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For Those Who Read,

I hope Maya forgives me. I really do.

I spent most of these days thinking on my behavior. While listening to …And Justice For All, I thought on her a lot. What was she doing on Honduras? Was she still mad at me? Did she… miss me?

Kimi told me she called him before going to her homeland. Of course, he had do give me one of those moral charged speeches. As if he hadn’t done anything wrong in his life… But I’ll fix this situation my way. Wait and see…

Terrific news! Anael, Kaiser and I had made some major discoveries about Anael’s magical items. They seem to be in this kind of merging process, which cannot happen for the lack of energy involved on the process. I already collected some alchemy books from my home’s private library. I hope I can find something. Kaiser is helping me on my way to understand more magic. Since we became Blue Moon Knights, it is not Melchior, neither Altagracia, nor Maya the only ones who have to study magic here…

I went to this flower store to buy Maya an apology bouquet. I think lavenders are her favourite kind of flower. I hope I don’t screw up this time…

Thalas-Juán Dharalión


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