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To My Silent Friend, the Notebook,

I feel lighter now; since Jasmine went to Tegucigalpa to talk to me, I finally could say to someone what I had been feeling for a long time. She gave me some nice advices, and I finally understood what I was feeling all this time. I hope she had a great time with me and I know she will rock and roll on reggae industry. She has the voice of an angel, and even the best girls from Motown times would be jealous of Jasmine. I can feel it!

I came back to Guatemala City a day after Melchior and Kimi arrived. When I arrived home, Sígrid was the first one I saw. He said some kind things to me and apologized for his behavior – he was referring to the day Thalas freaked out. I accepted his apologies, but I said he didn’t have to do that, for he had no guilt on that matter. He smiled, gave me a book from Machado de Assis (Brazilian writer, who I think that rocks on the Literature world) called ‘Post-Mortem Memories of Bras Cubas’ (‘Memórias Póstumas de Brás Cubas’ in the original). I read it, and I loved it!

Then, Kaiser gave me a call, asking me to meet him at a park nearby. To my surprise, it wasn’t Kaiser who I found, but Thalas; I felt my face burning – don’t know if it was whether shame or anger -, but I tried to cover it up.

He seemed to hide something behind him. He gazed me with some sadness. The gloomy glow coming from his blue eyes showed me that he wanted to apologize. However, I wanted to hear the apologies from his very lips.Instead of talking, he gave me an apology… bouquet! Violet roses and lavender flowers could be seen on that decoration. Indeed, he scored some points – violet is also one of my favourite colors, and lavenders are my favourite kind of flower. He said he was sorry and he didn’t mean to cause me any harm. I hugged him so hard that I think he almost fainted on my arms. Also, I think he gave me a smile of both gratitude and happiness. 

Moreover, he bought some tickets to a concert of cover bands of famous metal bands. I won’t sleep early today.

Thalas+ Great Music = BEST NIGHT EVER

Maya Altahuela


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