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Hello Everyone!

This is Sakura Hayes, just passing by to make sort of a review of this past month before it ends. It has been quite of a busy month, for we featured the Second Season of Blue Moon Knights series! Let's see in details what are the new things brought to this blog:

1. The Second Season, which brought up some of Kimi and Kaiser's life story prior to their entrance on the Blue Moon Knights;

2. Seasonal Character's Page - From the Second Season the characters who are no villains but are temporarily main characters in that particular Season will have their short profiles and pictures posted in that page.

3. New Outfits for Kimi and Kaiser - The Icicle Outfit and Void Wayfarer Outfit;

4. New Magical Item - Cody's Soul Essence, whose properties will be discovered throughout the series...

Well, these were the news of June! Stay tuned for more news and stuff!

Sakura Hayes

Hello Everyone!

This is Sakura Hayes speaking, just passing by to make you guys a few questions:

What have you thought of Second Season? Was it better/worse/ the same as the First Season?

Were there any characters you liked/disliked? Is there anything you'd like to point out about the series? Any suggestions about storyline?

I'm looking forward to your answers!

Sakura Hayes

-Tears of a Reborn Soldier-

Anael and the other Blue Moon Knights took a vow of silence concerning about Cody’s real cause of death; since Kimi didn’t want to have any trouble with Bielarus, they would do anything they could to avoid Kimi to tell the truth.

Even though he agreed with that, he felt some agony and pain in his heart, for he didn’t like to lie about facts. He was at Anael’s, unable to sleep. The Guatemalan was sleeping on the other hammock, breathing slowly and gently as a baby. The Finn had to ask something important to his leader, and woke him up to do so.

“Anael…” Kimi whispered while shaking the Guatemalan’s shoulders “I need to ask you a question…”

Qué quieres?” Anael inquired, tired.

“I… I think that…It’s wrong to lie…” Kimi answered timidly “Do you think that I’ll be able to tell the truth…someday?”

No lo creo” Anael answered negatively “I think you should leave things as they are now… If you ever tell her the truth, maybe she won’t forgive you.” He closed his eyes and opened them slowly “I don’t like lying, Kimi. But we’ll have to. I don’t want further trouble to neither of us. Please hang in. maybe if you have somewhere you can write down those thoughts… maybe you’ll get better” He smiled at the blonde “Let’s rest now… We really deserve it. Buenas noches…” The Guatemalan returned sleeping,

Hyvä yötä…” Kimi responded, closing his eyes slowly and starting to sleep.


Meanwhile, in Thalas’, Melchior was the one who couldn’t sleep tight. Something in his mind was keeping his dreams away, ruining with his sleep night. Although Kimi was the one who normally had premonitions, Melchior was starting to feel like something was coming. Something bad…

He heard some metallic noises; his sight was still blurred and dark, but he started identifying places that suited the definition of a laboratory. Tubes, machines, chemicals… Everything.
A strange device was lying somewhere in the darkest corner of that place; it seemed to be some kind of casket; a metallic casket, in which colored chemicals were flowing as if it was feeding something…

The strange device was eliminating vapors and seemed to be reacting to its own chemicals. There was a huge glass on the top of the casket, which exhibited something different…

There was a girl inside of it, with straight, long lime green hair and some strange devices surrounding her. Her body was made of metal, and seemed to be sinisterly glowing as the vapors escaped from her casket and the chemicals reacted with each other…

Melchior’s mind was looking at the face of the girl. Then, she suddenly opened her eyes, which were golden colored… She seemed angry

At that point, Melchior woken up screaming; his scream woke Thalas up, who seemed very upset with that rude interruption of his resting.

“What the hell?” The French Guatemalan asked, slightly angry.

“I…I had a weird nightmare…” Melchior said, breathless and putting his right hand on his chest. “I’m feeling like Kimi… I think it’s some kind of vision…”

Thalas’ countenance changed from anger to worry in a matter of seconds. He made a sign indicating Melchior to make silence while he was going to get something to calm him down. He returned to the bedroom few minutes later, bringing a glass of water and sugar, which he gave to Melchior.

“Calm down” Thalas said while sitting next to the Salvadorian “Now, tell me: what kind of ‘nightmare’ was that?” He looked to Melchior’s hands, which were trembling while the Salvadorian tried to calm down.

“Well…” Melchior started apprehensive “I dreamt that I was exploring some kind of lab…” He held the glass harder “Then, I saw something weird, you know? It was like a casket… Similar to those I conjured to bury Cody and the other elves, remember?” He looked into Thalas’ eyes, clearly scared “I… I think I saw… a cyborg there.” He interrupted his speech, scared at Thalas’ incredulous face “I’m not lying! There was a robot inside of that thing… She looked so human that… I wouldn’t think she’d actually be a robot…”

Thalas couldn’t believe in what Melchior said; his words seemed too crazy to believe. Even though robots already exist nowadays, it sounded weird that one would be hidden in a lab, as if it wasn’t supposed to exist.

