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Melchior, Kimi, Altagracia and Maya casted a teleport spell who drove the Knights to the glacial lands of Finland, located in Northern Europe. For the first time in their lives, Thalas and Anael could finally meet Kimi and Kaiser’s homeland, totally different from theirs.
It was a cold, cloudy day in Helsinki, the capital. Ten negative Celsius degrees seemed to be nothing to the Finnish, who were wearing thicker clothes, but still seeming unprotected against the cold.

“Oh my god, I need heat!” Melchior said, trembling “How I hate this weather!”

“You are not the only one!” Maya, Anael and Altagracia replied, trembling as well. Then Anael looked to Thalas’ serenity despite the cold. “Are you okay, my friend?”

“Uh? Yes, definitely.” Thalas relied calmly. “This kind of weather is normal to me. I go to France some times a year, and these cold days are not a rarity in winter. Luckily, we were able to conjure some winter clothes before arriving here.” Then, he started talking to Kimi. “Now Kimi, tell us: where is this fortress you talked about?”

“Downstairs” Kimi answered, serene. “But first, we must leave Helsinki and go further to the North. Then, I’ll show you the hidden path to whence I came.”

They decided to walk for a while, for their powers could attract some unwanted attention. Helsinki was a beautiful city; modern, clean, glacial and alive. A real oasis in a vastness of ice and pine forests. Technology was the keyword to describe it; Helsinki was one of the most high-tech cities among Europe, and also the land of music. Most people know Finland because of bands as Nightwish, Stratovarius and Apocalyptica.
The further they went more pictures they got from almost every corner of the city. They were fascinated with that place, and they wish they hadn’t had to go away. Some hours later, when they were almost out of the city, Kimi used his shaman-stone to open a vortex leading to his birthplace: The Icicle Elven Fortress of the North.

“You may step into it.” Kimi said, serious. “Then, we will arrive at my hometown in a few moments. Once we are in there, follow my every move, and try not getting killed, please. Avoid fights and troubles until we find Bielarus. Afterwards, we will speak to her and find out what’s going on.”
They agreed; one by one, they entered into the vortex, arriving at the fortress in a matter of seconds. They waited until Kimi showed up: he was the last one to step into the vortex. When he got out, he closed it, avoiding any trouble.

The vortex led them to an abandoned building; the smell of water and humidity indicated that they were at some kind of port. Kimi put his finger in his mouth as a sign of silence. Then, he made a move asking the others to follow him. As they thought, they were at a port which leaded to the entrance of the Fortress.

“Amazing” Melchior whispered, amazed. “An entire world above another one… Even in my wildest dreams I’d never imagine something like this!”

“Halt! You, foreigners! Where do you think you are going?”

The Blue Moon Knights stopped, frozen. Kimi, with an enraged, but grin countenance came forward. He wanted to talk to the ones who accosted them. They were a group of five people, with a beautiful, but dangerous girl leading them.

She had a straight, up-to-shoulder length blond hair with light pink tips, arranged in pigtails. Her eyes were pink; she was as pale as Kaiser and Kimi, and her ears were just as pointed as theirs. She was definitely an elf. She was medium-height and thin; she was wearing brown corsair pants, black boots and a ragged light brown shirt. Also, she was wearing a wide scarlet mantle, which had some black and white patterns at the end and near the brooch which kept it attained to the girl’s body. Kimi recognized the girl and her outrageous outfit.

Bielarus.” He said “Long time no see, huh? What do you want from us?”

“Hello, Kimi” The girl said, equally serious “They are your friends, I see. Is this other blonde your twin brother? Have you managed to bring him back from the dead?”

“Take your own conclusions” Kimi replied “Were you the one who sent the Vinlandsagers to find me?” He asked, showing the girl the icy-blue feather.

“Yes, I was.” Bielarus replied with a soft smile “And I’m glad that it worked. Some extra souls would be very useful for us. Are you up for the task of helping the Elven Resistance, Kimi Das Vaali?”

“It is not only up to me to decide.” Kimi replied, with his arms crossed. “These are The Blue Moon Knights, friends of mine and the defenders of Central America. They came for me, and you must ask them to help as well. As you said, ‘some extra souls would be very useful for you’.”

