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-When The Sapphire Sword Calls: Part Two-

While the Eclipse Warriors and their master were going to Mexico, the land of the Knights of the Blue Moon, that night, was finally at peace. The leader of the group of heroes, Anael Moon'Seeker, the Elite Dragon, was sleeping.

He was dreaming; he flew over the capital of Guatemala on a starry, quiet night in a security sweep until he runs up against an invisible wall, hitting it hard; he tries to fly in another direction, but soon finds himself trapped in an invisible cube. He tries to leave, slamming the walls, but all was in vain.

He began to gasp as the internal space of the cube decreased; he hated the lack of space and freedom, especially being in the uniform of the Elite Dragon. Finally, a blue sword appeared on the horizon, and it was pointing at the boy's heart; it took off and flew to its target.

Anael woke up screaming, thinking he heard the sound of that sword. What the heck of a dream was that? He sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed his brow with the back of his left hand, trying to understand that dream. What was that sword? And the meaning of what he saw?

The boy stood up and began walking around the house, trying to calm his body and return to sleep. His journey, however, ended quickly with the sweet sound of an instrument so beloved by Anael: the flute. He followed the sound, which originated in the fourth guest room. It was Kimi, the Finnish visitor, who was playing. He entered the room with the knowledge of the blonde, who stopped playing to listen to him.

Hyvaä Yötä, Anael.” Kimi greeted with a slight smile.

Buenas noches” Anael said, sitting in an unoccupied chair.

“Is there any problem, Anael?” Kimi asked him, a little serious “You look pale.”

“Yeah, I'm not at my best night ...” Answered Anael “I had a very bizarre dream... I was flying, and then got stuck in a cube and a blue sword tried to hit me in the heart and then...”

Anael's speech was interrupted by the sound of Kimi’s metal flute. That interruption was followed by a sudden change in the countenance of Kimi: he seemed serious, with a little anger in her eyes. Anael was surprised and somewhat scared.

“I said something I should not?” He asked, with his green eyes very wide.

“Not exactly ...” Kimi started sitting up in bed. “Sit there and listen very carefully, please. Listen...” The Finnish began, smiling a little more. “I belong to an ancient race of elves from the North, but I will speak of me later. Now, this ‘blue sword’ ... Let's see what I can explain.” He clapped his hands twice, creating a magical illusion among them that increase the image so Anael could see it. It was the same sword that had appeared in his dream, attempting to kill him. “Note carefully: this sword is the Sapphire Sword, which was created by my people and the Elves of Middle Plan long time ago. It has powers beyond your imagination, and he who is in possession of it will not only have the world's most powerful weapon, but control over humanity...”

“And where is it?” Anael inquired impatiently. “Is this what Eclipse wants? It’s this weapon?”

“Easy, Anael” Kimi answered with a nervous smile “You are very impatient. I’ll finish: Eldereth, one of our heroes, planted the artifact in Mexico to prevent more deaths as it caused.” After a moment of silence, Kimi turned off the illusion, staring the Guatemalan in the bottom of his eyes “I know what's on your mind, Anael. You want to look for the sword, right?”

“Perhaps, Kimi” - Anael answered, looking down with his eyes half closed.
“Now I have a question that you may solve. My eyes ... They have...Changed. Can you analyze them?”

“Niin” Kimi replied positively, using some appropriate ophthalmic instruments, created by his people for problems common to the human and elven races and even diseases caused by magic “Yeah...” He began, with a diagnosis already made “It seems that shaman-stone is already causing mutation in your body” He concluded, seeing the eyes of Anael taking the reptilian form.

“What does this mean for me?” Anael asked, concerned.

“This is a bad sign” Kimi replied, seriously.

“Also,” added Anael, increasing Kimi’s concerns “every time I get mad, my eyes change. Does it affect my personality?”

“Niin” Kimi said, even more serious – “And the trend is getting worse ... This stone will drain your personality and exchange it for power. You will end up losing your personality and old one will be eliminated as well as some memories related to it. Perhaps you, the Anael I talk now may cease to exist forever. Only if you abuse the power of this stone. Promise me you will not.”

“I promise” Anael answered solemnly “Now on the Sapphire Sword ... I think we will have to do a little trip to Mexico.”

The conversation between Kimi and Anael was cut short by Melchior, who had urgent news coming from Mérida. From the news channel, houses were burned, shahs of indigenous communities were brutally murdered and civilians were killed in sacrifice to some sort of satanic ritual. The blood of Thalas boiled with every word and scene revealed and so the blood of the other Knights of the Blue Moon. That night, Kimi Das Vaali officially became a Blue Moon Knight. The quartet rushed, and with a teleportation spell, went to Mexico to provide help.


The next morning, the quartet had already placed themselves in the city in different directions, seeking cover as much area as possible. All was relatively quiet until Anael receive a warning from the area covered by ​​Kimi: the Warriors of the Eclipse were attacking the city again. Melchior immediately assisted him while Anael carried Thalas by air.

The enemies were in a dragon summoned by Maya, singing and shouting happily. Until that moment, they thought the boys did not know of their location. Pure illusion: Melchior shot a beam toward the magic dragon, which was repelled by the magic shield of Maya. Thalas, who was at the top of a building a short distance away, was giving a volley of gift for Iracema, which diverted with difficulty, challenging the ability of the great Franco-Guatemalan.

Already Anael and Jasmine did not need much: brute force was enough. The closer one got to the other, more punches and kicks spun, until Jasmine got tired and started shooting at Anael, who was with armor, so he was less concerned with the bullets, but could not attack from a distance without having something to drive electricity from his body.

The battle progressed on an equal footing when Jasmine decided to put an end on the most cowardly way: she took a child on the street and threatened throwing him from a height of twenty feet, enough to kill him. Anael was furious, but did not want to risk the life of a civilian. Jasmine dropped the child to certain death, but Anael had already planned everything: He ordered Kimi to take care of Jasmine and he would take the boy to transport him safely to the family below him, who were dying inside of them.

Kimi used magic to overthrow Jasmine, who defended herself with her weapons and hiding behind the buildings. Anael managed to save the boy, but that only served to fuel his anger. He was afraid of disobeying the Finnish, but he had no option. He needed more power.

To Be Continued…


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