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-The Living Sword-

The door will yield!” Anael screamed in despair “I cannot hold it any longer! You both have to get them out of here!”

“For you die alone? Never!” Thalas protested, shooting arrows against Jasmine and Iracema successively “If you go to die, we die together!”

“ I agree with the French!” Intruded Melchior, keeping Maya at a safe distance of them “We will not leave you here to die. We'll hold them here until Kimi coming ...”

“If he comes ...” Added Thalas, pessimistic.

“Hurry up, Kimi” Anael was delirious with pain “We really need your help here!”


If Kimi elven ears allowed him to hear sounds at long distances, and this visual field extends to where the Knights were, he certainly would have met them, have invented an excuse to Altagracia, one in which she would believe , and leave the house of Dona Maria swiftly, leaving the eight-year old girl alone. No, he could not do that, nor would if he could. He would not let a little girl on her own, alone in a house.

“Can I ask you a question?” The girl asked, her eyes sparkling with curiosity.

"Oh, great!" Kimi thought, feeling his body frozen inside. "What the hell she will ask me? Hopefully not ...”

“You, my hermano mayor and his friends are superheroes, are not you?” The girl asked what Kimi did not want her to ask.

The blond was not used to lie, since he had lost his family, promising to himself that he would be the most honest person he could, leaving out the truth at all. Now he found himself in a situation where he should lie, but did not know how to do it. The truth was stronger.

Niin, we are.” Kimi said, annoyed “Why?”

“You know ...” The brunette began playing with her brown curls “I always liked heroes and magic ... I have a big dream, you know? If you have power, can you accomplish it?”

“Well ...” Kimi bit his lip, thinking in the answer that she would give “What would it be?”

“Can you give me powers?” The girl asked, without hesitation, her eyes shining with excitement. “I always wanted to be a witch! It is my greatest dream! Kimi, if you can attend my request, please, please, small favor, pick up! I will not tell anyone about you guys, I swear!” The girl inflated her little cheeks in a sign of anxiety, waiting for a positive response from Kimi.

“Okay” Kimi answered with a long sigh “I do.” The Finn took a leather bag and took out a half-moon necklace replica of Anael’s. Then he handed the stone to Altagracia “This necklace will give you all the power you need, store it carefully. Anael would kill me if he saw me doing this, but I have no choice: you'll come to Mexico with me, okay? It’s your first mission as a Blue Moon Knight.”

“Yay!” The girl hummed extremely happy “Come on! Come on, my brother must be waiting for us there!”

The pair immediately teleported; in the way to the Temple of the Sun, Altagracia Kimi taught various spells and ways to use the shaman-stone. He told, too, about the special skills that he gave her. Every detail has left the girl more excited about her new double life.

However, upon reaching the entrance to the sacred place of the Aztecs, they heard a loud noise similar to an explosion. Kimi pulled the girl by the arm and in less than five minutes gone all the way to the Knights of the Blue Moon in a few hours. The intuition was guiding the pair, who faced a frightening scene when reached the last chamber.

Anael laid on the floor, with water streaming down his body. Thalas was badly wounded in the legs and trunk, trying to lift Anael and prevent him from drowning under water, coming out of where the coveted Sapphire Sword was kept .Melchior had the most difficult task: to keep the Eclipse Warriors away from the double over the waters.

Altagracia and Kimi did not know what to do, the Finn could not drop Anael's sister, and she had no such certainty about their powers, and the room was getting dangerously flooded. What would the double do to prevent the death of all?


After slipping a lot, Thalas can finally rebuild Anael, who was coughing a lot, trying to expel all the water that he swallowed. The Elite Dragon thanked his friend for help, moving away soon after.

“I have to take the sword from the chains!” Said the boy, tottering.

“I'll give you coverage!” Thalas answered with a bow in hand. “Go!”

“But” Anael began, stopping along the way “You're wounded ...”

“But I'm not dead!” Thalas answered with a touchy smile “Go ahead, I can take it!