“Fine them” Bielarus uttered, a bit angry “My name is Bielarus Wolfennacht. I am the leader of the Elven Resistance; our main goal is to depose the current Keisari, which means ‘Emperor’ in our language, and place someone else to reign over the northern elves. Any doubts?”

“Here!” Melchior answered with a mischievous smile. “How were you able to find Kimi?”

“Easy” Bielarus answered with same smile and voice tone. “Kimi was a Guardian once. In our society, a guardian usually is someone powerful in the military hierarchy. When he ran away from the Fortress, we could trace him using our own Shaman-stones, which I see…” She paused, looking to Anael’s necklace “…that is also your source of power. Am I right?”

“Yes, you are” Anael responded, annoyed “For Kimi, we will help you. But you guys need to tell us more about your so called ‘Resistance’.”

“Fair enough” Bielarus answered, with a smile of triumph “Follow me, then. You won’t regret this, I swear.”


The Blue Moon Knights followed the elven group to some hidden boats; after dividing themselves into groups, Bielarus’ boat showed them the way through the river, entering into the town.

Vastoria was its name. The river which was been navigated by the Knights cut the city in halves, just like Danube River with Budapest. The city walls were all white marbled, like some of the highest buildings. The city was in a tunnel which rooftop seemed to be at least 30 meters above the city. The buildings were all disposed altogether following an imaginary hexagon, which center led to a huge green marble fountain.

The streets were all made of marble rock, and were so clean that was possible to see your reflection clearly on it. There were some colorful waterfalls farther from north and east. Some trees with blue and red leaves were seen near the river’s stream. The more the Knights saw, more amazed they got.
 The city was incredibly empty; there was no one in the streets, except by them. If they could drop a needle into the ground, they would clearly hear the sound of it falling into the marble rock.

“Where are we going?” Anael asked, curious.

“To our camp” Bielarus said with caution. Then, she pointed to some blue leaf trees located on the left stream of the river. “There” She said seriously “Kaarnamouri” She said to one of the elves near her “We can stop here. It is safe, and we need to gather before striking the Fortress.”

Niin” Kaarnamouri replied, stationing the boat in an improvised seaport near the designed trees. Then Bielarus helped the Blue Moon Knights in their way into the magical trees. She used her Shaman-stone into a special place, revealing a magical vortex between the two trees.

“Walk into it.” Bielarus said without changing her expressions. “This is the only way to our headquarters. Don’t be shy, you can trust us.”

Kimi went first, followed by his brother Kaiser, Anael, Altagracia, Thalas, Melchior and Maya. The Resistance seemed very organized and even a nice place to live: they were a self-sustainable community, which produced everything they needed, especially weapons and other metal works. All of them were impressed with their training camps, camps, medical centers and blacksmiths.

Suddenly, a tall, pale blonde man approached Bielarus. The affective way she looked at him showed that they were lovers. Kimi recognized the blonde elf that caught Bielarus’ attention – his name was Cody Maverick, and he was the one Bielarus always loved and for whom she gave up of everything she once had.

“Kimi!” Said Cody with a friendly smile “Long time no see, huh? Friends of yours?” He asked, pointing to the other Blue Moon Knights.

” Anael replied, stepping forward to meet the other elf. “I’m Elite Dragon, the leader of the Blue Moon Knights. These are Electro Archer, Elemental Alchemist, DarkStalker, Black Witch and Lotus Flower.” He said, pointing respectively to Thalas, Melchior, Kaiser, Maya and his sister Altagracia. “We came here to help you guys. What do you need from us?”

“You can rest right now” Cody said, for Bielarus’ surprise “For we won today’s battle against the Fortress’ guards. Today we can celebrate, for five dozen of souls we took away with us!”

Bielarus smiled with both happiness and proud. Her troop came back that day harmless. The couple of soldiers who were injured were rapidly treated by the local medicals and could rest safely. Anael and the others joined the Resistance’s feast. They knew that the next day their work would start. The real war was beginning…

To Be Continued…


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