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-Eclipse Strikes! Final Round!-

The little witch was leaving school, desperate; she was alone and could not find any of the boys. The girl could not go beyond the halls of the school children, since the earthquake seemed to get worse every moment.

"I'm alone." She thought, crying. "They left me here ...
A mi me gustaria tener mi hermano mayor junto a mi." This last thought made the girl burst into tears, crying out loud. Their cries reached the ears supersensitive Kimi, who, without hesitation, followed the sound.

“Kimi, where you going?!” Inquired Melchior, following him.

“Altagracia!” Kimi said, quickening their pace to find the girl quickly “She is here!”

The pair managed to climb the stairs, despite the tremors do not facilitate the service, the girl ran to the boys, throwing himself into the arms of Finland's Kimi. The trio immediately left the building that collapsed, rushing to save themselves and the people of Central America.


Hurricanes and typhoons have half the city go through the air, destroying what was left of a fragile country. Many people died in the catastrophe. The few who survived were escorted by Maya Altahuela, who had struggled to not give in to their natural fear of hurricanes.

She felt her legs wobble with each powerful blast of air. The Honduran hid in basements several groups whose structures were greatly strengthened. Then the girl went to the top of a building waiting for a sign ... Waiting for a ray of hope.

Once Maya reached the roof of the tallest building in the city, Melchior and Kimi with Altagracia, came to the rendezvous point marked by Kaiser and Thalas. The quintet was quite apprehensive; there was no sign of Anael anywhere.

“So?” Kim asked, staring at his twin “What's the plan?”

“Basically” Kaiser began, reflective “the idea was to use a weapon that Eclipse eliminated altogether.” Thalas asked Kimi to hand over the Book of Heroes “Well, Thalas and I found that Eclipse has two weaknesses: Anael’s Sapphire Sword, and a lance of silver ... similar to mine and Kimi.”

“And” Melchior continued, following the line of reasoning “if Eclipse is there among the tornadoes, so we'll have to throw these spears like harpoons! Right?”

“Exactly!” Confirmed Kaiser, with an evil smile “Glad you got it in time, Melchior! We'll need his magic to increase the range of our gun toxic Thalas help us build the arbalest, we will use for the ‘target’.”

Suddenly, a blue lightning cut the black sky, and then red and blue sparks fought fiercely. For boys, there was no reasonable doubt for that phenomenon.

“Anael ...”


The Elite Dragon had minor injuries and some cracks in his armor; Eclipse seemed even more insane than usual, his eyes were white like the moon, his skin pale as a zombie, her hair was disheveled and her clothes , ragged. Although badly wounded, she was still very powerful, which gave Anael a slight drawback.

She did not cease her attack; she started throwing even more energy strikes against Anael, who evaded some of them, but was seriously hit by five in a row. He started to lose height, and Eclipse started to gain more strength. The flashes on the black stormy sky made the sorceress look even scarier. Her skin was melting, proving that she didn’t have much time of life: she was turning into a zombie, and a quite powerful one. If Anael did not think fast enough, he could lose the war right there.

Then, he decided to call his Sword to battle: the weapon had shrunken in order to fit in the Elite Dragon’s necklace. The boy took the object in his hands and, using the powers of his shaman-stone; he made the sword return to its original size and prepared himself for the final round of that endless fight.

He started soaring at Eclipse, trying to strike her with his sword. Most of his attempts were in vain, for Eclipse had enough dexterity to evade his attacks. Now was her turn and she hit him hard using all the spells she knew.

“I cannot surrender” Anael thought, ignoring the all the pain that he was feeling in that moment “Guatemala needs me. Everybody is counting on me, and I’m not this kind of person who lets other people down!”

Moments before falling on a rooftop, Anael’s wings responded to his will, and he had flown over the buildings, ready to fight Eclipse once more.


Downstairs, Thalas, Kimi and Kaiser had finished building the arbalest. Now, they were focused on the Magic Harpoons, which were Melchior’s responsibility to make. They had to run against time, for Anael’s fight was taking too long, and it could be a bad sign for everyone.

