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-Maiden Elf-

The night on the elven lands were warmer than those of the northern countries worldwide. Warmer clothes and thicker blankets were objects used only by the sick ones. But some cold wind blows could be felt by the inhabitants of the hidden town.

Anael and the others were sleeping in a larger hut, with the best cots available. While all of them were sleeping, Kimi couldn’t sleep at all. Instead, he had some doubts on his mind, and he knew to whom he had to talk in order to solve those questions in his mind.

The blonde left his hut, and went on the search of Bielarus’. His soft steps were heard by the desired person, who came almost instantaneously to him.

“You were supposed to be sleeping, Ice Guardian.” She said, serious. “I assume that you have some important stuff to talk about. What is it?”

“Everything.” He replied with the same tone of voice. “How’s life been going down here? And this war, who started? And… Are you still mad at me?”

“One question at time…” Bielarus answered, approaching Kimi. “Well, life here has changed since you ran away. You know, our traditions remain the same – isolated from surface, living from these blue leaves grown only here along with other products, crafting our own weapons and tools, match making the younger ones and celebrating the marriage of the older ones…” She closed her eyes and smiled. “About the matchmaking… I’m one of those who had ignored the rules. I paid a price, but it was totally worth it. You know, I simply love Cody, and I cannot imagine my life without him…”

Kimi smiled at his friend. She was far happier than some years ago. The northern elves lived in this isolation for several millenniums and that seemed far away from any changes. Even so, their community lived in perfect harmony and self-sustainability, with everything they needed.

“About the war…” Bielarus continued, with the same triumphant countenance she showed before. “It began some months ago, when El completed twenty five years… He seemed to be even more careless as the days came by… He was thinking on some projects to integrate us with the surface civilizations, which, in my opinion, is a total waste of time – see, we wouldn’t fit in their patterns of ‘civilization’ and ‘economic development’. But El seemed to not care to our negative replies. He attempted to make some connections with the upper world, but he protested and blocked the easier accesses, which caused the death of several civilians. That was the limit for us, and we had to declare war against El. Since then, I am commanding the Resistance forces alongside Cody. I hope we can find someone more suitable to reign over us, since El cannot do so.”

“I see…” Kimi said with a discrete smile “But did you guys tried to solve this in a more diplomatic way? I mean, I understand that El’s motives might have not been the best, but that was no reason for you to begin a riot…”

“I’m surprised you say that.” Bielarus replied with anger “For a person whose brother was killed by the same man we talk about here, you seem to defend him instead of defending your people! Are you some kind of a spy in his behalf?” She grabbed a dagger and placed its blade near Kimi’s jugular vein, giving him some unpleasant sensations. “Because if you are, then you can say goodbye to your life!”

“I’m no betrayal!” He replied, removing the dagger from his neck. “I was just asking. I see that you are still angry at me. I know that, according to our traditions, I was supposed to be chosen your groom after my brother’s death, but I was already designed to marry someone else! It is not that I didn’t like you, but I had no choice! I wouldn’t do that to Arja – the one who was assigned to be my spouse.”

“I knew you’d use this issue against me.” Bielarus replied, surprisingly calmer “I preferred this way. Of course, at that time I was ten to eleven years old, and for me traditions meant everything. So, when you said no to our possible marriage, I got pretty devastated. I had nothing against you, Kimi, I really hadn’t. But I nurtured some anger for this kind of ‘heart breaking’ you did at me. But when I med Cody… Things changed… And I’m exultant that things turned out this way. For this, I really owe you.” She started to walk away from him. “Get some rest” She said, with a mischievous smile “Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Be prepared for war.”


The next day, the troops were organized and ordered to attack the left gates of the Fortress, which seemed to be less protected against invasions. Anael and the others were placed on different troops, which would attack at a predetermined order. Altagracia and Kaiser were at the first wave, followed by Thalas, Anael and Maya and finally for Melchior and Kimi.

“Here’s our plan” Cody announced solemnly “You guys are going to focus your attacks on the left gates of the Fortress. Our goal is to enter and force El to surrender. We chose these entrances for they are the less guarded ones. Also, some guards were bribed by us in order to ease our way into El’s chambers. The first troop is going to act like a battering ram – you guys have to bring these gates down. The others will protect them and make sure that all the guards are either captured or killed. Any doubts?”

