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For Those Who Read,

Life is being boring those days. I haven’t had any memorable day since Anael, me and the others saved Guatemala. Honestly,  I keep waiting the whole day until something nice occurs, but it seems that nothing will happen – Murphy’s Law exists and it’s working on me right now.

However, Anael has asked me to help him on some kind of a quest – he wants to discover more about his magical items, and I’ll help him. Alas, I have nothing to do.
For my joy, I got some time to practice archery as well; I was missing this – I feel great when carrying the arrow and aiming to a target. Don’t worry, I am no hunter; I practice on a proper archery range. Right now my uncle keeps knocking on my door. He is one of the things that make my life a bit upsetting. I know that I owe him my life, but he could be less invasive sometimes.

Ah, I remembered something now – I have to ask Maya if she can lend me some of her Metallica CDs. I really need to listen to some good music to find inspiration to write my first book. Wish me luck!

Thalas-Juán Dharalión


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