“I’ll tell you something” Thalas said putting his right hand on Melchior’s shoulder “Don’t freak out. Wait until tomorrow. We need to talk to Anael and the others about that issue as soon as possible.” He stood up and went to his bed “Now get some rest. Tomorrow is going to be a long day…”

Melchior put the glass on a table near him. His heart was still beating faster than normal, but he tried to sleep anyway. Maybe if he told the other Knights about these facts, his mind might get calmer…


Melchior’s spirit came back to the strange lab, exactly to the place in which he stopped exploring. The metal casket was still there, and so was the robot. Her eyes were closed now.

His attention was fixed on the structure of the casket. Along with some chemical tubes and other metal engineering, there was something written in that artifact. It seemed Russian, but Melchior wasn’t that sure. Them, he saw what he needed to be sure of his conclusions:

Москва, Союз Советских Социалистических Республик – 1942 – Распутинoba (Moscow, Union of Socialist Soviet Republics – 1942 – Rasputinova)

There were other things written, also in Russian: tributes to Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky, along with other remarkable things of Soviet Union…

“What would be the true meaning of all of this?”


On the following day, Melchior was feeling too tire to pay attention to any classes he had. He was caught sleeping several times, and he couldn't focus his thoughts on anything else than his nightmare from the previous night. He could feel in the bottom of his heart that something bad was coming for them…

When their break time arrived, Melchior came straight to Anael’s classroom, followed by Maya and Thalas.

“I need to talk to you about something…” Melchior started a bit nervous.

Anael didn’t said a word, but he asked the Knights to follow him to school’s courtyard in order to talk to them. Thalas and Melchior found that attitude a bit weird, for Anael haven’t even talked straight with them.

“I know you said you wanted to talk first” Anael started, serious “But I have to announce something. Remember when I used my cellphone as a number for The Blue Moon Knights?” He asked, realizing that everyone remembered that episode, nodding to Elite Dragon “Well, yesterday I received a call… A very important call…”

“Made by whom?” Melchior asked nervous.

“By our President” Anael answered with a darkened countenance “He called me, I mean, Elite Dragon, to ask us to do something for him...Guys” He took a deep breath before continuing his sentence “We must go to Brazil. Now.”

End of Second Season.

Hello Everyone!

Since I figured that the way I designed the Characters' profiles make them hard to read, I decided to modify the way I made it. I decided to put the information near the images in order to make it easier to see the data about the Knights.  Now it's more detailed and easier to read, right? You can see the revamped version here:

Now, let's talk about the new page - it's called Seasonal Characters; this page is about certain characters featured in the series that are no villains nor permanent heroes - they are only featured in that particular Season or certain episodes. This page is featuring the profiles of Bielarus Wolfennacht and Cody Maverick, the first Seasonal Characters we have. The page can be accessed here:

Stay tuned for more stuff and news!

Sakura Hayes

-Midwinter Tears-

When the six Blue Moon Knights arrived, the settlement was beginning its activities. Still, Bielarus haven’t woken up, but Maya did; she was the first one to see the coffin with them.

“Are all of you okay?” The Honduran asked, worried “I couldn’t wake up, sorry for not following you…”

“That’s okay” Thalas answered with a discrete smile “It’s good to know that you are fine…” His face blushed discretely as he shut his mouth.

“Who’s that?” Maya asked discretely, pointing at the coffin.

“Cody.” Thalas answered sadly “He died while we tried to rescue Kaiser and Altagracia…”

The Honduran change her countenance to a sad one; when she felt one tear falling of her face, a terrorizing scream hit her ear; Bielarus was the one who screamed. The Blue Moon Knights turned their heads on the direction of the noise, and what they saw was not pleasant.

Bielarus’ face was full of anger, sadness and pleas for vengeance.

“How did that happened?!” Bielrus shouted desperate “Who did this?!”

In order to protect Kimi, the Knights who were present at Cody’s execution made up the facts.

“A battalion of El’s” Melchior rapidly answered “The guards rapidly surrounded us and Cody found himself surrounded by dozens of guards. Even though he was strong, he couldn’t withstand an entire battalion by himself… and he perished before we could come to his aid…”

The leader of the Resistance knelt before the Knights, her eyes full of tears, her gaze without any sparkle of life. The Knights left the coffin near her, and stepped back. She put her arms over the coffin, removing its top and revealing Cody’s dead body. She held his head close to her chest and cried loudly; the other elves near her started doing arrangements for Cody’s funeral.

The Knights helped them making the grave and gathering the resources they needed to make the ritual. Some flowers in different tones of blue were placed in the bottom of the grave. Then, Cody’s coffin was placed without the top, so everyone could see his serene face before being buried.

The Elves place some of the lighter colored flowers on the empty spaces of the coffin, making it look very pleasing.

