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Dear Diary,

Since Eclipse’s death, things in Guatemala are pretty better now. Excluding the fact that we have to pursuit some burglars to arrest – but that’s our job, right? -, we are living a regular life now.

My sister Altagracia seems to be even more interested in the studies of witchcraft. Melchior and Kimi are often seen here, trying to teach her new spells and other stuff which I don’t understand much. Now, I’m trying to decipher the inner powers of my Sapphire Sword and The Sanctified Knight Necklace – which Iracema gave to me. Still I didn’t get much, but Thalas is willing to help me now.

My mother still didn’t arrive home. It seems that she has too much work to take care of. I’ll have to make Altagracia sleep on time, otherwise we won’t arrive on school in time tomorrow.

Anael Moon’Seeker


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