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To My Silent Friend, the Notebook,

Thalas is so stupid! Can’t believe he acted so childish because of other boy! I don’t really know what’s going on his head! Sígrid is a new guy who I bumped into on my way to a bookstore just a few days ago. He apologized and started talking to me about his life on Panama and his passion on archeology and books… And we became friends.

He is a gentleman, like Thalas; he wouldn’t do something bad to me. These kinds of thoughts are not natural for Sígrid. I think Thalas should apologize, but I won’t talk to him unless he does that freely. I talked to Kimi, but he seems to be supporting Thalas. I don’t know… I may be thinking this way for being a bit hurt. I know that guys use to tease us when they see new guys with us, but he went too far on his teasing.

But Thalas is not the only reason I went to Honduras; I had to go there to search for some books about necromancy. Since Eclipse died, most of her collection got lost forever, and I used most of her pieces to study on my own when she didn’t have time to teach me. I was going to ask Melchior to come with me, but he had other plans, and I didn’t want to interfere on his trip with Kimi.

Now, some nice things: Jasmine called me! Hooray! It seems that she’s going to take a break from her reggae tours and spend some time in Honduras as vacation – and she’s coming over my place to do so! Finally, I have a closer person to talk freely about what I feel without fear. Someone who is outside the Blue Moon Knights’ friendship circle.

Maya Altahuela


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