were close.

“This will be an easy task” One of the elves innocently said, unaware of the danger. “There are only two of them without backup. As easy as it can be…”

“If it is that easy, why don’t you try to find me on the darkness?”

The elves stopped talking and walking. Frozen as statues, they felt a bit terrified by the strange voice. Even though this race of elves lived beneath the surface, they had poor night vision – even on the underground. Anael, in his Elite Dragon form, didn’t have this problem – the advantage was his.

“Who are you?” The terrified elf asked.

“It’s none of your business” Anael replied, hissing like a cobra “But I have a question for you: Where do you keep your imprisoners?”

“Answer my question!” The guard shouted, clearly frightened. “Who are you? Are you one of the trespassers, ally of the Resistance?”

“You’ve got that one right, congratulation” Anael replied with a sinister tone of voice, slowly clapping his hand in a pure sarcastic tone “But you haven’t answered my question, and I honestly don’t have time to play with you.” He stopped clapping and grabbed his sword “So, how’s it going to be – do you want to die fast or painfully?”

“How cocky!” The elves said in a single tone “We’ll get ourselves rid of you!”

“Fine. I had given you the option…” He hit hard the first elf, slaying his throat. Then, he electrocuted the second one, who died instantaneously “… However, you preferred to let me choose. So, I choose annihilation!”

He ran into the group, slaying some of them with his sword. His armor changed its color to red due to the bloodshed. For the ten left, he dismissed his sword and went on the use of his electrical powers, punching and electrocuting at the same time.

“I won’t ask again!” Anael growled, furious “Where the hell you keep your imprisoners?! Answer me or die!”

When he finished his sentence, only one elf was alive. He was different from the others in physic appearance – he had some Romanian features, like long, straight black hair and wide eyebrows, pale skin and dark eyes – they seemed to be dark, but Anael was not sure, for the lack of light on the place. He was trembling, waiting for Anael to end his life.

“I know where it is.” He said, afraid “Don’t kill me, please. I promise I won’t deceive you.” Anael offered his hand to help the elf stand up. “If you continue on this path until you reach the light, all you need to do is turning to the left and follow the down stairs you find. Hurry up, because the Emperor is sending more battalions to track you down.”

Gracias” Anael replied “Why you decided to help me?”

“I don’t like the Emperor” The elf answered, a bit angry “He slaved my family and forced me to become a soldier in order to save my relatives. I have to theories about my relatives’ status: either they were killed or they are alive – imprisoned…”

“I got it” Anael interrupted, smiling at him “If I find your parents, I’ll send them to you. Better than that – I’ll send all of you to the Resistance settlement, so that you can be in a safer place.”

“May our Gods bless you, Dragon” The elf answered, shaking Anael’s right hand gratefully “I’ll get out of this pit and wait for you upstairs, on a white marble building with some turquoises decorating it. Forget neither your promise nor my location, please.”

“I won’t forget.” Anael replied, confident “You can be sure that I’m a man or word, and I won’t leave your family to die here. I have to go now. Wish me luck”

The elf went to the way out of the pit, and Anael ran into the light, hoping to find Altagracia quickly.


Kimi was fighting for his life upstairs. It was not that easy to go from a corridor to another as he thought it would be. Every corner of that fortress had at least a dozen elves waiting for him. His Shaman-Stone was glowing brighter, indicating that he was close to where Kaiser was.

Every single face he saw gave him an impression of increasing hate; since Kaiser died for a silly thing, Kimi couldn’t see the Emperor as a good example, as he was told to believe since his early childhood.
His halberd was completely red, showing the signs of the battles he had until that point. The blonde felt his rage and hate growing constantly. The Emperor was the reason of all misfortune he had in life.

Kimi was following one group of elves who were trying to run away from him when he found himself in a sumptuous room, different from all of those in which he was before. All the furniture was richly decorated with rare gems and gold threads. Certainly, Kimi was on the Emperor’s chambers. When he and Kaiser were younger, they used to see this place a lot. El was the prince at the time and their friend. Now… Things changed.

Some books could be seen in a golden desk near Kimi. The blonde went straight to them, eager to find out about El’s plans. He found some scripts about rare weapons and blacksmith as well as other warfare information. But the piece of knowledge that caught his attention: a full archive about the Sapphire Sword, which Anael was the current bearer!

Haloo, Kimi. Long time no see, huh?”
Kimi rapidly turned his head in the direction of the sound. There was no doubt in his mind that the voice was familiar to him.

“Hello… El” Kimi answered coldly “What in the world are you planning to do? The same Eclipse wanted to and failed?”

To Be Continued…


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