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Sports Journal of the Day,

I decided to take Kimi with me to San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, to solve some things. Since Altagracia needs more magical tools in order to learn her way on witchcraft, I’ll buy her some gifts on this magical store I know. Kimi said he also needed to buy stuff for him, so we’ll search for these things together.

Actually, taking Kimi with me was Kaiser’s idea. It appears that he found the PERFECT drum kit and bass, and bought them both. Nice way to gain Kimi’s trust and respect. Anael and the others followed us until we reached the airport. Next week we’ll be back; but since Altagracia was there, we had to lie about our mission: this will be a gift for her.

Even though I like this magic store which I talked about, El Salvador brings me bad memories; especially from my childhood, in which I was forced to do this ‘illusionism presentations’ to raise money for my family. I won’t talk about this, though. I won’t ruin this trip with bad memories. I’ll show Kimi the entire city. I think he’ll enjoy this little city tour…

Melchior Raven-Hayes


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