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Hello Everyone!

It is Sakura Hayes speaking,just passing by to tell you great news! Let's start:

  1. Melchior's Second Outfit is ready and posted! You can see it on The Blue Moon Knights' Versions page (heroic wardrobe xD). This is Melchior's real outfit, for which we know him as Elemental Alchemist. This version debuts on Season One's Chapter Eight. For further information, seek for the marker 1- The Legend Begins;
  2. I created an account on DeviantArt, where I'll post images (mostly) related to the Blue Moon Knights and other artwork that I possess. I'll put the link to my page there on the right column of the Blog. A page will be created here to organize some 'picture series' (sprites, specials,covers,etc.)
Stay tuned for more news!

Sakura Hayes


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