Since no one answered this part, Cody assumed that everything was fine indeed. The elves started to sing freedom hymns and other provoking songs in order to elevate their moral, so they’d be prepared to face the battle that was about to come.

Five vortexes were open to release the troops. The elves came out in dozens and headed straight to the Fortress, following Cody and Bielarus’ plan. They came with the fourth troop, which was there to scout the wounded ones back to the headquarters. Excluding that function, they were merely representative troops.

Altagracia and Kaiser gave the elves the command to attack, and so they did. Waves of fiery arrows were fired by the three hundred elves from that wave, and that was enough to catch the guards’ attention. They came out from the Fortress’ top walls as crawling creatures; some were defeated before reaching the ground; others periled by the elven attack. This gate was about to yield. That was the perfect time for Anael’s crowd to enter in the arena. The Elite Dragon flew over the area, being followed by the other elves. He started to throw lightning bolts at the guards to protect the others, especially his little sister, whose light powers had been increasing day after day.

“They are retreating!” Kaiser announced, while punching some guards near him “We may succeed!”
The gate was burning stronger and stronger as the fiery arrows hit its wood. The walls were crowded with guards, who either died or fled from the battlefield. For the courageous ones, that was the opportunity to attenuate the invasion and warn the Emperor about the attempt of conquest of the Fortress.

The gate crumbled; the burning wood was scattered under the gate’s arch. The troops entered in the marble corridors ready for war. The guards that once were at the top of walls rapidly came downstairs to block the intruders. Anael slayed some of them, preventing wounds on Altagracia, which started to heal the nearer soldiers, who were already injured.

Suddenly, however, most of the soldiers continued their way into the Fortress, leaving Altagracia behind. Even her brother did not notice that he left his most loved human being behind.
In a matter of seconds, Altagracia found herself alone, and she could hear steps from the other way of the corridor, indicating the presence of more soldiers.

‘I have to run away’ she thought, a bit scared ‘But to where?’ She tried to hide behind some green marble pillars as the steps became louder and louder. Then, she found out that there were more than twenty guards in that room, just waiting for some rebel elf to appear there and get killed. She held her breath and closed her eyes, trying to figure something out as the guards walked on the floor.

“Look what I had found here!” One guard screamed to the others when he spotted Altagracia “A human child! She looks so cute! I bet the Emperor will love her company!”

Altagracia throwed some light beans against her aggressor and tried to run away. While she did that, the other guards followed her instantaneously, and she started to cry in despair as she begged for help. Even though she was strong enough to bring more than five of these guards down, she was too scared to do so.
Then, she heard the sound of falling bodies. She looked back and found out that Kaiser heard her pleas for help and came all the way back just to make sure she would be okay. However, he spotted more guards coming for them.

“I think that maybe forty or fifty elven guards are coming for us…” He said, approaching from Altagracia. “I’ll take you back to your brother, okay? Don’t cry, everything will be just…”

His sentence was rudely interrupted by a poisoned arrow who hit him right on his shoulder, and he started to feel the effects immediately. He grabbed Altagracia’s hand and tried to run away, but more arrows were coming. One of those hit Altagracia’s back and she fell on the ground consciousness. Kaiser still had forces to carry Altagracia on his arms and run, and he tried to do so, but other two arrows hit his calfs and made it impossible to walk. He fell on the ground in a position that would protect Altagracia from the impact. The elves that attacked them surrounded the two Blue Moon Knights and carried them away from that corridor.


When they woke up, they were locked in an elven prison. Altagracia was holding Kaiser with all the strength she still had. The poison was killing her, and something on its formula had made her unable to heal both herself and Kaiser, who was also feeling weaker and weaker.

“I’m scared, Kai” Altagracia said, letting her tears roll over her face “I want my brother here…”

“I know” He said with a weak tone of voice. “But don’t worry. I’ll find a way to get us out of here. I bet Anael and the others are already looking for us. You can be sure of this…”


“Where the hell is my sister?!” Anael asked desperately “She was supposed to arrive with us! I was protecting her…” Tears fell from his face “It was not supposed to happen…” He knelt on the ground, desperate “Where is she?! Where is she?...”

