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-Eclipse Strikes! First Round!-

The group of heroes was assisted by Eclipse, every moment; she was frustrated, not only for the loss of the chance to get the Book and the Sapphire Sword, also lost their maids to their enemies, Blue Moon the Knights. Again alone, would have to think of a strategy to achieve the objects of so much needed for world domination.

“Interesting ...” She uttered, with a suppressed rage “First, they steal my robes ... Then intervenes in my plans, holding my girls in Mexico ... In addition, they can get the Book and the Sword of Sapphire ... Now, even my servants decided to play on their team after the death of the valiant Iracema ...”

She walked to a corner of her room, looking for a world map. Calmly, the sorceress looked page by page until she found the one that interested her. She put the map by her crystal ball’s side, with an evil grin.

“Now it's my turn” She uttered with fierce to the crystal ball “I want to see how you feel ... She pulled out a dagger from her belt and rammed it into the world map “If you see your country be completely devastated and cannot do anything about it!”

The place where the knife was stuck represented Guatemala, along with the other Central American countries. Eclipse was willing to take revenge in the most aggressive he could. No one in Central America would be safe. They could not run or hide of the raging fury of the Dragon Tamer.


It was quite some time, and Eclipse seemed to have temporarily ceased her activities; in this period of time, Maya moved from Honduras to Guatemala because her uncles got the citizenship of that country; Jasmine returned to her hometown, Port Royale, in Jamaica, where she could devote herself to her family and justice; Kaiser and Kimi, after much discussing, decided to stay in Guatemala, for a time, as exchange students. They were living at the home of Anael, while Melchior was the home of Thalas.

Those were the best weeks of Anael’s life since he became a hero. Finally, he could act like a 13-year old boy, carefree and happy, with the only responsibility of being a student. He thus faced some criminals and gave them to Justice. But compared to Eclipse, they were nothing.

In addition, each passing day, Kaiser was more mature and worldly. Step by step, he was losing the childlike innocence that once possessed, giving rise to the mentality appropriate to his 15 years of age. Despite a rapidly maturing, part of his ingenuity was not lost, so he would not be so unrecognizable to Altagracia, whom he owed his life. If it was not for her courage, he would never have given a second chance to his brother and to his own life.

One day, however, peace would end in fact; Anael had another nightmare prophecy: that he had seen all of Guatemala devastated by natural disaster absurd. Also, people nearing death walked disoriented in a mixture of blood and ruins of the decaying city. His friends were killed right under his feet, and Central America succumbed to the flames, the floods and gales. Eclipse's voice could be heard at all times, as if she were to that orchestrated symphony of horrors. It was a sign; Eclipse was ready for her revenge. Were they prepared for it?

The emerald eyes of the Guatemalan waked up startled, his heart throbbed with the dose of adrenaline gained during sleep. He did not know when it might be, but revenge was near. He had to warn the other knights of his dream, however insane it seemed.

He descended from his network and was thoughtful, at that time, Kaiser agreed, and the odd night attitude of his friend, asked if she was OK, the guy responded, and still completed the answer, saying:

“I'm concerned, Kaiser ...” Anael spoke, hesitating “I had one of those dreams again ... This time, I have every reason in the world to think it is real.”

“Why?” Kaiser inquired, worried “You do not you think it was a prophecy, do you?”

“It is something in that style” Anael agreed, even more upset “Listen, we need to warn others!”

“Tell tomorrow at school.” Kaiser supported, with an innocent smile “We'll all be there.”

“You are looking forward to the first day of classes, aren’t you?” Inquired Anael, calming down.

Niin!” Kaiser said, happy “I'd love to know the people of Guatemala! You know, it has been quite a while since I saw other people, and since I got my life back, I can do it! You do not know how happy I am.”

“Greetings” Anael said, trying to be happy for his friend.

Kaiser withdrew from the room and returned to his; alone, Anael finally could express his sorrow. He felt very bad since the death of Iracema, and each time he had these dreams, he felt worse. He wept in silence until he could sleep. He hoped that his friends took seriously what he had to say the next day. They had to get the gravely signal too strong to be ignored.