“A beautiful way to die…” Anael whispered.

When the elves finished that part of the ritual, Bielarus put a red rose on his chest, and gave him her last loving kiss. She was saying goodbye to him. Forever.

She let the rest of the rebels bury her former fiancée’s body; his journey to the afterlife was beginning, and the next step was believed to be taken by his soul. Now, Bielarus was alone; she had nothing more to believe.

“El…” She growled “…He’s going to pay. Resistance!” She raised her tone, furious “We are going to strike against that so called Emperor!” She conducted her troops until the vortex. At that point, Anael recognized Ilya in the middle of the rebels. He smiled at him, pleased to see him there. Bielarus opened the vortex “We are going to give him a one-round trip to hell! May our gods protect us!”

The rebels felt their spirits rejuvenated; their angry became their fuel, and they crossed the vortex without fear. They were carrying their weapons, ready to strike. Until they arrived at the main gate of the Fortress, no enemy had been sought by them. However, when the troops arrived at the Fortress, they found some battalions that would make their day a bit more fun.

Since they began their riot, El’s army was diminishing rapidly. Now, there were fewer soldiers than before. The rebels could feel the battlefield a lot more comfortable to fight than weeks before. The Knights were supporting the troops on the gate in order to maintain positions. Bielarus, on the other hand, had somewhere else to go…


El was on his chambers, wearing his armor and carrying his weapons for the fight that was coming. He knew about Cody’s death in every detail. He also knew that Bielarus was coming for him, and he sent troops to the gates in order to fight the peasant who was defying his government.

“Time is running out…” The Emperor said while grabbing his lance and staff “Bielarus are you there?” He spotted Bielarus’ shadow over the floor. He knew she was there.

Bielarus jumped from the window to strike him with her dagger, but she wasn’t able to eliminate the Emperor, for he used his staff against her, striking the maiden elf against the marble walls.

Bielarus stood up with some difficult, spitting blood all over the floor.

“Time is running out… for you” El said, striking Bielarus’ face with his staff, making her falling on the floor again. “You’re nothing but a peasant who thinks that can control an entire nation!
Now…” He was pointing his lance towards her neck “You are going to meet him… in hell!”

El was about to transpose Bielarus’ throat when he felt something piercing his lung; it was Bielarus’ dagger the murder weapon. El started spitting blood; some drops hit Bielarus’ face. He fell on the ground, his mouth dropping blood in an incredible speed; his eyes started losing its natural glow. He died there.

When Bielarus saw that he was no longer breathing, she grabbed his lance, and used it as an axe, cutting his head. Then, she grabbed his hair and brought the head with her as her prize.

She arrived at the main gate holding the former Emperor’s head really high, so that all of them could see themselves free of tyranny. Some of the guards were still alive and could witness the event. Anael and his fellows helped the rebels to bury the bodies of those who died in battlefield and, using their Shaman-Stones, they rebuilt some parts of the city.


Hours later, Bielarus was named Empress of the northern Elves; she was dressing herself with lilac, the elven royalty‘s signature color. Her dress was a taken-that-fall one, with purple and golden detailing. She was holding a royal lance, made of sodalities and pink wood. Even though she seemed happy, she was trying to hide her sorrow from Cody’s death.

When the elves left the place to continue rebuilding their nation, Bielarus called the Knights.

Kiitos” She said humbly “I’m more than grateful for having your help on this fight. Now, I’ll do all that I can to make my people happy and able to live well and proudly…” she sighed before continuing “I just wish Cody were here to see what I accomplished…”

“He’s with you” Kimi said, trying to be hopeful “His soul is taking care of you, believe in me. He will always be here for you.”

Bielarus smiled.

“Thanks for your supporting words” She said solemnly “Now, you may leave our nation. The upper world needs you. If we need you anytime…”

“Call us.” Anael answered “We are allies from now on. You can count on us whenever you need. Thanks for giving us the opportunity of doing something to help your people to break free.” He signed to Kaiser, asking him to open a vortex which would lead them straight to Guatemala. “See you someday.”

“See you…” Bielarus said, leaving the throne room in order to do a speech to her people.

The Knights left the undergrounds of Finland to come back to Guatemala. Since they left, their copies did a nice job keeping streets safer and crime lower. Still, there was so much to be done, and Anael and his friends felt more than prepared to do so. After participating on a civil war, they knew what they would face from now on…

To Be Continued…

-Widow’s Weeds-

Another thing Melchior discovered that day about Kimi’s powers was that some feelings could also make his magic go down; in his friend’s case, sadness was that feeling. The snow he previously conjured was rapidly melting and soon it faded away.

Melchior and Thalas didn’t know what to do; they kept staring at Cody’s body, with the ice shard deeply craved into his flesh, like a slain vampire. Thalas tried to remove it carefully in order to avoid damaging the elf’s body more than it already was.