“She may be dead right now…” Bielarus said indifferently.
Those words were enough to enrage Anael, who ran towards Bielarus and pulled her collar.“Don’t you ever repeat those awful words again!” He screamed to Bielarus. “She is not dead! She must be lost somewhere, and if you won’t help me finding her, I’ll do that myself!”

“Calm down, Anael” Thalas intervened, afraid that Anael could do something that we’d regret “I believe in you – Altagracia may be lost -, but we have to use our reason instead of rage. We have to think on a plan to save her…”

“And Kaiser.” Kimi announced, equally desperate “He also vanished, and he was in the same troop Altagracia was.”

“They may have been caught that time when we rushed on the corridors…” Melchior recalled on a thoughtful countenance. “Don’t worry, friend” He said to Anael, who was crying “We will find your little sister, I promise. But we have to hurry, because she might be on an unpleasant situation…”

Bielarus stepped away from that scene. This kind of reaction was unusual for her – Altagracia was a soldier like all the others, and if she was left behind, then she could be considered dead, for Bielarus wouldn’t come back to rescue any rebel. They took a vow of continuing the mission even if their companions were left behind. But that girl seemed too important for that. So important that all of the Blue Moon Knights were willing to risk their own lives to save Altagracia’s…

To Be Continued…


Melchior, Kimi, Altagracia and Maya casted a teleport spell who drove the Knights to the glacial lands of Finland, located in Northern Europe. For the first time in their lives, Thalas and Anael could finally meet Kimi and Kaiser’s homeland, totally different from theirs.
It was a cold, cloudy day in Helsinki, the capital. Ten negative Celsius degrees seemed to be nothing to the Finnish, who were wearing thicker clothes, but still seeming unprotected against the cold.

“Oh my god, I need heat!” Melchior said, trembling “How I hate this weather!”

“You are not the only one!” Maya, Anael and Altagracia replied, trembling as well. Then Anael looked to Thalas’ serenity despite the cold. “Are you okay, my friend?”

“Uh? Yes, definitely.” Thalas relied calmly. “This kind of weather is normal to me. I go to France some times a year, and these cold days are not a rarity in winter. Luckily, we were able to conjure some winter clothes before arriving here.” Then, he started talking to Kimi. “Now Kimi, tell us: where is this fortress you talked about?”

“Downstairs” Kimi answered, serene. “But first, we must leave Helsinki and go further to the North. Then, I’ll show you the hidden path to whence I came.”

They decided to walk for a while, for their powers could attract some unwanted attention. Helsinki was a beautiful city; modern, clean, glacial and alive. A real oasis in a vastness of ice and pine forests. Technology was the keyword to describe it; Helsinki was one of the most high-tech cities among Europe, and also the land of music. Most people know Finland because of bands as Nightwish, Stratovarius and Apocalyptica.
The further they went more pictures they got from almost every corner of the city. They were fascinated with that place, and they wish they hadn’t had to go away. Some hours later, when they were almost out of the city, Kimi used his shaman-stone to open a vortex leading to his birthplace: The Icicle Elven Fortress of the North.

“You may step into it.” Kimi said, serious. “Then, we will arrive at my hometown in a few moments. Once we are in there, follow my every move, and try not getting killed, please. Avoid fights and troubles until we find Bielarus. Afterwards, we will speak to her and find out what’s going on.”
They agreed; one by one, they entered into the vortex, arriving at the fortress in a matter of seconds. They waited until Kimi showed up: he was the last one to step into the vortex. When he got out, he closed it, avoiding any trouble.

The vortex led them to an abandoned building; the smell of water and humidity indicated that they were at some kind of port. Kimi put his finger in his mouth as a sign of silence. Then, he made a move asking the others to follow him. As they thought, they were at a port which leaded to the entrance of the Fortress.

“Amazing” Melchior whispered, amazed. “An entire world above another one… Even in my wildest dreams I’d never imagine something like this!”

“Halt! You, foreigners! Where do you think you are going?”

