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For Those Who Read,

Saddest week ever – I don’t know why. Actually, I do, but only for a few silly things that normally wouldn’t make me sad at all. I think it all began at Maya’s, when I came to ask her the CDs. At first, everything was nice, and she gave me the CDs with a smile. If I had kept myself in silence, as I always do, nothing bad would have happened. I had to say something inappropriate to ruin with everything.

First, I asked her about something that happened in our classroom – see, there is this new guy from Panama called Sígrid ‘something’ (I didn’t pay attention on his given name) who was talking to Maya on the very first time he entered on class. I think I was reading The Hunchback of Notre Dame when something of their conversation caught my attention: he said something about dating her – or I understood this way, since the class was too loud that day.  I don’t know why that caught my attention, but it did, and I decided to tease Maya just a bit.

Then I said the nonsenses I shouldn’t, and she just applied her fatal blow: a sarcastic smile and the sentence “I think I’d definitely date him. See, he’s a nice guy indeed.” I don’t know what happened to me, but I just kept staring at her, while she smiled with triumph to me. Then, the rage came – I replied, saying that he wasn’t a nice guy; he just wanted to take advantage on her. Following, she teleported me outside her house and didn’t talk to me afterwards.

The second thing happened during my archery training. I was taking one exam and I didn’t go as well as I planned. Because of what happened between me and Maya, I couldn’t concentrate and I missed easy targets. My coach screamed at me and my uncle didn’t say a word. I came back home frustrated and sad. Why did I do the things I shouldn’t in one day? I’ll call Anael and talk to him. I really need an advice…

Thalas-Juán Dharalión


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