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Dear Diary,

I had caught myself thinking on Iracema again; I simply cannot forget her death, even though Thalas tells me to do so and move on. I think I’m this kind of romantic guy, you know? That kiss she gave me… I won’t forget.

This mourning, on the way out of school, Melchior told us that he’d be going to El Salvador with Kimi – to solve some ‘things’, he said – and said she’d be going to Honduras – but she didn’t tell us why. All that I know is that Thalas simply turned around and left the place when Maya finished her speech. Sometimes, I agree with my lil’ sis when she says that we, pre-teens and teenagers are weird people, even when we try not to be.

At least I can count on Kaiser and Thalas’ help – I’m still on that deciphering project of mine. When I find something unusual, I’ll send a picture. I hope I find something, because I’m becoming a bit paranoid on this…

Anael Moon’Seeker


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