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-Widow’s Weeds-

Another thing Melchior discovered that day about Kimi’s powers was that some feelings could also make his magic go down; in his friend’s case, sadness was that feeling. The snow he previously conjured was rapidly melting and soon it faded away.

Melchior and Thalas didn’t know what to do; they kept staring at Cody’s body, with the ice shard deeply craved into his flesh, like a slain vampire. Thalas tried to remove it carefully in order to avoid damaging the elf’s body more than it already was.

Melchior closed his eyes for a while, trying to avoid anger. His Shaman-Stone was also asking for it; he took a large breath, before doing what he did next.

Kimi was still scared near him, with tears going over his face. Melchior was being consumed by his anger, and he didn’t even noticed when he furiously came towards Kimi and grabbed his neck strongly.

“Why did you do that?” He asked, growling “Can’t you control your own Shaman-Stone? Now we do what? We can’t go back with Cody dead! I should…” He was preparing to punch Kimi’s face, but Thalas intervened.

“Don’t.” Thalas said “It wasn’t his fault. You said that before, didn’t you? About Cody…” The French Guatemalan looked at the dead elf with sorrow “We’ll have to bring him back to Bielarus, liking it or not. She has the right to make the arrangements for his journey to afterlife…”

“I’ll take care of this…” Melchior said, leaving Kimi alone “Allow me.” He conjured a marble coffin in which he put Cody’s corpse along with his belongings. Then, he made Kimi and Thalas help him carrying it on their way out of the pit, following the stairs.

They were tired, hurt and angry at each other. Every step they made was full of bad thoughts. Kimi was angry at himself for not being able to control his own powers; Melchior was angry for not being able to help Cody, Thalas and himself. Thalas, on the other hand, was the only one who kept himself controlled and away from any bad feeling.

They arrived in the inner jails after few minutes of stair climbing. And they arrived just in time.

Altagracia was breathing slowly and painfully; Anael didn’t know what else to do in order to save his sister, and neither did Kaiser. When Melchior, Thalas and Kimi arrived, Altagracia was too pale and weak, almost dead.

“Anael!” Melchior shouted, leaving the coffin with Thalas and Kimi “What happened to Altagracia?!”

“Poisoned.” Anael answered sadly “I don’t know what to do… I can’t heal her and Kaiser cannot do it either… We’re running out of options and time…!”

“I can save her!” Melchior stated while grabbing one of the medicines crafted by Cody “Help me make your sister drink this…” Anael and Melchior lifted Altagracia’s face just a little “Hey, Altagracia! Drink a bit of this liquid… It’s going to help you…”

The little girl made an effort to drink the potion, and it seemed to work almost immediately. Her face rapidly regained color, and she reopened her eyes quickly. He hugged Melchior and Anael strongly, happy for seeing them there.

Gracias!” She said “You saved my life!” Then she hugged Kaiser “Thanks, Kai, for keeping your word!”
Then, she looked to where Thalas and Kimi where. Both were carrying what seemed to be a coffin. The girl’s face rapidly lost color. Her heart suddenly felt heavier and sadness took her countenance.

“Who’s in it?” She asked sad.

“Cody” Kimi answered, sad.

“Did the Emperor…?!” Kaiser asked, getting angry. Anael felt his blood boil while thinking in whom killed the elven commander.

“No…He didn’t.” Kimi answered with the same sadness. Then, he took a large breath before finishing his answer “I did. I murdered Cody… And I don’t know why. I simply… did it… I didn’t mean to…” He shut his mouth and felt his voice failing. He couldn’t talk about that issue anymore.

Silence took place on the scenario; the Knights didn’t know what to say about Kimi’s actions. Melchior was refusing to talk to Kimi, and Thalas preferred not to intervene. Kaiser tried to say comforting words to his brother, but nothing came on his mind. Then, Anael stood up and made the decision:

“We have to bring him back to Bielarus.” He grabbed one of the sides of the coffin “Either we like it or not, she has to see her beloved one… for the last time. Who’s with me?”

Before the Guatemalan lifted the coffin, he remembered the promise he made to the Romanian elf. He searched for the prison in which he saw the elf’s parents, and rescued their bodies.

“Melchior, can you conjure two more coffins?” Anael asked, carrying the bodies.

“Of course.” The Salvadorian replied, saying a few spells to conjure two white marble coffins. “Here you are. Put the bodies inside them, and let’s move.”

“I’ll ask again” Anael said, with a confident stair “Who’s with me?”

They didn’t answer with words, but actions; all of them, Altagracia included, helped Anael carrying the coffins on their way out of the Fortress. With no guards to stand on their way, their journey was much easier than before. Even thought they were carrying three coffins, it wasn’t hard to get out of the Fortress by the path they chose before.

They haven’t spoken a word in their way. Then, when they arrived at the pit in which Anael felt hours before, they made and effort to bring the coffins to the surface. When the elven couple’s coffins were brought up, Anael interrupted the work.

“Can you guys continue on your way?” He asked, serious “I have to something before going back.”

“We will be waiting for you at the entrance of the settlement” Thalas answered with the same tone.
Anael agreed with a nod, and grabbed the two coffins on its largest handles, and pulled them out of that place, searching for a certain building and a certain person…


The Romanian elf was waiting for Anael for a long time; he started doubting of Anael’s honesty and word, but his discouraging thoughts rapidly vanished after Anael appeared on the horizon.

However, his happy smile disappeared as he saw the two coffins coming from Anael’s arms. Tears felt from the Romanian’s face.

“Are these…?” The black-haired man started talking, desperately sad.

“Unfortunately, si.” Anael answered, disappointed at himself “According to your physical characteristics, these are your parents with no doubt. I wish I had better news, I wish they were alive, but they are not. “Then, he pulled the coffins near the Romanian “I took their bodies in order to give you the opportunity to say your final adios to them… Sorry if I couldn't do better than that…”

“Don’t be sorry, Dragon” The Romanian said, angry and sad, tears rolling over his face “Deep down in my heart I knew my parents were dead… But I wanted to have hopes, you know?” His knuckles popped as he closed his fists “Now I know the truth. The Emperor is responsible for all disgrace I had in my life! Dragon!” His eyes were revealed through his wide bangs “I want to come to the Resistance settlement! Just give this night to say my last goodbyes to those who brought me to this world and you can be sure that I’ll be under your command!” His eyes were bicolor – the left one was blue and the right one, bloody red. He waited for Anael’s answer with no hesitance.

“Fine!” Anael answered with a steady and strong tone. “Look for the strangest tree you can find in the outskirts of this town. Then, when you are there, the entrance will be open for you. By the way” Anael continued, making his way out of that place “What’s your name?”

“Call me Ilya” The Romanian said “When the right time comes, I’ll reveal my full name. Sorry for the distrust, but I need to protect myself.”

“No problem, Ilya” Anael answered, leaving the place “I’ll be waiting for you.”


The Blue Moon Knights arrived at the settlement with Cody’s coffin. They had to wait until Bielarus was awakening… They knew it wouldn’t be nice. They knew she’d be destroyed, but they had to do that dirty job…

To Be Continued…


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