Melchior closed his eyes for a while, trying to avoid anger. His Shaman-Stone was also asking for it; he took a large breath, before doing what he did next.

Kimi was still scared near him, with tears going over his face. Melchior was being consumed by his anger, and he didn’t even noticed when he furiously came towards Kimi and grabbed his neck strongly.

“Why did you do that?” He asked, growling “Can’t you control your own Shaman-Stone? Now we do what? We can’t go back with Cody dead! I should…” He was preparing to punch Kimi’s face, but Thalas intervened.

“Don’t.” Thalas said “It wasn’t his fault. You said that before, didn’t you? About Cody…” The French Guatemalan looked at the dead elf with sorrow “We’ll have to bring him back to Bielarus, liking it or not. She has the right to make the arrangements for his journey to afterlife…”

“I’ll take care of this…” Melchior said, leaving Kimi alone “Allow me.” He conjured a marble coffin in which he put Cody’s corpse along with his belongings. Then, he made Kimi and Thalas help him carrying it on their way out of the pit, following the stairs.

They were tired, hurt and angry at each other. Every step they made was full of bad thoughts. Kimi was angry at himself for not being able to control his own powers; Melchior was angry for not being able to help Cody, Thalas and himself. Thalas, on the other hand, was the only one who kept himself controlled and away from any bad feeling.

They arrived in the inner jails after few minutes of stair climbing. And they arrived just in time.

Altagracia was breathing slowly and painfully; Anael didn’t know what else to do in order to save his sister, and neither did Kaiser. When Melchior, Thalas and Kimi arrived, Altagracia was too pale and weak, almost dead.

“Anael!” Melchior shouted, leaving the coffin with Thalas and Kimi “What happened to Altagracia?!”

“Poisoned.” Anael answered sadly “I don’t know what to do… I can’t heal her and Kaiser cannot do it either… We’re running out of options and time…!”

“I can save her!” Melchior stated while grabbing one of the medicines crafted by Cody “Help me make your sister drink this…” Anael and Melchior lifted Altagracia’s face just a little “Hey, Altagracia! Drink a bit of this liquid… It’s going to help you…”

The little girl made an effort to drink the potion, and it seemed to work almost immediately. Her face rapidly regained color, and she reopened her eyes quickly. He hugged Melchior and Anael strongly, happy for seeing them there.

Gracias!” She said “You saved my life!” Then she hugged Kaiser “Thanks, Kai, for keeping your word!”
Then, she looked to where Thalas and Kimi where. Both were carrying what seemed to be a coffin. The girl’s face rapidly lost color. Her heart suddenly felt heavier and sadness took her countenance.

“Who’s in it?” She asked sad.

“Cody” Kimi answered, sad.

“Did the Emperor…?!” Kaiser asked, getting angry. Anael felt his blood boil while thinking in whom killed the elven commander.

“No…He didn’t.” Kimi answered with the same sadness. Then, he took a large breath before finishing his answer “I did. I murdered Cody… And I don’t know why. I simply… did it… I didn’t mean to…” He shut his mouth and felt his voice failing. He couldn’t talk about that issue anymore.

Silence took place on the scenario; the Knights didn’t know what to say about Kimi’s actions. Melchior was refusing to talk to Kimi, and Thalas preferred not to intervene. Kaiser tried to say comforting words to his brother, but nothing came on his mind. Then, Anael stood up and made the decision:

“We have to bring him back to Bielarus.” He grabbed one of the sides of the coffin “Either we like it or not, she has to see her beloved one… for the last time. Who’s with me?”

Before the Guatemalan lifted the coffin, he remembered the promise he made to the Romanian elf. He searched for the prison in which he saw the elf’s parents, and rescued their bodies.

“Melchior, can you conjure two more coffins?” Anael asked, carrying the bodies.

“Of course.” The Salvadorian replied, saying a few spells to conjure two white marble coffins. “Here you are. Put the bodies inside them, and let’s move.”

“I’ll ask again” Anael said, with a confident stair “Who’s with me?”

They didn’t answer with words, but actions; all of them, Altagracia included, helped Anael carrying the coffins on their way out of the Fortress. With no guards to stand on their way, their journey was much easier than before. Even thought they were carrying three coffins, it wasn’t hard to get out of the Fortress by the path they chose before.

They haven’t spoken a word in their way. Then, when they arrived at the pit in which Anael felt hours before, they made and effort to bring the coffins to the surface. When the elven couple’s coffins were brought up, Anael interrupted the work.

“Can you guys continue on your way?” He asked, serious “I have to something before going back.”

“We will be waiting for you at the entrance of the settlement” Thalas answered with the same tone.
Anael agreed with a nod, and grabbed the two coffins on its largest handles, and pulled them out of that place, searching for a certain building and a certain person…


The Romanian elf was waiting for Anael for a long time; he started doubting of Anael’s honesty and word, but his discouraging thoughts rapidly vanished after Anael appeared on the horizon.