The Dragon Elite ran without looking back to stay focused on the Sapphire Sword. It was a very beautiful object, with the cable in silver with runic carvings, which formed the design of a dragon when seen from afar, and also had a slot for some sort of gem, which, surely, was the necklace half-moon of Anael. He had a dim blue glow, and was extremely sharp, and seemed to have life of its own: the currents sometimes down, sometimes climbing, sometimes they went out to the sides, as if the sword was trying to break free from the bonds.

The boy approached the artifact, struck by her beauty. The necklace called the Sword, and the converse was true: those objects belonged to Anael, and only he could release the Guatemalan Sword Sapphire, and nobody else.

“Halt, handsome!”

Anael turned toward the voice: it was Iracema, the electric eye, which appeared there to prevent you from acquiring an Eclipse of the objects that needed so much. She had managed to fly quickly by Thales, who found himself busy with Thunder Jamaica, bravely fighting it so far.

“Hello, Iracema” Anael answered with a mischievous smile on her face “Well, I see you will be my opponent ...Have something to say before we start beating us?”

“You have beautiful eyes and a beautiful face too ...” The girl confessed, with a slight laugh “The best shall win, ‘friend’.”

“You will have the honor to meet them, my dear” he said as his face flushed slightly “To beat the best, Iracema!”

Speech was the introduction that the battle asked for. This time, Iracema out of his comfort zone and decided to confront him face to face. Despite Iracema as an adversary, Anael was being extremely careful with her because she did not want to leave too injured was enough to leave her unconscious for a time.

It was a sequence of kicks and punches from the double. None of them was willing to give up the Sapphire Sword, which moved faster and faster. The winner would get access to the most powerful weapon in the world. Each hit was blocked by a kick, kick and each was either blocked or evaded by one of them.

The battle was on an equal footing, both as Anael Iracema had median injury. But the Brazilian seemed to be suffering more with them than the Guatemalan, who wanted to end this battle as quickly as possible. He tried punch where it would hurt more, where the knockout was inevitable.

The currents were giving the Sword of the ceaseless motion, and in this point, the battle began to heat up. The sky was the limit: the impulse that could walls and wings increased the amount of injuries they acquired in their bodies. Anael was much altered since his collar every moment gave him more power. Iracema had few options: either fought or died.

Finally, the sword broke off, looking for its owner, willing to annihilate everything in its path. Anael saw the object coming toward him and, instead of receiving the sword in his chest, tearing his heart, lost altitude to hold it by cable. Iracema, in despair, returned to his comfort zone, firing all sorts of projectiles against the boy, who just broke them with his new weapon.

Iracema was a cold sweat; he was dangerously close. He stepped back, took off and flew rapidly toward Iracema, which could not escape. The sword was sharp, and Iracema’s heart was pierced by it. The body of the Eclipse Warrior crashed in the waters that came from the room. The boy landed on them, reducing the size of the magic sword, turning it into a pendant for his necklace. He closed his eyes and did as if he would faint through the waters again.

Suddenly he opened his eyes, as if waking from a nightmare. He searched the body of Iracema and after verifying where it was, he noticed the girl had been killed by him.

“No...” Regretted the boy, with the Brazilian in his arms “That was not what I had in mind ...”


To the relief of others, the water stopped rising, getting in at the waist of some. Altagracia was on the stairs, trying to escape from the waters. She was bewildered, because at some point she lost sight of Kimi and could not try to get into fights with anyone.

Then she hears a cry; it was Kimi who was dying with a huge gash on his back. To horrify Altagracia even more, something emerged from the wound: a shadow, who took human form, identical to those of Kimi, with subtle differences in his face and eyes. The boy left the body and Kimi fall into the water without worrying about his fate. Altagracia began to tremble in fear as the boy approached her.

“Who are you?!” Asked the girl, trying to muster up the courage “Do not take a further step, or I ...”

“‘I’ll attack,’ was what you thought to say?” -Replied the voice, with an evil smile “I'll introduce myself: I am Kaiser, the kaksoisveli (twin brother) of Kimi, very pleased. Now, if you please, I'll end with his life. Excuse me.”

“I will not let you come near him!” protested Altagracia, ready to fight with Kaiser “I’d ask you not to make me do anything, because it's my first day, but you left me options!”

To Be Continued…


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