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-A Magician’s Lullaby-

While Anael and Kaiser were struggling to help the youngest Blue Moon Knight, the trio made by Thalas, Melchior and Cody was just a few moments of facing a great peril, maybe the greatest they have faced up to that point.

They were just a few meters of the ending of the pit, when they realized Thalas’ greatest fears had become true: something was very wrong indeed. Through that curtain of wintry wind, with icicle and snowflakes hitting their faces, a familiar shape could be identified – a tall, strong young man was coming for them. Melchior clearly had seen who that guy was and, surprised, he suffocated a terrified scream.

“Kimi!” The red-haired said “What have you done?”

Kimi didn’t respond. His eyes, shimmering in a turquoise tone of color, were staring the trio with furious gazing. Either he didn’t want them there or he wasn’t recognizing any of them.

“What happened to you?” Melchior asked scared “Where are the others? Haven’t Anael come with you?”

Again, Kimi kept himself in silence. Thalas retreated a few steps, and Cody did the same; they knew Kimi was not responding to them, for the Shaman-Stone had taken over control of his mind. Only Melchior haven’t noticed it, and stood where he was.

“Kimi, answer me please!” The Salvadorian shouted upset “We were worried about both of you! Listen, we are going to save Altagracia and Kaiser! If you could tell us where Anael is…”

Melchior should have shut himself up. He should have not said his last sentences; unfortunately, he did. He said the word which triggered Kimi’s anger: Kaiser. The Salvadorian didn’t see what had hit him; the only thing he remembered was being hit by something hard, and being pushed against the pit’s walls, hitting his back really hard, and making him spit some blood. He fainted afterwards.

“Melchior!” Thalas shouted, running towards Melchior in order to wake him up.

Now, Kimi was coming for them; Cody realized that Kimi was not controlling his actions, but the Shaman-Stone; the blonde master of ice was not responding to his friends’ pleas, and was willing to kill them… All of them, there and at that very moment.

“I won’t say the same thing twice!” Kimi shouted in a sinister tone of voice “Where have you brainless people hidden my brother? Answer me or die!”

“He thinks we are from El’s personnel!” Cody shouted while looking for a protective spell “His Shaman-Stone is keeping him blinded with pure hatred! We must do something!”
Kimi touched the pit’s walls, trying to freeze his three ‘enemies’ at the same time. Cody said some words in Hungarian, conjuring a powerful magic shield spell, which kept them safe from Kimi’s power.

“I’ll make our stand here.” Cody declared “You and your friend shall leave now!”

“I can’t!” Thalas said strongly “I won’t leave you to fight Kimi!” While he was making his point, Kimi repeatedly struck their magic shield with powerful ice strikes. The shield was starting to crackle. “If you die here, Bielarus will never forgive nor trust us!”

“Don’t worry” Cody said, smiling at Thalas “I know what I’m doing. If she were here, she would support me in all steps of this procedure. Now, you have to go.” Cody tried to conjure a teleport spell, but the magic field yielded, shattering and leaving them exposed to Kimi’s ice wave, which hit the three of them very hard. At that point, Thalas almost lost consciousness, but Cody was still holding himself on his feet, and Melchior started responding again.

“Uh… What happened?” Melchior whispered, putting his hand in his head “It feels like I had been taken by a hurricane… Thalas?” He saw his friend nearly consciousness “Thalas! Wake up!”

Melchior turned his sight to Cody, who was having a hard time fighting Kimi. The air became colder and colder, and Bielarus’ fiancĂ©e was being affected by the Blue Moon Knight’s power. Melchior had to intervene, or it would be too late to save Cody.

“Kimi! Stop this insanity!” Melchior shouted while standing up “That’s not you! Control yourself!”

Melchior’s voice seemed to be working, for Kimi suddenly stopped attacking Cody.

“Melchior?” He whispered; however, he screamed very loud afterwards, seeming to be in pain “Get out of here, now! I…I…I’m going to kill you if you guys stay here!” His voice was getting louder and painful “Go away!”

“No!” Melchior protested, trying to help Kimi “We are Blue Moon Knights. All of us! We won’t leave you! Remember what Anael said? We have to stay together!”

Kimi stepped away from Melchior and started staring at him; his eyes became turquoise again, and that was a bad sign; the Shaman-Stone took the control back. Melchior had to respond quickly, for Kimi was preparing to attack him, but the Salvadorian couldn’t attack his friend, one that he knew for very long…

He raised a magic wall to avoid Kimi’s attacks, and tried to conjure fire columns to injure Kimi, but the Finnish used that tactics against Melchior, putting out the fire as soon as it was going to hit him. However, that action cost Kimi some of his territory, making Melchior advance few steps from where he was originally standing.

“Listen to me, Kimi” Melchior said steadily “You are not this evil person that stands in front of me! You don’t like violence, or killing anyone! You never sought bloodshed and revenge, even considering your past… You’re a pacifist, and I always admired and respected you for that! Don’t let your Shaman-Stone destroy that!”  Melchior replaced the magic shield for a fire wall, which he could manipulate easier “Don’t let your personality fade away! Don’t let you fade away!”

While Melchior was talking, Cody was preparing his magical weapons to aid Melchior. Unfortunately, Kimi noticed that action, and prepared to respond. The red-haired mage used some columns of his fire wall to make Kimi go behind, but it wouldn’t work in the end.

“Cody, stay back!” Melchior ordered, worried.

The elven alchemist didn’t seem to hear Melchior, for he intended to attack Kimi; he used some of his potions to conjure elemental creatures, which hit Kimi very hard and made him lose his consciousness. Seeing that he defeated a strong opponent without much effort, Cody started celebrating. However, Melchior wasn’t that thrilled, for he knew something was wrong there…

Cody was helping Thalas standing up when the tragedy happened. In a matter of seconds, Kimi had stood up, ten times angrier than before; Melchior tried to knock him down again, but he was left unconscious again – Kimi conjured a strong Ice wave towards the Salvadorian, which hadn’t had time to respond effectively to that attack.

Then, it was Cody’s turn; the elf just had time to see the shard of ice on Kimi’s hands. His eyes widened as he looked in the bottom of Kimi’s; he looked like a demon, possessed by power and anger. This person was not Kimi. Cody tried to use his last resource to save his life; another magic shield was conjured, but it was thinner than the first one. It was supposed to give Melchior enough time to wake up.

The Salvadorian saw Kimi striking against Cody once more, but he was too weak to do something. Then, Thalas woke up, but Cody immediately pushed him away from the battlefield. After doing that, his magic shield broke, and Kimi used his ice shard in Cody’s body the same way a stake is craved into a vampire’s body.

“Kimi! Don’t do it! Wake up from that nightmare!” Melchior screamed louder than he could, terrified. Cody tried to communicate with him by telepathy; his last thoughts were: ‘I have something that you’ll be able to use… to save Altagracia and Kaiser… it’s… some of my potions… also… please… save… my soul… essence…’

Melchior was standing up, speechless; his scream was enough to wake Kimi up, who stepped away from Cody’s dead body. He was terrified with himself. Thalas was feeling the same way as Melchior.

The Salvadorian didn’t look at Kimi; instead, he approached from Cody’s dead body and looked for the things he mentioned in his last thoughts. He found the medicines he needed for Altagracia and Kaiser, and he continued his search for the ‘soul essence’.

It was a small light yellow crystal, which he put inside his pocket. Kimi’s body was trembling, and some tears were rolling down his face. When these events started occurring, Melchior looked to Kimi again.
“Guys…” He started, terrified and sad “What have I done?!”

To Be Continued…


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