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-Sankari: The Hero's Long Lost Book-

“You're sick!” Anael shouted for Jasmine while he soared toward her.

“People die every day, Anael!” Jasmine retorted with scorn “What a banal thing!”

“Honestly, you are worthless, Jasmine!” He shouted “How to justify murder as well?! The lack of scruples is something easy for you, is not it! You and your companions will pay for the atrocities you committed!”

While Anael was fighting Jasmine, Thalas waited until Iracema could be hoped in his sights. He was looking for the perfect shot, which

could overthrow the Brazilian without giving her the chance to pay back .He tensed the bow, took aim and dropped the rope. An arrow left the bow with a hoarse whistle to meet the deprecated target. Iracema, who wasn’t foolish, saw the arrow coming, and evaded it. Executed the movement, she casted a spear that, unlike Thalas, had another target in mind.

“Melchior! Thalas screamed, realizing what Iracema wanted “Get out!”

“If you have not noticed, Thalas” he replied, defending himself against magic beams launched by Maya “It’s kinda hard in here!” When he turned his face to see what it was, he had no time to defend himself: the spear struck Melchior’s shoulder, wounding him seriously. Kimi ran to prevent him to hit the ground and break his column.

“Ouch...” Muttered Melchior in pain.

“Can you move your arm?” Kimi asked, trying to examine the red-haired.

“It hurts, but I can!” Melchior said with difficulty.

The scene that developed in the eyes of Anael was the trigger of his angered alter-ego, who overlapped with his anger, and he even realized what to do next. He does not even remember that furious electrical storm that shot the three girls, each wounding in different proportions. But one of these bursts was fatal to one of the girls: Jasmine, the Jamaican Thunder. Kimi saw the fight of the girls, but Anael did not care: all were wounded, and they would lose more time by having to take care of the wounds of Jasmine. There was nothing else to do in Merida - they had to go home. It was dusk, and Anael's mother needed to know that he was fine.

María Marcella was her name. Anael inherited the mother's skin and the Indian brave heart. Since her husband's death, she tried to be the most present mother possible, even being a busy diplomat. She was a mother and worked at the Embassy of Wales, where she met the future father of her children, when he showed up to take questions on the spot. Maria was washing the dishes in the house when Anael and her friends arrived.

“You went to school early today, hijito mío” she said, knowing the child's presence on site. “How was your day?”

Bueníssimo, madre mia!” Anael said, a little surprised “Look ... The guys are here. Is that a problem if they stay over here tonight?”

“Not at all!” She spoke with a soft tone “Welcome guys. Be comfortable.”

“Thank you, Ms. Mary!” The three answered with a smile.

“Who is the blonde?” Inquired María, gazing with curiosity and Kimi, realizing that the boy was the mark of the Finnish mobile phone that he used - Nokia - decided to ask the boy's name “Mika ön nimesi?”

Minema minemi ön Kimi” the blonde answered, surprised by the knowledge of the language that Maria had.

“Welcome, Kimi.” Maria said with a smile “Relax and feel at home.”

Kiitos” Kimi thanked with a smile.

Then the boys went to Anael’s room to treat Melchior’s wound. The red-haired boy screamed in pain every time Anael try to clean the wound with antiseptic. He asked the boys what had happened after he fell wounded. They said that the girls’ retreat was unavoidable, and that it left them closer to the Sapphire Sword, but they could not have abandoned Melchior with the wound exposed. Anael wanted to reassure him, but he did not have many memories of what he had done on the battlefield; he just remembered the rescue of the Mexican kid.

“If we had the book to guide us ...” Kimi mumbled, unhappy.

“What book is this?” Thalas inquired, interrupting his reading of The Count of Montecristo. “What help could it give to us?”

“It is another device connected to the Sapphire Sword. You can say it is a guide to its obtainment and can be studied to better understand the powers of the Sword. I’ll illustrate...” He clapped his hands twice, again, to create the magical illusion. Now it was the image of the Book that was revealed to them. Kirjava ja Sankari, or Book of the Hero, as it is known by my people, contains information on many items considered legendary by my people, including the listing for the Sword of Sapphire here! I believe we can find this book ... And it will leave us closer to the Sapphire Sword!”

“Where can we find this book, Kimi?” Anael inquired impatiently “You did not mention location, or anything!”

