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Traveller’s Notes, For Those Who Follow Me,

OMG, I’m so happy!

Yesterday, Melchior and Kimi finally arrived on Guatemala City. They were really pissed off at each other – they started arguing in the middle of the house when they first stepped inside. Thalas said to me not to get involved; I should ask about details later, he advised me. I watched their verbal aggression from upstairs. Later, I’d talk to one of them, at least.

On the following day, Kimi’s screams of joy woke me up. The best sound ever! He actually loved the drum kit I bought him! And you’ve got to see his face: he looked like a little child looking at something new for the first time, investigating it with a fiery curiosity. I watched the scene through the door. When he realized I was there, he ran into me and gave me a hug, saying ‘thanks for the gift’ so many times that I even lost count. But the best part of it was when he said ‘you are the best brother I could have ever asked Heaven for.’ I swear that if Melchior hasn’t shown up there, I’d have started crying on that moment. I think I’m either stupid or too sensitive to start crying for this.

Then Melchior showed up, terribly embarrassed. My brother started looking at him with triumph, waiting for some excuse coming from the red haired, and so that happened: Melchior apologized, explaining that he didn’t mean to make them lose the airplane and admitting his irresponsibility… I think my brother won his day just in the early morning.

Thalas woke up soon after, rushing to join us and listen to Melchior and Kimi’s stories about their time on San Salvador. Now, our next mission – give Altagracia her newest magical stuff! Ha, ha, can’t wait to see her face!

Kaiser Das Vaali


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