In the south entrance of the city, Altagracia and Maya were working on their plan: Maya knew that Eclipse would start rotting at any time, like it was happening at the moment, and she wanted to use that in their behalf. She called Altagracia and proposed a new spell. A very hardcore one.

“You want to do what?!” Altagracia shouted, surprised “I don’t think that I have such power to do it!”

“Come on, Lothus” Maya said, serious “You have that strength! And so do I: I won’t leave you behind, I’ll be at your side all the times. If we combine our powers, we may be able to stop those hurricanes, just like I said, and then your brother will have more air space. Got it?”

“I think so…” Altagracia sighed, worried “Let’s do it!”

The girls started the ritual that would be their salvation. Maya drew some symbols with her Honduran staff. This was a process that took more time, and they hoped that the boys would buy them more time. The spells was going to worth all the time spent to conjure it.


Above the shattered buildings of Guatemala City, Anael was still fighting, and Eclipse was showing some signs of weakness. Her skin was gray, and missing at most of her body. Now she was truly looking like a zombie, and that was the opportunity they were waiting for.

“I hate you!” Eclipse shouted, throwing power blast on Anael “I hate you since our paths were crossed! You should have all died in the first day you stole me my power sources! I hope that those hurricanes destroy every single thing you love, and I also hope that the fires I had conjured burn you up, Anael Moon’Seeker! Mark my words!”

Even though Anael had more advantage that time, he was also weak because of the injuries he had suffered until them. He used the Sapphire Sword to cast lightning bolts on Eclipse, who was hit by them, but did not die.

Eclipse used her powers to unite the two hurricanes she had conjured before. She was planning to use the wind against the Guatemalan. Anael started to feel his heart failing. His sight was becoming blurred, and he felt breathless.

“Not now, please” He begged to himself, trying to stay awake. “Please, Shaman-stone of mine, give me some time. At least, some more minutes.”


“The harpoons are done!” Melchior shouted, giving the objects to the twins “Now, which one of you has the best aiming skills? We need a shooter quickly! I think that Anael is yielding to his shaman-stone’s life drain…”

“I do” Kaiser answered, taking his position on the arbalest “I only need one harpoon. And I bet my darkened soul that I’ll give you guys a clear shot from here. Sit and watch.”

“Confident enough” Melchior complimented, with a soft smile “Well them give to us your best shot, Kaiser. And do not hit Anael, please.”

Kaiser put the harpoon onto the Arbalest and aimed. Eclipse was almost on the place that Kaiser wanted, but she could not take too long to be there, otherwise Anael would be dead.

“Come on, I need a clear shot!” Muttered Kaiser focused on his target.” Pretty please? Just one...Now!”

The harpoon soared on the skies rapidly, making a rough sound until it had stricken down its target. At the same time, Altagracia and Maya’s spell made the hurricanes vanish away, and cleansed the burning ground. Melchior had used some of their power to rebuild the city. Thalas congratulate the rookie Kaiser for his miracle shot. But what about Anael?

He was not dead, but was not quite alive. He had fallen down due to Eclipse’s final energy beam. Luckily, his armor had absorbed most of the impact, but it had lots of cracks as a result of that deadly battle. His Shaman-stone’s glow was diminishing. He was dying, and his friends didn’t have a clue on where he was lying.

He closed his eyes for a while, and started to feel lighter; he thought he was floating somewhere, because he could not see anything. Was this some kind of a purgatory? Was he already dead?

Suddenly, the black background turned itself into a beautiful rainforest. Enormous varieties of birds were flying, and he could see some animals behind the bushes. His armor disappeared from his body, and he returned to his civilian outfit. At the same time, he stopped floating and his feet touched the ground. It felt so real for him. He was in Paradise, for sure, considering the majesty of the place which surrounded him.

Anael started smiling at the birds that landed near him. They were two big macaws: one was blue, and the other was red. Their eye gaze was very familiar to him, even though that kind of bird was not Guatemalan: they were Brazilians, just like Iracema was…

“It’s time for you to come back to the living, Anael”

The voice came from a very bright spot, which Anael was struggling to see through the white light. His eyes were half closed, and some human shade started to appear in front of his eyes. That voice was extremely familiar to him: there was no doubt in his mind that Iracema was there.