The Blue Moon Knights stopped, frozen. Kimi, with an enraged, but grin countenance came forward. He wanted to talk to the ones who accosted them. They were a group of five people, with a beautiful, but dangerous girl leading them.

She had a straight, up-to-shoulder length blond hair with light pink tips, arranged in pigtails. Her eyes were pink; she was as pale as Kaiser and Kimi, and her ears were just as pointed as theirs. She was definitely an elf. She was medium-height and thin; she was wearing brown corsair pants, black boots and a ragged light brown shirt. Also, she was wearing a wide scarlet mantle, which had some black and white patterns at the end and near the brooch which kept it attained to the girl’s body. Kimi recognized the girl and her outrageous outfit.

Bielarus.” He said “Long time no see, huh? What do you want from us?”

“Hello, Kimi” The girl said, equally serious “They are your friends, I see. Is this other blonde your twin brother? Have you managed to bring him back from the dead?”

“Take your own conclusions” Kimi replied “Were you the one who sent the Vinlandsagers to find me?” He asked, showing the girl the icy-blue feather.

“Yes, I was.” Bielarus replied with a soft smile “And I’m glad that it worked. Some extra souls would be very useful for us. Are you up for the task of helping the Elven Resistance, Kimi Das Vaali?”

“It is not only up to me to decide.” Kimi replied, with his arms crossed. “These are The Blue Moon Knights, friends of mine and the defenders of Central America. They came for me, and you must ask them to help as well. As you said, ‘some extra souls would be very useful for you’.”

“Fine them” Bielarus uttered, a bit angry “My name is Bielarus Wolfennacht. I am the leader of the Elven Resistance; our main goal is to depose the current Keisari, which means ‘Emperor’ in our language, and place someone else to reign over the northern elves. Any doubts?”

“Here!” Melchior answered with a mischievous smile. “How were you able to find Kimi?”

“Easy” Bielarus answered with same smile and voice tone. “Kimi was a Guardian once. In our society, a guardian usually is someone powerful in the military hierarchy. When he ran away from the Fortress, we could trace him using our own Shaman-stones, which I see…” She paused, looking to Anael’s necklace “…that is also your source of power. Am I right?”

“Yes, you are” Anael responded, annoyed “For Kimi, we will help you. But you guys need to tell us more about your so called ‘Resistance’.”

“Fair enough” Bielarus answered, with a smile of triumph “Follow me, then. You won’t regret this, I swear.”


The Blue Moon Knights followed the elven group to some hidden boats; after dividing themselves into groups, Bielarus’ boat showed them the way through the river, entering into the town.

Vastoria was its name. The river which was been navigated by the Knights cut the city in halves, just like Danube River with Budapest. The city walls were all white marbled, like some of the highest buildings. The city was in a tunnel which rooftop seemed to be at least 30 meters above the city. The buildings were all disposed altogether following an imaginary hexagon, which center led to a huge green marble fountain.

The streets were all made of marble rock, and were so clean that was possible to see your reflection clearly on it. There were some colorful waterfalls farther from north and east. Some trees with blue and red leaves were seen near the river’s stream. The more the Knights saw, more amazed they got.
 The city was incredibly empty; there was no one in the streets, except by them. If they could drop a needle into the ground, they would clearly hear the sound of it falling into the marble rock.

“Where are we going?” Anael asked, curious.

“To our camp” Bielarus said with caution. Then, she pointed to some blue leaf trees located on the left stream of the river. “There” She said seriously “Kaarnamouri” She said to one of the elves near her “We can stop here. It is safe, and we need to gather before striking the Fortress.”

Niin” Kaarnamouri replied, stationing the boat in an improvised seaport near the designed trees. Then Bielarus helped the Blue Moon Knights in their way into the magical trees. She used her Shaman-stone into a special place, revealing a magical vortex between the two trees.

“Walk into it.” Bielarus said without changing her expressions. “This is the only way to our headquarters. Don’t be shy, you can trust us.”

Kimi went first, followed by his brother Kaiser, Anael, Altagracia, Thalas, Melchior and Maya. The Resistance seemed very organized and even a nice place to live: they were a self-sustainable community, which produced everything they needed, especially weapons and other metal works. All of them were impressed with their training camps, camps, medical centers and blacksmiths.