However, his happy smile disappeared as he saw the two coffins coming from Anael’s arms. Tears felt from the Romanian’s face.

“Are these…?” The black-haired man started talking, desperately sad.

“Unfortunately, si.” Anael answered, disappointed at himself “According to your physical characteristics, these are your parents with no doubt. I wish I had better news, I wish they were alive, but they are not. “Then, he pulled the coffins near the Romanian “I took their bodies in order to give you the opportunity to say your final adios to them… Sorry if I couldn't do better than that…”

“Don’t be sorry, Dragon” The Romanian said, angry and sad, tears rolling over his face “Deep down in my heart I knew my parents were dead… But I wanted to have hopes, you know?” His knuckles popped as he closed his fists “Now I know the truth. The Emperor is responsible for all disgrace I had in my life! Dragon!” His eyes were revealed through his wide bangs “I want to come to the Resistance settlement! Just give this night to say my last goodbyes to those who brought me to this world and you can be sure that I’ll be under your command!” His eyes were bicolor – the left one was blue and the right one, bloody red. He waited for Anael’s answer with no hesitance.

“Fine!” Anael answered with a steady and strong tone. “Look for the strangest tree you can find in the outskirts of this town. Then, when you are there, the entrance will be open for you. By the way” Anael continued, making his way out of that place “What’s your name?”

“Call me Ilya” The Romanian said “When the right time comes, I’ll reveal my full name. Sorry for the distrust, but I need to protect myself.”

“No problem, Ilya” Anael answered, leaving the place “I’ll be waiting for you.”


The Blue Moon Knights arrived at the settlement with Cody’s coffin. They had to wait until Bielarus was awakening… They knew it wouldn’t be nice. They knew she’d be destroyed, but they had to do that dirty job…

To Be Continued…

-A Magician’s Lullaby-

While Anael and Kaiser were struggling to help the youngest Blue Moon Knight, the trio made by Thalas, Melchior and Cody was just a few moments of facing a great peril, maybe the greatest they have faced up to that point.

They were just a few meters of the ending of the pit, when they realized Thalas’ greatest fears had become true: something was very wrong indeed. Through that curtain of wintry wind, with icicle and snowflakes hitting their faces, a familiar shape could be identified – a tall, strong young man was coming for them. Melchior clearly had seen who that guy was and, surprised, he suffocated a terrified scream.

“Kimi!” The red-haired said “What have you done?”

Kimi didn’t respond. His eyes, shimmering in a turquoise tone of color, were staring the trio with furious gazing. Either he didn’t want them there or he wasn’t recognizing any of them.

“What happened to you?” Melchior asked scared “Where are the others? Haven’t Anael come with you?”

Again, Kimi kept himself in silence. Thalas retreated a few steps, and Cody did the same; they knew Kimi was not responding to them, for the Shaman-Stone had taken over control of his mind. Only Melchior haven’t noticed it, and stood where he was.

“Kimi, answer me please!” The Salvadorian shouted upset “We were worried about both of you! Listen, we are going to save Altagracia and Kaiser! If you could tell us where Anael is…”

Melchior should have shut himself up. He should have not said his last sentences; unfortunately, he did. He said the word which triggered Kimi’s anger: Kaiser. The Salvadorian didn’t see what had hit him; the only thing he remembered was being hit by something hard, and being pushed against the pit’s walls, hitting his back really hard, and making him spit some blood. He fainted afterwards.

“Melchior!” Thalas shouted, running towards Melchior in order to wake him up.

Now, Kimi was coming for them; Cody realized that Kimi was not controlling his actions, but the Shaman-Stone; the blonde master of ice was not responding to his friends’ pleas, and was willing to kill them… All of them, there and at that very moment.

“I won’t say the same thing twice!” Kimi shouted in a sinister tone of voice “Where have you brainless people hidden my brother? Answer me or die!”

“He thinks we are from El’s personnel!” Cody shouted while looking for a protective spell “His Shaman-Stone is keeping him blinded with pure hatred! We must do something!”
Kimi touched the pit’s walls, trying to freeze his three ‘enemies’ at the same time. Cody said some words in Hungarian, conjuring a powerful magic shield spell, which kept them safe from Kimi’s power.

“I’ll make our stand here.” Cody declared “You and your friend shall leave now!”

“I can’t!” Thalas said strongly “I won’t leave you to fight Kimi!” While he was making his point, Kimi repeatedly struck their magic shield with powerful ice strikes. The shield was starting to crackle. “If you die here, Bielarus will never forgive nor trust us!”

“Don’t worry” Cody said, smiling at Thalas “I know what I’m doing. If she were here, she would support me in all steps of this procedure. Now, you have to go.” Cody tried to conjure a teleport spell, but the magic field yielded, shattering and leaving them exposed to Kimi’s ice wave, which hit the three of them very hard. At that point, Thalas almost lost consciousness, but Cody was still holding himself on his feet, and Melchior started responding again.