“And you thought I'd let this information out? Ei tietenkään!” He cried, saying "of course not!" ​​In his mother tongue “I know where the Book is, do not worry!”

“So why did not you caught it before?” Thalas asked, confused.

“Eclipse was following me, just to find the book. I'm not stupid to stay with it so that she could steal it and find the Sword of Sapphire if I could not do something. I have a reputation for spoilers and as Melchior knows - he knows me well - I will not say where it is, but it will take you there.”

“Teleport?” Thalas inquired, trying to anticipate the thoughts of Kimi.

“Something like” Kimi said, frustrating Thalas and his impeccable logic deduction. “Have you heard of Circles Transmutation Transport and Energy?”

“No!” Thalas said, surprised “What is it?”

“Basically, the Ympyrä Elinvoimaa (Circle of Life Energy) is an aggregate of symbols that are arranged within an imaginary circle, and can be done in less than fifteen minutes. Watch this.”

With magic, Kimi and Melchior drew the symbols in the air, setting them on the ground, so they made a circle completed.

“Now, into the inner circle” the blonde said, pointing to a tangle of drawings thinner than the whole “Melchior, now it’s our Showtime.”

Kimi and Melchior said the famous words of teleportation, and drove on to an unknown location. But have a little surprise: Anael's sister, Altagracia, joined them without their knowledge. The vortex led to a long-abandoned elven temple in the heart of the Mexican rainforest. Despite of centuries of neglect, the Temple had splendor of the day it was built. When Kimi's father was still alive, many years before he married, he was one of the guardians of this unknown wonder, and Kimi could have access to it ever since, when he accompanied his father in working hours.

“What is this place?” Thalas inquired, astonished and amazed by the beauty of the place. It was like reliving childhood dreams, but in the case of Thalas, was like living in the world of The Lord of the Rings for a few minutes.

“Altagracia!” Anael cried when his younger sister appeared next to him “Qué está haciendo aqui, hermanita?”

“Curiosity brought me here!” Replied the clever little girl of eight years, with green eyes and dark skin like Anael, but dark hair as the mother’s and curly as the father's “You are the one who’s wrong! Fleeing from Momma's eyes, right?”

“Be still, Altagracia!” He ordered Anael, visibly angry. He was afraid that the impetuosity of his sister ended up telling the world the secret of their identities.

Meanwhile, Kimi was looking for the room where the Book was. He was reliving his childhood, his youth wonderful years with his father, when he was still alive. Finding the room was not hard to wire or surprising: everything was in place, including Kirjava Sankari. He was already within his hands on a marble basin, immersed in a fluid sometimes transparent, sometimes multicolor. The Book was not wet; however, that fluid renews it.

Kimi approached the river, looking at his reflection in the water iridescent brightness. Memories emerged: the time of the death of his father and his Mother. He was orphaned that day, which was the saddest of his life. The house was engulfed in a sea of ​​flames after Kimi had picked up the book for him to see the beautiful images that adorned the explanations available in it. Because of this incident, Kimi was banished from his community, being condemned to live together with humans, far from comfort and safety for their utopian society.

When the boy was putting his hands into the liquid to get the Book of the Hero, another phenomenon caught his attention: his eye changed in his reflection; he knew the face that was forming there, identical to his, with some stylized face. He knew that to be.

Haloo, veli” Greeted the reflection, calling him ‘brother’ “How long, no?”

“You!? Kimi exclaimed in surprise.

“Take the book, pettäjä” Awarded the reflection, with a reproachful look. “But remember, everything has a price. You know it. Do not repeat what happened before.”

En voi ...” Kimi said to himself, ‘I cannot’ in their language “I know this price is... And I fear that Anael and his friends turned out well ...”

The book was still wet on his hands trembling. He should get the book and use it? I would not be risking the lives of their friends and their families? Do not want anything to happen to them, but needed the information contained therein.

“Kimi!” Melchior shouted from afar “Where are you? Able to find?”

Niin!” Kimi said, returning to where they came “It is with me. Shall we go?”

The boys shrugged and followed the blonde to the location where the vortex left them to return home, and Kimi was the restless mind, I was afraid something bad happened to have the book in his possession. It was necessary, but its knowledge cost him the lives of his parents. Would Kimi be willing to risk it again?

To Be Continued...


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