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-When The Sapphire Sword Calls: Part One-

While Thalas was fighting Maya, Kimi and Melchior had finally managed to outwit Jasmine. The exhaustion mixed with sleep disturbed the vision and reflexes of the boys, but they were strong enough to try a spell of teleportation.

“Has she already gone away?” Kimi inquired, trembling and tired.

Niin” Melchior answered affirmatively “She's gone. I'll get you out ... As promised: Transportio!”


Just before Melchior could teleport the blond-haired boy, Thalas had already taken full control of the fight between him and Maya. Cornered against a wall, she had no choice but to surrender to the Blue Moon Knight, who had acquired a new uniform, thanks to his friend’s collar: a silver armor protected his torso, tied to the body by three red wires, green tight pants, brown boots and light green gloves with a green robe that reached to the floor, and an emerald bow completing his set. He had strung an arrow of light, looking right at the heart of Maya, forcing her to quit. It was then that Melchior and Kimi came into the room.

“Damn!” Muttered Melchior, coughing “I exaggerated in smoke! Kimi, are you okay?!”

Niin!” Kimi He said, coughing as well. “I'm fine!”

Until then, the pair had not seen Thalas holding the half-moon necklace and also had not seen Maya escaping swiftly. When the smoke cleared, Melchior had already assumed the worst: Thalas Anael stole the necklace for his own use, and that was an excuse for the red-haired boy to argue with Thalas.

“It is not what you are thinking, Melchior!” argued Thalas “Please do not tell ... Anael”

Alguien ha visto mi collar?”

The trio looked to an extremely pale and haggard Anael; the boy was saved from death, but was not fully recovered from near-death experience. He asked the boys about what happened while he was unconscious, and what happened to him before that. Melchior said the second part, and Thalas was forced to tell the truth: he picked up the collar so that Maya would not steal it, and he ended up gaining a new uniform by the use of the magic contained in the collar of his best friend.

Anael was very weak and, although he had managed to speak to Kimi, he felt his heart falter again: the necklace was calling for his rightful owner. Anael’s faint occurred right after, and Melchior, once again, had to save his life. Thalas ended up being reprimanded by Kimi for the use of the collar, and he decided to explain the effects of Anael’s mysterious object.

“This stone is a shaman-stone, made by the best alchemists of my people.” He started with a serious face “they are magically charged, and have almost limitless powers. However, the price to be paid for such power is the vital energy of the owner: in short, Anael just had heart attacks because of use of stone, for he is too healthy to have such problems spontaneously.”

“See what you did, Thalas?!” Censorship Melchior, with fury in his eyes “You should not have caught the necklace to use, yet it was an emergency!”

“I did not know ...” Thalas answered without arguments to his defense “but if I did nothing, Maya would have ...”

“The screw up is already done! Past is past!” Kimi intervened “Well, now, Anael is out of danger, but he would not be good to venture much. Ah, I have some gifts to you!” The blonde hands star-shaped and pearl-shaped stones-of-shaman to Melchior and Thalas, respectively. After that, he explained the risks of continued use. “Listen, do you have somewhere where I can sleep?!”

Sí” Thalas said, a little better “There is a guest room in that direction; you just have to follow that aisle. I’ll let Anael know that you will be there.

Kiitokset” Thanked Kimi, removing the site “Hyvaä Yötä, guys!”

Buenas noches ...” Thalas answered without understanding what was said by Kimi.

Melchior was in an isolated corner of the house to test the powers of the shaman-stone. The last blue robe held its original characteristics. It was Melchior's turn to get a new uniform for him. Enabling the powers contained in its star, a uniform was made for him: a blue robe with a collar that rose up over his head, a yellow and sleeveless turtleneck blouse, a pair of light blue Arabic style pants and red boots with purple details.

He was standing there, watching Thalas for a while: the black-haired boy was looking at the horizon, with a depressed countenance. It was very understandable, since almost killed his best friend. That scene made Melchior think a little about his attitude with Thalas: Hadn’t he been too harsh?


In the domains of Eclipse, where evil never rests or see the light of day, they were prepared to leave the place: another object, so powerful -or more- than the necklace of Anael had manifested its power, revealing its location: Mérida, Mexico.

“Sooo cute!” Applauded Eclipse, which witnessed the recent events in her crystal ball “One stealing from another one! It even spares me the work of doing it! Speaking of which ...” She turned her face towards the curtains that separated her quarters from those intended for her maidens “And so, girls? Can that be or is it hard enough?”

“We are leaving, Lady!” Said Iracema “Jasmine, drop it! These boots are mine!”

“Just a minute!” Said Maya to their Lady “We're leaving!”

“Chic and powerful!” Iracema declared, thrilled “What is the location?”

Mérida, Mexico.” Said Eclipse “With a short stay in Cancún ... If all goes well, of course: this will be your break time.”

“Yay!” The three exclaimed in ecstasy. “You're the best, Lady!”

“I know I am too” started Eclipse, proud “but we have to deal with business. Follow me.”

The Queen of Black Horizons revealed a passage to the heavenly trio: a vortex inside a small shrine, instructing them to enter it.

“Forward, little girls!” Eclipse ordered “We have an entire Mexico to let upside down!”

To Be Continued...


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