“Uh… What happened?” Melchior whispered, putting his hand in his head “It feels like I had been taken by a hurricane… Thalas?” He saw his friend nearly consciousness “Thalas! Wake up!”

Melchior turned his sight to Cody, who was having a hard time fighting Kimi. The air became colder and colder, and Bielarus’ fiancée was being affected by the Blue Moon Knight’s power. Melchior had to intervene, or it would be too late to save Cody.

“Kimi! Stop this insanity!” Melchior shouted while standing up “That’s not you! Control yourself!”

Melchior’s voice seemed to be working, for Kimi suddenly stopped attacking Cody.

“Melchior?” He whispered; however, he screamed very loud afterwards, seeming to be in pain “Get out of here, now! I…I…I’m going to kill you if you guys stay here!” His voice was getting louder and painful “Go away!”

“No!” Melchior protested, trying to help Kimi “We are Blue Moon Knights. All of us! We won’t leave you! Remember what Anael said? We have to stay together!”

Kimi stepped away from Melchior and started staring at him; his eyes became turquoise again, and that was a bad sign; the Shaman-Stone took the control back. Melchior had to respond quickly, for Kimi was preparing to attack him, but the Salvadorian couldn’t attack his friend, one that he knew for very long…

He raised a magic wall to avoid Kimi’s attacks, and tried to conjure fire columns to injure Kimi, but the Finnish used that tactics against Melchior, putting out the fire as soon as it was going to hit him. However, that action cost Kimi some of his territory, making Melchior advance few steps from where he was originally standing.

“Listen to me, Kimi” Melchior said steadily “You are not this evil person that stands in front of me! You don’t like violence, or killing anyone! You never sought bloodshed and revenge, even considering your past… You’re a pacifist, and I always admired and respected you for that! Don’t let your Shaman-Stone destroy that!”  Melchior replaced the magic shield for a fire wall, which he could manipulate easier “Don’t let your personality fade away! Don’t let you fade away!”

While Melchior was talking, Cody was preparing his magical weapons to aid Melchior. Unfortunately, Kimi noticed that action, and prepared to respond. The red-haired mage used some columns of his fire wall to make Kimi go behind, but it wouldn’t work in the end.

“Cody, stay back!” Melchior ordered, worried.

The elven alchemist didn’t seem to hear Melchior, for he intended to attack Kimi; he used some of his potions to conjure elemental creatures, which hit Kimi very hard and made him lose his consciousness. Seeing that he defeated a strong opponent without much effort, Cody started celebrating. However, Melchior wasn’t that thrilled, for he knew something was wrong there…

Cody was helping Thalas standing up when the tragedy happened. In a matter of seconds, Kimi had stood up, ten times angrier than before; Melchior tried to knock him down again, but he was left unconscious again – Kimi conjured a strong Ice wave towards the Salvadorian, which hadn’t had time to respond effectively to that attack.

Then, it was Cody’s turn; the elf just had time to see the shard of ice on Kimi’s hands. His eyes widened as he looked in the bottom of Kimi’s; he looked like a demon, possessed by power and anger. This person was not Kimi. Cody tried to use his last resource to save his life; another magic shield was conjured, but it was thinner than the first one. It was supposed to give Melchior enough time to wake up.

The Salvadorian saw Kimi striking against Cody once more, but he was too weak to do something. Then, Thalas woke up, but Cody immediately pushed him away from the battlefield. After doing that, his magic shield broke, and Kimi used his ice shard in Cody’s body the same way a stake is craved into a vampire’s body.

“Kimi! Don’t do it! Wake up from that nightmare!” Melchior screamed louder than he could, terrified. Cody tried to communicate with him by telepathy; his last thoughts were: ‘I have something that you’ll be able to use… to save Altagracia and Kaiser… it’s… some of my potions… also… please… save… my soul… essence…’

Melchior was standing up, speechless; his scream was enough to wake Kimi up, who stepped away from Cody’s dead body. He was terrified with himself. Thalas was feeling the same way as Melchior.

The Salvadorian didn’t look at Kimi; instead, he approached from Cody’s dead body and looked for the things he mentioned in his last thoughts. He found the medicines he needed for Altagracia and Kaiser, and he continued his search for the ‘soul essence’.

It was a small light yellow crystal, which he put inside his pocket. Kimi’s body was trembling, and some tears were rolling down his face. When these events started occurring, Melchior looked to Kimi again.
“Guys…” He started, terrified and sad “What have I done?!”

To Be Continued…

-Enter into the Void! Kaiser’s Turn!-

A great moment of silence followed Cody’s statement; Melchior and Thalas were insecure about letting the elf come with them. What if something went wrong and someone ended up killed? Certainly, if Cody happened to die in battlefield, Bielarus would be devastated.

“Are you aware of the risk you are putting on yourself?” Melchior asked the blonde, with a grin countenance.

