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-Kaiser, The Vengeful Twin-

The boys did not take long to return, it was still dark when they arrived at the home of Anael. While Thalas, Anael and Melchior slept, Kimi was restless in the guest room. That reflection in the waters of the sanctuary was not strange: it was his twin brother, Kaiser, long dead.

He could not believe in what his eyes saw. His twin brother had been punished by their society for eternity for the crime he committed. Kimi considered it an unjust punishment, but could not prevent; he was a legalist, stuck to the laws of his people, and not to challenge the decision of the Judges of Heaven.

He was with the Sankari Kirjava on his lap and wanting an answer to that question that would not come out of his mind, he left it on a dresser and went to bathroom, seeking for a mirror. He stood up there for a while, until his image was replaced for another one: that of his deceased brother.

The boy looked at Kimi with an evil smile; he knew that Kimi was sleepless for concern, and unsure about his future. Kimi approached the mirror, putting his right hand close to the other image in the space where his twin's hand touched his.

Kaiser.” Kimi said in a low voice. “Still remember your name?”

Niin” Kaiser answered positively “And you still remember the day I die? From the day that the law gave rise to what remained of your family?”

“I had no choice” Kimi protested, controlling the tone of his voice same way as contained the healthy anger “And you know it. Why are you bothering me?”

“I am here to ensure that your legalistic instinct will not cause the death of anyone else” Kaiser answered, controlling the tone of voice “pettäjä.” Kaiser said the last word (traitor) with disgust. That was how he felt about his twin brother.

Suddenly, the image of Kaiser disappeared, giving way to reflection in the mirror of Kimi. The blonde put her hands under the edge of the sink and leaned her head as if to cry, but a severe headache attacked him, and he missed very little to the Finnish screaming in pain.

- One of the advantages, kaksoisveli, of being a ghost - Kaiser spoke from inside the head of Kimi, with the vocative "twin brother" in their mother tongue “Is that can I get into your body and with the same ease that I have for this I can also control your mind. Since I lost my body, I want your own as a loan.”

Kimi felt so much pain and tried to fight against the command of his twin brother. However, Kaiser seemed to be stronger and gradually, Kimi was yielding to the extent that his body forced him to kneel. In the end, he eventually lost consciousness and his body fell on the floor. Kaiser took the control at the time.


In the house, hesitant steps were heard. White feet walked with difficulty toward the wooden floor. Kaiser, now in the command of Kimi’s body, slowly got used to the process of walking. He had died five years ago, which seemed eternal to Kimi's twin. He tried to lean on the wooden banister as he took his first steps in five years. He looked around with a childish curiosity; his blue eyes roamed every corner of home with delight, enjoying the novelty.

Suddenly he fell hard to the ground, because he let the railing go and, with no control of the legs, he could not keep standing. The noise was loud enough to attract the Blue Moon Knights to the living room.

“Kimi?” Anael inquired, worried, downstairs “are you okay?”

Qué hay de cena?” Thalas asked the blonde; at that moment, he did not know it was Kaiser.

Kaiser knelt to look at the trio of Central Americans who did the same with him. Although not score had spoken, they noticed the difference between Kimi and his twin: the Kaiser had no eyes shine, and his face had triangular patterns that originated in the jaw and ended near the cheekbones, and the way that most children to his brother.

Quién eres?” Asked Thalas and Anael simultaneously.

Kaiser did not respond because he did not understand their language. Melchior came to see the scene, because, somehow, he still remembered him.

“Melchior?” Kaiser asked the red-haired “Muistatko minua?” Since he had an affirmative answer to the question, he looked at whether Melchior still remembered him, asking in his mother tongue.

Niin” said Melchior “I still remember you. What are you doing with the body of Kimi?”

“Ei mitään...” Kaiser said "nothing" in Finnish, answering Melchior's question “I'm just feeling nostalgic about life, and…” Kaiser paused to see the half-moon string of Anael “A shaman-stone? This can bring me back to life! Gimme!”

“No!” Censorship Anael, away from Kaiser “This necklace is mine!”

“Gimme!” Kaiser began to get angry “I want it!”

The blonde managed to get up and pulled the collar of Anael off his neck and then quickly and awkwardly ran away from them. Thalas and Anael ordered him to return to the room, but Kaiser had other plans: finding the book, since it contained a spell that would bring him to life again.

When the boy was nearly over the guest room, Anael and Thalas pulled a rope to the height of his shin, causing him to stumble and fall again. Then, the boys tied him up and put him into a chair, while the blonde screamed all swearing that he knew in Finnish.

Vihaan sinua!” ‘I hate them’, was what Kaiser said.

Kaiser’s control over Kimi would not last long, as Melchior had found something that would keep him sealed and recessive. Basically, it was a tattoo needle and a pot of black ink, but in the hands of Melchior, these two items were perfect for what would follow.

Kaiser was trying to free himself from the ropes that kept him attached to the chair, while Melchior approached with a needle full of ink. The blonde tried to protest, but the Salvadoran was smarter, and finished the tattoo along with the screams of Kaiser. At that moment, his face was no longer the patterns and this was proof that Kimi would be back.

The boys untied and laid the Finnish in bed so that he would wake up without anything strange in the room. Then they sat on the floor of the room to decide what to do.

Back to the home of the Queen of the Dark Horizons, the Eclipse Warriors tried to recover from the wounds of the last battle. Maya was sitting on a sofa, listening to music, while Jasmine walked across the room and showered Iracema.

“Yo, little wizard!” Called Jasmine, slapping at the head of Maya “Stop listening to Metallica and listen to me!”

“Oh!” Maya muttered, almost striking the Jamaican “What is your problem?”

“No-one...” Jasmine said in a musical way, sitting next to Maya.

The two were silent for a moment. When Maya was about returning to previous activity, their faces flushed with Jasmine turned to stare at it again for the questions that could not be silent were made:

“When will it all end?” she asked Jasmine, very rosy.

“Why?” Maya replied, confused.

“Because...” Jasmine tried to answer, but the words would not come out of her throat “Why ...Oh, fuck! I know they are our enemies, which our boss does not want in our way, but ... It's unavoidable: they are all gorgeous, Maya! I like one, it is undeniable! That is why I ask!” Finally, she sighs, representing a long pause in his speech “There, I said.”

The Honduran was in silence for a time. Her golden eyes stared at the floor, walls, roof, her headphones on her lap, trying to answer the question of Jasmine without being so transparent.

“Well …” She began timidly, drumming her fingers on her lap “I also would like it to end as quickly as possible ...” - She looked at the face of Jasmine with a loving smile “There is one ... I really love him. I like him, and I wish it ended without many casualties.”

By the time Maya ended her speech, Iracema appeared in the room, calling them to their last mission: the Sun Temple in Tenotchtitlán, Mexico. The two rose from the couch and prepared for departure, and to the end.

To Be Continued…


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