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-The Sacred Temple of the Sun-

The trio of girls came quickly to the legendary Aztec temple in the heart of the Mexican jungle. But they had a small obstacle in their way: the map itself. This object, which should guide them, was hampering their entry into the Temple.

- According to "le bagacet" - Jasmine began, fooling the map - the entrance is right here! But, I see nothing to indicate that this is the entrance!

- Look at the stairs - Iracema replied, rolling his eyes - it is they who will guide us. An existing rear entrance and I'll show you where it is.

Iracema girls led the expedition to the Temple entrance. Do not want to be seen by the Knights of the Blue Moon, and had to rush to find the Sword of Sapphire before them.


Anael Moon'Seeker, the Elite Dragon, carefully guarded the perimeter. His eyes got not only the reptilian look, but also night vision, which facilitated their immaculate perception in the darkness. Thalas, the Electro Archer, along with the alchemist of the Four Forces - Melchior - completed the vigil. They reached the temple shortly after the entry of the Knights of Eclipse and, until then believed to have come before girls.

After some time in surveillance, and convinced that there was no one nearby, Anael gave the order to the Knights to entry. Unless Anael, who could fly, they climbed the stairs cautiously, seeking some silence. If the girls were around, they did not want to be discovered by them.

The Temple was pure darkness, and Anael had to guide the group in most of the way. The building was divided into chambers, whose numbers increased as we descended to the floor. In addition, the stone passages were sometimes narrow, sometimes steep or signs of traps. Each door that appeared on the way was a new surprise; arrows appeared, flames danced to their own light, bats flew flat to heads of the boys, but none of these rooms was the Sapphire Sword. And every open door, disappointment grew.

“Kimi had to be here to guide us!” Thalas muttered, trying to keep his voice at a whisper “Hell, if we had not left ...”

“But that Kimi would not be with us” He answered Melchior, reminding them of the presence of Kaiser, which had dominated the earlier body of Kimi.

“Swish! Quiet!” Ordered Anael, signaling with his hand to be silent.

“What is it? Thalas inquired, with the bow and arrow in hand taut “Is anyone here?”

“No...Denied Anael, less stressful “I thought someone was here, but I was wrong. We have to move on!”

The feeling Anael future would show correct. In that floor, they did not check a single port. This one contained the Eclipse Warriors, who escaped from an early fight. Iracema was sent to check the distance of the boys from his hiding place.

“They are gone” Iracema whispered “And now?”

“They were faster than I thought ...” Jasmine muttered, thinking “I thought we had more time of advantage.”

“We need a plan of action” Maya intervened, serious “but ...”

“I already know that, Maya” Jasmine resumed, with the enlightened mind “and I have the solution: let's split up. We need to cover a larger area if we are to the advantage back. If you find or the Sword, or the Knights, whistling. And remember: discretion, always. Scandal in the latter case, please.”

“Okay” Iracema and Maya both agreed “Come on!”

The following three each for their part, finding passage leading to the floor. The next Knights, on the other hand, were already very close to the camera right, and united. As we approached the Sword, the voltage increased Anael.

“Are we close?” Inquired Thalas to Anael, the only one who could see the darkness that surrounded them.

” Anael He answered positively “it's as if my collar was being attracted by a force whose origin is unknown ...”

The boys came to a door that Anael pointed as the true one. That was said to be the entrance to the rooftop, and they were not alone: ​​Jasmine also came there, but was hidden behind a wall. She waited for the boys entered the room for a few minutes later; she whistle, telling the girls position.

When they entered the room, Anael was so neurotic that was about to attack their friends thinking they were one of the Warriors. The top floor was
empty, except for a door located at the end of the room. When the Elite Dragon tried to approach the door, Jasmine and the other girls burst into the room, trying to stop them picking up the sword.

The attack began with the bursts of magic Melchior and Maya were the openers of the way for physical aggression between Anael and Jasmine and the dancing arrows and spears of Thalas and Iracema. The electric powers of Anael gave him an advantage over weapons of Jasmine, until the spears Iracema hit his legs without drilling, but opened wounds on the thighs of the boy, making him uncomfortable.

With the peer exchange, Thalas and Maya now were face to face, making arrows and magical beams dance. With Melchior and Jasmine, the situation was very different: it was the battle between magic and firearms, with no end in sight.

In all these battles, they sought to keep their enemy away from the door that held the Sword of Sapphire, who called the stone of Anael. They had to defeat them, but how? If Kimi was there ...


While the fighting has followed in the depths of the Sun Temple in Tenotchtitlán, life in Guatemala remained the same. The home of Anael witnessed the sunrise as any other home, so Ms. Maria went to work; Altagracia, her restless daughter, has aroused from her pleasant sleep. The little hurried on to enter the guest room occupied by Kimi. Since the blond friend of the Guatemalans had come to the house, the girl never took her eyes off him. She had many questions to ask the pointed-ear boy.

Once there, she saw the boy still asleep; he was with his right arm out of bed, revealing a tattoo on the back of his hand. There were also some purple stains on his shins, and a bump on the forehead. Of course, he fell to the ground overnight. These and other observations made by the girl carefully generated the doubt in your mind: what happened the night before?

She approached the blonde and was very close to his face. The soft breath of the boy stroked his face, making her laugh lightly. When his laughter was a bit more noticeable, Kimi woke up and came face to face with the little sister to watch him Anael.

“Morning, Kimi!” Altagracia greeted with his usual mood “is ‘Kimi’, right?”

Niin” Kimi said, rubbing his eyes “by the way, hyvaä huomena (good morning) for you too.”

“Wow! Exclaimed the girl, holding her hand between Kimi’s “What a beautiful tattoo!”

“Huh?” Inquired the boy, not understanding “Olen? Tattoo?” He looked at his hand, viewing the unfamiliar design on his skin “How did it get here?”

In addition, to his surprise, he noticed the bruises on his shins and head, which made doubts wipe off his head: Kaiser hurt him the night before, while in possession of his body. The blond had to contain his anger and surprise, as if to say something there would reveal the identities of the Knights of the Blue Moon, and he was one of them! Altagracia could not know anything.

“Anael, be careful with the door! Do not!”

Thalas, who was screaming, tried to help his friend, who was thrown violently against the door where the Sapphire Sword was. To everyone's surprise, the door was intact, except for some chipped, which began gushing water. That room was a tank to be filled and, unless they develop gills, they would all die shortly.

However, this was the least of the worries of the six present, which continued to beat him mercilessly. Thalas away Anael Jasmine for these could get up and continue the fight.

“The door will give way!” Jasmine said with an ominous tone of voice “Give up while you still can!”

“You do not know who you are messing with!Anael answered, blocking the door “Guys, we cannot let that destroy the door!”

“Kill them! - Jasmine ordered screaming “We need that sword, no matter what has to be done to succeed!”

The trio of girls found their peers and under the bars of the music in their Latin bloods, the next six continued movement of that deadly symphony. The guarantee to obtain the Sword of Sapphire by one side was the life of another. Anael was holding the door while Thalas and Melchior were aware of the other three, but the advantage of the girls was even more apparent. Anael’s physical strength and electrostatic powers were needed on the battlefield, but he was the only one who was strong enough to deal with the door that was about to explode with such internal pressure.

The Guatemalan felt that day the same as the mythological Titan Atlas when he carried the sky on his back and shoulders. The pain was monumental, but could not leave the gates at the risk of drowning everyone. They needed the help of Kimi. Immediately. The Elite Dragon hoped that the Finn arrived in time and, if possible, with reinforcements.

To Be Continued...


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