“More than you do.” Cody replied with the same countenance “Considering the color of the fog inside this place, it’s almost dawn, which means that your friends left few hours ago. In that case, we should hurry, for they may find themselves in a dangerous situation, even being as strong as they are.”

“Agreed” Thalas responded, his Shaman-Stone at hand “Considering this fact, we must leave immediately” He used his Shaman-Stone to conjure his outfit and his magical bow, and Melchior did the same with his own Shaman-Stone “Whenever you are ready, Maverick”

Cody left the hut for a few moments, which led Melchior and Thalas confused; the elf returned afterwards, dressed in a way much similar to Melchior; we has carrying a short sword, a special staff, which seemed made of white marble with a white raven engrave, a brocade backpack, a large grimier and a long black and grey robe, classical magician outfit.

“As you can see, I’m a wizard, just like your red-haired friend” Cody said to Thalas “Actually, I’m an alchemist; I can prepare anything you need in the grounds of medicines and potions. I’m carrying everything I may need in case we stay in the Fortress more than we should. Now, we can leave.”

The three young men left the hut and went straight to the vortex’s conjure altar, which was opened by Cody, who used a specific spell for it. One by one, they entered in the vortex and left the settlement. Cody closed the magical door right after Melchior left, for he was the last one.

Then, they moved swiftly and silently through the empty streets; they did not take long to spot the track used by Anael and Kimi: they saw lots of dead guards; some were instantly frozen, and others were clearly electrocuted; on those who died from the second cause, it was still possible to see rapid flashes of lightning going through their bodies.

“Anael did not waste a single movement” Thalas declared, a bit terrified of his best friend’s power.

“Neither did Kimi” Melchior said while he stepped between the corpses “They are clearly angry… And I’m afraid they might do something that can screw with us all…”

“Meaning?” Cody asked, as afraid and impressed as the Blue Moon Knights were.

“I know Anael” Thalas said, thoughtful “And he does not respond this way, even being Elite Dragon. Stealing Altagracia from him was something those elves shouldn’t have done. And he was completely taken by his anger. I think Kimi was right; the Shaman-Stone is taking over the control. We must find them quickly!”

“I know a shortcut which will lead us to the inner jails” Cody declared, putting his grimier on his backpack, grabbing his word afterwards “Follow me!”

The trio followed Cody into a narrow passage into some trees near the Fortress. Both Thalas and Melchior’s hearts were beating faster and stronger than before; has Anael done something terrible while they were asleep? Has Kimi done the same as well? Would the three of them be able to survive that night?


“Kaiser! Altagracia” Anael screamed angry, worried and sad simultaneously.

The Elite Dragon ran into the two Blue Moon Knights’ cell; he used his Shaman-Stone to overcharge its bars, breaking them and releasing his friend and his beloved little sister. Both of them were too weak to stand on their feet, so Anael had to help them standing up. He made his sister hold his waist really tight, while he put Kaiser’s left arm around his shoulders. While he did that, he felt an intense pain on his back, for his wings were seriously damaged. He screamed really loud, and he was concerned that action could have attracted more soldiers to the area.

“You shouldn’t have gone too far for us” Kaiser whispered.

“I wouldn’t leave you even if my life depended on it!” Anael answered, trying to control his tone of voice, due to the enormous pain he was feeling again “What kind of man would I be to leave behind the man who saved the life of the most precious thing I have – my young sister?” He tried to make the two of them to move with him, step by step.

Then, the Elite Dragon turned his gaze to a curious jail – there were two dead bodies in it, whose characteristics seemed too familiar for him; his eyes widened when he realized why he felt this way: they were the black –haired elf’s parents! Certainly, they refused to obey the Emperor, and he let them die in there, without any chances of seeing their beloved son again. That sequence of facts made Anael’s blood boil. The Emperor was going to pay for his actions.

Suddenly, they listened to a strange sound; Anael’s fears were getting real – more soldiers were coming for them.

“Leave us here, hermano mayor, and save yourself!” Altagracia screamed with difficulties of speaking; she was losing her consciousness while grabbing her brother’s waist.

“Never” Anael angrily hissed “I won’t leave you!”

The troops were approaching fast, and Anael’s anger was increasing in the same amount; his Shaman-Stone was feeding itself from that same rage, giving him more power.

“Kaiser” He said, hissing like a cobra “Can you walk?”

Niin” Kaiser hesitantly affirmed “What do you want us to do?”

“Go back into your jail with my sister and hide yourselves there.” Anael said, serious “Things are going to get pretty ugly, and you are not able to fight. I’ll find a way to get us out of here before whatever is afflicting you guys terminate your lives.” The Elite Dragon grabbed his sword, ready for another round.

Kaiser obeyed Anael’s command, even though Altagracia tried to convince him to do the opposite. He held her in his arms, hidden in the darkest spot they could find. The steps were getting louder and stronger. And Anael started hissing angrily.