Despite the stormy night, Anael wakes up in a good mood the next day, was walking to school with Altagracia, Kimi and Kaiser, Melchior and Thalas found at the entrance, not many words exchanged, just a greeting, and went to the room his sister to leave her.

“Can I show what I can do to my friends?” Asked the girl, referring to her powers “They will love it!”

No! No se puede hacerlo!” Anael chided softly “You'll reveal ourselves if you do. Promise me you will not do?”

“I promise ...” Muttered the girl into the room, with cheeks puffed.

After the incident Anael showed Kimi the halls of high school. Then he took him to Kaiser, saying that his age was changed so that the Finn could recover the lost years. Now, pretend that he was thirteen, his mind is still too close to five years; it was easier to reveal the age, and suffer from the lost time.

Nevertheless, Kaiser proved to be very excited about the idea of ​​knowing the people of Guatemala, how they lived and studied, learning about their culture and history, and other things more. Once entered the room, was greeted with a hail of sighs and looks feminine. The boy blushed with shame, but soon showed resourcefulness as they made friends with the class of Anael.

With each passing class, the greater the interest in Kaiser in learning. His luck was to be intelligent and quick-witted, able to absorb and understand the contents of each teacher. Occasionally, Anael offered to help the boy, who sometimes accepted, sometimes gently refused, saying they did not need.

Anael seemed more relaxed; perhaps, his dream was just the result of a paranoia .The emerald-eyed young man sighed in relief. Today, nothing would happen. Kaiser nudged him and handed him a paper, he would talk so as not to disrupt the classroom teacher.

Everything seemed to be going great when suddenly the ground begins to shake. Initially, it was a slight tremor, which led to a disastrous "growing" to blur the vision and movement impossible.

Terrified students ducked under the desks so that injuries were avoided. Since no one was watching them, Anael and Kaiser went to the windows, and fears of the indigenous were confirmed: a tornado approached in the bar of the quake. At the time of the year, the chances were nil, so there was only one explanation for this phenomenon.

“Eclipse ...” Whispered the boy, astonished “My dream ... It is becoming reality!” He turned away and stared Kaiser “We have to find Melchior, Thalas and your brother! Quick!”

Kaiser agrees and they both run from the room, hoping to find the missing members of the Blue Moon Knights.


Luckily for them, Thalas and Kimi had already seen what happened; the blonde found the missing Melchior who, until then, was playing basketball with some friends. Kimi separated from Thalas and ran against the red, very breathless.

“Kimi?” Melchior inquired, surprised at the condition of his friend.

“I myself” said the boy, panting.

“Are you dying?” Melchior inquired ironically.

“I'm on that path.Kimi said, calmer. “Why all this calm?! You did not realize what's going on?! There is a hurricane coming this way!”

“How wonderful ...Muttered Melchior at the edge of irony. “Where are Anael, Thalas and Kaiser?”

“Thalas separated from me.Kimi said, a little scared “Anael and Kaiser should be together still ...”
“In this case,” Melchior began, thinking “He will search for them. The hurricane is heading towards the city. We must save as much as possible ...!”

Melchior’s cellphone rang. It was Thalas, and was with Kaiser. The connection was very bad, since it was quite windy, preventing communication. But the key was spoken: it was their action plan.

“... You need to get everyone out of there!” Ordered Thalas, speaking louder “Kaiser and I are near the center of town! Listen: treat us to cover the wounds here!”

“Okay” Melchior nodded “Anything else?”

“Do not turn off, Melchior!" Asked Kimi, agonizing “Ask him if we can bring us Altagracia. She is a Blue Moon Knight, after all!”

Melchior bit his lip; surely, Anael would be very unhappy with the idea. Nevertheless, the red just wondered if the little girl would accompany them in the last battle against Eclipse. Thalas was also hesitant, but allowed their action, as long as they watched the girl. Hanging the phone, the pair that was still in school when they went to find Altagracia.

To Be Continued...


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