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From Guatemala with Optimist,

I simply don’t get Melchior’s teaching methods. Like, Altagracia is just a child; there’s no need to be too harsh on her like he has been lately. She’s still learning how to manipulate her Shaman-Stone. Yeah, I stand up for her as long as Anael approves her title as a Blue Moon Knight and because she is a nice kid.

Now, speaking of my brother Kaiser… He seems happier and happier as the days come by. Now, he is looking for some extra activities to do. Maybe, he wants to find out more about himself and the world in which we live… That’s excellent, if you want to know.

As regarding to myself, I’m trying to find out more about me as well. The heat and humidity are still unusual for me and I’m not getting used to them as fast as I wished. I hope I can bear this lifestyle of here…

Kimi Das Vaali


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