“Let the party begin!” Declared the Guatemalan, ready to make his stand as long as he could.
The army entered in the place, overwhelming the upper stairs; as far as Anael could count, at least 30 elves were at the scene. Anael used his sword as an electrical conductor, and the electrical charge was enough to dazzle most of the battalion.

Kaiser was praying, hoping for the best; he held his Shaman-Stone tight on his right hand, claiming for his brother. All the sadness and anxiety he was feeling were transferred to his Stone, which started to respond.

“Kaiser…” Altagracia tried to say something, but she suffocated her thoughts while a dark purple light embraced both Kaiser and Altagracia.


Thalas, Melchior and Cody entered in the Fortress without problems of any sort; while they were walking, they felt the tunnel cold; its walls were a bit frozen, and snow could be detected on certain parts of the floor.

“What the hell?” Cody asked out loud, very intrigued.

“Let’s follow this track” Melchior declared, pointing to a curious snow track “Maybe it will lead us to our goal!”

“I wouldn’t be so certain if I were you” Thalas said, thoughtful once again “There’s something wrong with all of this…”

“What other options do we have?” Melchior asked, annoyed with Thalas’ thoughts “We are not going back to the surface in order to reveal our position! Either we follow this track or follow this track! There are no other options. Make you choice.”

“Shut up and walk” Thalas said, clearly frustrated with Melchior’s statements “I won’t discuss with you, but I still feel that something is wrong indeed.”

As they were moving forward in the pit, the wintry signs were getting even stronger than before, and Thalas started to feel apprehensive, and Cody noticed it; only Melchior didn’t, either ignoring or really not paying attention to his colleague.

“Are you okay, Thalas?” Cody whispered, worried.

 “No, monsieur.” Thalas answered, clearly anxious, for he only spoke French in awkward situations; he avoided speaking his mother tongue at an early age, for the other Guatemalans mistreated him for his origins, and Cody noticed that. “Melchior…” He started speaking, but he stopped when the Salvadorian stopped walking.

Thalas was right; something was wrong indeed. The cold winds hit strongly in their faces; they could see lots of dead elves, all for the same reason: frozen to death. And Melchior knew only one man who had such power to do it.

“Kimi… What have you done?”


Anael was too busy fighting to see what was happening behind him; the purple light was now embracing only Kaiser, and it seemed to have cured a bit of Altagracia’s weakness.  She was now staring at the shiny mass of light, which disappeared right after, revealing a revamped and fully healed Kaiser.
His clothes changed completely; instead of the regular Guardian outfit, he was wearing a purple turtleneck, long-sleeved shirt with a black overcoat, which was ornamented with three different tones of purple fabric, dark purple pants and grey cothurnus. Also, in addition to these features, his Shaman-Stone gave him a black bladed sword with dark purple hilt and his eyes had changed colors as well – they were now in a lilac tone.

“Kai…” Altagracia tried to say, surprised and weak.

“I promised to you, my darling” Kaiser said to the Guatemalan child “that I was going to keep you safe… I had kept my word until this point, and I’ll still keep it… By helping your brother.” He gently smiled at her while he was in his knees “Be a good girl and stay here, okay? I’ll be back in a matter of minutes…” His smile was replaced by an angry and serious stare to the battalion faced by Anael. He stood up and went to help Elite Dragon.

At that point, Anael was weakling; he couldn’t stand the pain of his broken wings, and he started to retreat, but kept fighting. He was not going to yield so easily. Some elves were already dead and others, injured, kept fighting with Elite Dragon, who used all his electrical powers to make his stand.

“I won’t resist any longer” Anael thought in pain “But I have to. Where’s Kimi when you need him?”

Suddenly, the Guatemalan’s eyes widened. Some strange vortexes appeared, dragging some elves into them; purple and black flashes of magical energy were invading the floor, and in a matter of seconds the battalion of elves just vanished. When Anael looked around, he could see the responsible for those actions, who was sinisterly smiling at him.

Kaiser used his sword and Shaman-Stone to conjure the vortexes and the magic beams. The effects they caused were going to be explained by Kaiser.

“I didn’t know you had such power, hombre.” Anael said, impressed “How come you haven’t shown them before?”

“I didn’t know the extensions of my powers either!” Kaiser said, as impressed as his leader was “But I knew I had to do something. I couldn’t simply let you lose this fight and doom us all.”

“And this magic…?” Anael asked, confused.

“It’s Void.” Kaiser answered simply “The element of those who returned from afterlife. I cannot command undead, like Maya does, but I can command the time-space portals and connections. That’s why I can create teleportation vortexes and black holes without destroying everything… Just what I want to see destroyed.”

They heard some noise coming from the cellar that Kaiser once was. Altagracia’s health condition was worsening as the time was passing by. The two Blue Moon Knights didn’t know what to do. How could they heal Altagracia, the Lotus Flower?

To Be Continued…

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