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To My Silent Friend, the Notebook,

Thalas was talking to me some days ago asking for my Metallica CDs. Of course, I let him borrow them as long as he could return them to me in the same way I lend him. It’s not that I’m suspicious of him, but it’s a matter of precaution. Like, they are the most precious thing I own, and I’d be devastated if something happens to them – my precious things.

But that’s not the main reason I talked to Thalas that day. See, I like to hear his voice… I don’t know, since I met him I felt more curious and interested on his life. Fighting him was not enough for me. He is this kind of gentleman that became even rarer to find these days. I said that to Jasmine and Iracema, when we were the Eclipse Warriors.

How I miss them… Jasmine returned to Jamaica to live her life, and I haven’t talked to her lately. I hope I can find some time, especially to talk about Thalas to her. I wish Iracema was still alive, you know? She was this happy girl that always had some opinions to share with all of us. Even though Jasmine was the oldest among us, I felt closer to Iracema… but that does not mean I don’t like Jasmine. Not at all.

The only girl I have here to talk is Altagracia. The other ones I don’t know that much to talk about more private stuff. However, Altagracia is still too young to understand these deeper feelings for people. And that’s why I feel so lonely in Guatemala. If only Thalas knew what I’m feeling right now…

Maya Altahuela


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