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Traveller’s Notes, For Those Who Follow Me,

Life in Guatemala rocks; I feel energized and rejuvenated all day long, for the people here are the greatest. I went out to search for some music stores in which I could buy a new bass for me and drum kits for Kimi. I’m sure he’ll like it. For me, this is a way to get his forgiveness and enhance our relationship as a family, since we are everything we have. I mean, blood-related.

Also, we are searching for a new place to live here in Ciudad of Guatemala (have I wrote this right? I’ll have to ask either Anael or Thalas to make sure), since I don’t think Thalas’ uncle will allows us to stay much longer in his house. I think he is starting to get suspicious about who we really are. Anyways, I think that, if I and my brother use some magic, everything will turn out just fine.

Moreover, Anael was talking to me yesterday about some deciphering stuff – it seems that he needs some help discovering some things about the Sapphire Sword and his newest necklace, and also requested Thalas’ help. I’ll see what I can do about this issue, but I won’t hasten with this. Right now, my quest is more in the grounds of music, if you know what I mean – my perfect bass is waiting for me somewhere on those Guatemalan shops. I’ll just have to find the right one.

Kaiser Das Vaali


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