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-Conquering The Sun-

Altagracia knew she would end up repenting her brave words; she was very small and thin,she didn't even had a chance against Kaiser now having autonomy over his body. Still, the small Guatemalan had to save Kimi at all costs.

“Get out of my way, shorty!” Kaiser shouted, trying to hit Altagracia.

The girl returned the blows with bursts of energy, striking Kaiser, who did fall under the mantle of water, drinking large gulps it if Anael was watching that scene, would be proud of his little sister, a natural warrior. The girl strayed, kicked, punched, beat and even biting. All to protect those who performed his greatest dream. What most concerned him was the significant increase in water level, which was at the time of the girl's chest.


Meanwhile, Thalas managed to dominate the Honduran witch Maya; the franco-Guatemalan kept her imprisoned by her hair, pulling it on each escape attempt of hers. The boy asked who she was and what Eclipse wanted, and whether they were aware of their actions. Maya knew how to respond to all questions: Eclipse was said to be a great evil, and that Jasmine and Iracema hoisted under her spell, but only Maya managed to get free.

This piqued the curiosity of the boy who, by a strange impulse, promised her a place among the Blue Moon Knights in case she taught the spell to nullify the power of Eclipse. The girl, wanting to salvation, readily accepted the agreement and with a bit of his blood, water and magic, the Eclipse brand disappeared, and the Honduran lost consciousness in the arms of Thalas.

Altagracia was forced to plunge into the water surrounding her; Kaiser had surrounded her and his spear almost pierced the girls’ body. She needed to get rid of water and, with a knife, a makeshift circle of witchcraft. One thought was enough, and a knife stuck in the center of the circle: the water was sucked into a vortex, and finally Altagracia could gain traction. However, she was vulnerable to Kaiser, who was dangerously close to her. The little girl was still dizzy and could not prevent any action of Kaiser.

The blonde came up with an evil smile, raised his spear; the blade aligned to the head of Altagracia and brought it down with speed. Altagracia believed to have been killed in that instant, his life flashed before his eyes in fractions of seconds that Kimi was enough to hold the shaft of the spear, preventing Kaiser to kill the girl.

“Enough, veli!” Kimi said, imposing “Your fight is with me! Let Altagracia outside!”

“As you wish, pettäjä!” Kaiser said the traitor “Man, I waited for this day ... My revenge is a dish best eaten cold, but with a taste of food cooked on the spot!”

It was with these words Kaiser grappled his brother, hitting him hard; Kimi was not defeated, and reacted to the blows, wounding his brother. Altagracia was kneeling, looking at all: she had to do something, but both would die. However, without having yet recovered her breath, what could she do?

In another corner of the chamber, Melchior and Jasmine stopped fighting and other elders (in theory, wiser) of the two groups decided to stop to observe the facts and talk about them. With arms crossed and sitting with legs crossed, Melchior talked animatedly with Jasmine, newly released from the spell of Eclipse. She seemed very grateful, and delighted with the skill and deduction of the boy, who seemed to be very intelligent.

“We should interfere in the fighting, right?” Jasmine inquired, referring to the twins who fought each other.

“No…” Said Melchior, with a mischievous smile “They will stop beating shortly, you will see. You will find that is not the brawl that will resolve their differences, but a conversation; and who knows, a little girl may help.” He concluded, referring to Altagracia, which had already stuck in the middle of the two in order to separate them.

“Stop it!” Ordered the girl, desperate “You will not solve it that way! You seem like three year olds! Me and my brother, though he is a little hollow-head, we deal with our differences in the conversation! You are all you have; the family is left to you. Do not let it get lost!” The boys looked at the floor, clearly embarrassed “How touching! You have fifteen years! Time to act like ones!”

Kaiser, his face red with shame, he looked into the eyes of his brother. Eyes so equal to him, and both so different; for five years, his soul saved immense anger. Maybe it was time to forgive. After all, if the target merges them again, there should be some reason behind it. And Kimi was the same: his soul ached from the day that his brother had been snatched from life, leaving him without a family. Altagracia was giving them a chance to be happy again.

“Can you forgive me, veli?” Kimi inquired, with a more animated countenance. “I never wanted your death, and missed you, as well as our isä (FIN: Father) and our äiti (FIN: Mom) ...”

“Well,” Kaiser began reluctantly “it is true that I spent half of a decade planning for it ... Oh, fuck! I forgive you, veli! But I want a favor from you ...”

“What?” Kimi asked, surprised.

“Give me a knife, please.”

For a moment, Kimi thought that his brother would commit suicide, and perhaps just to have forgiven from time and in peace. Truth be told, the only death that occurred was that of Kaiser's long blond hair, which he cut, trying to look less like his twin brother. After five years in his body, dividing his mind, he wanted to have an identity that was not the shadow.

With a smile, Melchior watched happy, he, once again, the rogue in his wisdom, had been right, and Jasmine was even more delighted with the boy. The survivors withdrew from the Temple of the Sun for the funeral of Iracema, which alone would not live to see the end of it all.

Maya and Melchior conjured a beautiful casket, made of quartz, marble, pearl, and feathers of red and blue macaws, to give a touch of the deceased’s homeland. Jasmine and Anael put the deceased in the beautiful container. Thalas, Altagracia, and Kimi Kaiser dug a shallow grave. Then the Finnish twins, along with Melchior and Thalas, put the coffin into the grave, and Maya spoke about the deceased, her life and her person. One Our Father and one Hail Mary were recited by all, and, after the ritual sexton, Anael fell to playing the first handful of earth on the grave.

The Elite Dragon hesitated, despite having only known Iracema on the battlefield, eventually falling in love for her, and this farewell was too much for him, he began to cry. Altagracia helped him pull himself together and played together a handful of soil over the beautiful casket. Melchior raised the land by telekinesis and placed it on the shallow grave. Finally, erected a tombstone that read:

Iracema Silva Yanomami
* Rio Branco, Acre - Tenotchtitlán + (Ciudad de Mexico), Mexico
Determined warrior, beautiful girl, great friend
She existed, and that's what matters to us.
Vaya con Dios

The group left the place without uttering a word. Melchior conjured a dragon to take them back to Guatemala; mounted on the animal, flying over the clouds of evening, a few words were exchanged among the survivors. Anael, however, was not there; he chose to fly on his own, trying to lighten the burden of his conscience for the death of Iracema. Suddenly, as I stare at a cloud, with teary eyes, he swore he saw Iracema between them. It would be a sign? W
ould Iracema be his guardian angel?

To Be Continued...


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