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Dear Writing Atelier,

It seems that pre-teens are weird people. They just argue with you for stupid reasons! Like, Melchior is being pretty picky and strict to me these days, especially when Kimi is nearby. Kimi defends me from his teaching methods, and thus result in a pretty ugly fight, which my older brother comes to tear apart.

Even though he is that exigent, Melchior is a good teacher, and so is Kimi – they complement each other’s explanations, making it easier for me to understand. I like both of them very much, but I seem to be more tuned with Kaiser. We simply understand each other, and that’s the best part of our friendship – only by looking into each other’s eyes, we know what’s going on.

But I wish I had this same ability to understand Maya. She seemed too sad these days, and I simply don’t know why. She said it was a too complicated issue to me, but I disagree with her. I am her friend and I want to help her, but she has to let me do it! Doesn’t she wants to tell me the problem because it’s something that only pre-teens girls develop? I don’t know. It seems that I’ll have to investigate a bit more.

Altagracia Moon’Seeker


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