Suddenly, a tall, pale blonde man approached Bielarus. The affective way she looked at him showed that they were lovers. Kimi recognized the blonde elf that caught Bielarus’ attention – his name was Cody Maverick, and he was the one Bielarus always loved and for whom she gave up of everything she once had.

“Kimi!” Said Cody with a friendly smile “Long time no see, huh? Friends of yours?” He asked, pointing to the other Blue Moon Knights.

SĂ­” Anael replied, stepping forward to meet the other elf. “I’m Elite Dragon, the leader of the Blue Moon Knights. These are Electro Archer, Elemental Alchemist, DarkStalker, Black Witch and Lotus Flower.” He said, pointing respectively to Thalas, Melchior, Kaiser, Maya and his sister Altagracia. “We came here to help you guys. What do you need from us?”

“You can rest right now” Cody said, for Bielarus’ surprise “For we won today’s battle against the Fortress’ guards. Today we can celebrate, for five dozen of souls we took away with us!”

Bielarus smiled with both happiness and proud. Her troop came back that day harmless. The couple of soldiers who were injured were rapidly treated by the local medicals and could rest safely. Anael and the others joined the Resistance’s feast. They knew that the next day their work would start. The real war was beginning…

To Be Continued…

-Weeps of a Dying Land-

When the Elven Winds howls for help… Only a miracle can save them from the imminent death…

Two months had passed since Eclipse’s defeat. Guatemala City was still rebuilding, and the ones who lost almost everything from that terrible day were being helped by international organizations and other people from Guatemala whose luck was better.

The life for the Blue Moon Knights had returned to normality; Anael and Altagracia were going to school, as usual. Thalas was still studying with them, and Melchior was doing the same as well. Kaiser and Kimi were living in Melchior’s as exchange students, and Kaiser seemed to be maturing faster than the first time he met the Central American trio.

However, the original group of heroes had received great news: Maya Altahuela, the Black Witch, had joined the group. She moved on to Guatemala City just a few days ago, and she was going to study in Melchior’s class. She entered in the team because of Thalas, who proposed her to join them after saving her life in Tenotchitlán.

That day in question, the Knights were at Thalas’ home, each on in different places: Anael was outside, sitting on a tree branch, watching some birds flying; Melchior was with Altagracia in Thalas’ particular library, teaching her how to use her magic properly; Kimi and Kaiser were at Thalas’ bedroom, reading the Sankari. Thalas was at the living room, reading The Three Musketeers of Alexander Dumas by the fireplace.

But let’s focus on the Finnish twins, Kimi and Kaiser: that’s where the interesting part lies. The twins were lying on the white marble floor, reading the book with interest. Kaiser wanted to know more about his story, since re couldn’t remember a thing, and Kimi had some doubts in his mind that he wanted to solve.

“Kimi?” Kaiser called, noticing his brother’s unusual silence. “What’s up?”

“Uh?” Kimi replied, seeming to wake up from a dream “Nothing, nothing… It’s just…” The blonde seemed afflicted by something that he couldn’t tell to his twin. “Listen…” He started, hesitant “Don’t you think that these days have been too… Ordinary?”

“Well” Kaiser started, smiling at his brother “If by ‘ordinary’ you mean ‘safe’, ‘regular’ or whatsoever, then yes, they have been ordinary enough. Why do you ask?”

“Nevermind.” Kimi replied with sadness in his countenance. “I… I’ll quit reading now. Maybe I’m just… neurotic, or something.” Kimi stood up and made his way to the bathroom next door. “I’ll be back in a second, brother. Don’t change pages, okay?”

“Okay…” Kaiser replied, even more confused than before.

The blonde with triangular stripes in his face turned his eyes to Sankari. That book was no ordinary: it contained almost everything about their race, the Northern Elves. From history to fun facts, everything was there to be read. He was looking to the page his brother once read. There was a picture of a bird which feathers were in different tones of blue. There was something grin about that bird that Kaiser was not figuring it out. Until…

 “Oh my god!” Kimi shouted from the bathroom “That cannot be! That cannot be!”

