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Dear Diary,

We did it!

Finally, I discovered something about my magical items! It seems that the inner power of my Shaman-Stone keeps growing every day. I think that even its shape is trying to change. Weird stone. Kimi and Melchior are coming back from El Salvador today; Melchior mentioned something as ‘arriving from a truck’. I hope that he does not mean that literally…

Also, I think that I can merge the two amulets I own – My necklace and the Sanctified Knight Necklace. They seem to react when are close together – but they do not have enough power to merge on their own. Kaiser brought Sankari (Hero’s Long Lost Book) to see if there’s any clue that leads us to another discovery.

Even Altagracia is helping me; she said that it worked as some kind of homework for her. Anyways, all the help I can get is very welcome and I really appreciate it. I’m glad I have these kind of friends who wouldn’t leave me alone to do this project!

Anael Moon’Seeker


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