“What the hell?” Kaiser stated, hurrying to help his twin brother. “Kimi, what happened in there?!”

When Kaiser entered in the bathroom, he faced a pale, frightened Kimi, whose dreaded stare was targeting a broken mirror… and an icy blue feather. Kimi’s body was trembling, and he seemed to be stammering something incomprehensible even for Kaiser, who started to feel frightened just watching his brother collapse in front of his eyes.

“For God’s sakes, Kimi, breathe!” Kaiser asked him, putting his hands on his brother’s shoulders. “Calm down and try to tell me what the hell you done here. You are starting to scare me, and that’s not funny.”

Kimi stopped trembling and stammering, but his looks were still dreadful. Life seemed to be taken away from him, for his eyes were so lifeless. Kaiser felt even more terrified.

“It is a bad omen” Kimi said slowly, whispering. “The Fortress is in danger… I can hear the weeps of our people… The Emperor is coming for us!”

“What?” Kaiser asked, confused “Which Emperor? What are you talking about?”

“I saw him, Kai” Kimi replied, calling Kaiser by his nickname. “Throughout the mirror that I broke with my fists. I shouldn’t have done this…”

“You shouldn’t have done what? Broke the mirror?” Kaiser tried to understand his brother. “Yeah, now you’ll have to pay Thalas for this…”

“Not that, you idiot!” Kimi replied, angry. “I’m talking about the Book! I shouldn’t have taken it again, like I did before! I don’t want to see anybody punished by it, like our parents were… But these birds are a worse omen than this…”

“Meaning?” Kaiser asked, a bit more clarified.

“What the hell is this?!”

Kimi and Kaiser ran into the closest window. Anael was the one who screamed; he was watching some birds moments before he shouted. Now, he witnessed a horrifying scene: some icy-blue feathered birds tried to attack him. Luckily, these animals were frightened with ease, so Anael’s screams were enough to make them keep away from the Guatemalan. Still, their sinister looks were a bad omen. One of them, bigger and stronger than the rest, was bearing a message in its wings. A message written with fresh blood.

“What a weird day…” Kaiser reflected, lost in his thoughts. “What’s this all about, anyway?”

Kimi jumped from the window and ran into the icy birds, desperate to read the message. The other birds disappeared in front of him and Anael, turning into a mass of bloody dust. Only the bigger one was alive. 
Kimi took the bird in his hands, trying to read the message. By that time, Thalas, Maya, Melchior and Altagracia were already on the scene, even more confused than Kaiser.

“What does the message say?” Anael asked, curious “And why did these birds attempted to kill me?”

“It is a message coming from the Kingdom whence I and Kaiser came.” Kimi answered, with a grin countenance. “It says: ‘For the traitor who still lives, we have an offer to make. Join the Resistance against the Keisarim (Emperor’s, in Finnish) tyrant government, and justice will be brought for you, your brother and your people. If you refuse our offer, then it’s war.’”

When Kimi finished reading the bloody words, the bird became dust in his hands, leaving only a feather. It was his passport to the Resistance, along with the other Blue Moon Knights.

“Who wrote this?” Thalas asked.

“Bielarus!” Kimi answered, a bit terrified “Everything I know is doomed!”

“Not everything” Kaiser replied “Well, I may have finally understood: this ‘Emperor’ must be the one who ordered my execution, for the things I once done.  Whoever this ‘Bielarus’ is, she must know our story and must really hate this man to want him dead. But… How does she know about our story, veli?”

“I’ll tell you… Soon.” Kimi answered, mysteriously “Anyways, she needs our help. Beating the Emperor’s forces won’t be easy. May I count on you, guys?”

“Always” Anael responded, with a smile. “We are the Blue Moon Knights. All of us. Where is our destination, this time?”

“Finland – our homeland” Kimi replied, pointing to himself and Kaiser. “We can use our shaman-stones to create copies of us, and Maya can use her spells to do so.”

And so they did; every Blue Moon Knight created a copy of them, instructing them on how to proceed during the following days. With everything ready, the protectors of Central America left the place, hoping that nothing would happen while they were out.

To be Continued…

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