“Iracema!” Anael called, trying avoiding the light to hurt his eyes “Where are we? Am I dead?”

“You are not dead, Anael” Answered Iracema, with a serious face “Not yet, but you are close of dying. This is your own Death Realm. Basically, all the things that you value most are being brought here by your mind; it is a more beautiful way to die. I’m here to prevent it.”

“Why?” Anael asked, confused “Why are you trying to save me? I am the one who was responsible for you death! I… I deserve to die. I really do; I…”

“No!” Iracema replied, with anger in her eyes “You are not responsible for what happened to me! ‘To beat the best’, remember? Handsome, I said it because I knew that death would be unavoidable for the weakest of us. You proved to be stronger than I would ever be, and I am glad that I could meet you. You were always sincere in the battlefield, never hid your true personality: you have a golden heart, and you truly deserve to live! The Blue Moon Knights need you, and it is more than time for you to come right back to them.”

“I am sorry, Iracema, for killing you” Anael replied, sad “There has never been a single day that I have not thought about that day; I wish I could do everything different…” Then, his wet eyes of sorrow turned into hopeful emeralds. “But you are right; I have to come back to them, but how?”

“Since I died” Iracema started, with a smile “I had been watching you, Anael. Instead of being your enemy, I want to be your ally from the other side. I have one artifact that will bring your agonizing body back to life: The Sanctified Knight Necklace, which I used to carry with me. It will be more powerful along with your half-moon necklace.” She approached Anael and put the necklace around his neck “When the necklace starts to shimmer in various tones of red, your soul will be heading home. I was not able to use its full powers, but maybe you can. I want to get it right, for once in my entire life. Now, go back to our planet and kick some evil asses down there, understood?”

Before Anael could give an affirmative answer, Iracema gave him a kiss, which was his first: the one that he would never forget. His brand-new necklace started to glow the way Iracema told it would do. Everything started to disappear in front of his eyes, Iracema included. He closed his eyes once more, feeling heavier than before. Life was calling him back.


“Anael, wake up!”

Hermano mayor, no me dejes sola!”

“Elite Dragon, please come back! They are safe now! All the Guatemalans are safe!”

Altagracia was weeping on her brother’s chest. Anael’s eyes started to show some spark of life again.

“He is waking up!” Kaiser shouted happily “He is back! Back from the underworld!”

Anael tried to sit, feeling some pain on his body. Altagracia started crying of happiness, and hugged her older brother with all the strength she had in her tiny arms. Thalas and Melchior helped him to stand up, and Kimi used some magic to heal him.

That day, the capital city of Guatemala was introduced to their heroes, the Blue Moon Knights, the saviors of Guatemala and Central America. From now on, the descendants on the legendary Mayans and Aztec had revamped their hopes and beliefs. Wherever there was pain and sorrow among the Central Americans, the Blue Moon Knights would vanquish once for all.

End of Season One.

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It is Sakura Hayes speaking, just passing by to tell you that I posted new stuff on this Blog. From now on, a new page exists here: The Hall of Infamy, which is nothing but a page dedicated entirely for this Blog's notorious villains.

In this First Season,this page features Eclipse and her minions Iracema, Maya and Jasmine. Take a look at it following this instructions: More Features -> The Hall of Infamy.

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-Eclipse Strikes! First Round!-

The group of heroes was assisted by Eclipse, every moment; she was frustrated, not only for the loss of the chance to get the Book and the Sapphire Sword, also lost their maids to their enemies, Blue Moon the Knights. Again alone, would have to think of a strategy to achieve the objects of so much needed for world domination.

“Interesting ...” She uttered, with a suppressed rage “First, they steal my robes ... Then intervenes in my plans, holding my girls in Mexico ... In addition, they can get the Book and the Sword of Sapphire ... Now, even my servants decided to play on their team after the death of the valiant Iracema ...”

She walked to a corner of her room, looking for a world map. Calmly, the sorceress looked page by page until she found the one that interested her. She put the map by her crystal ball’s side, with an evil grin.

“Now it's my turn” She uttered with fierce to the crystal ball “I want to see how you feel ... She pulled out a dagger from her belt and rammed it into the world map “If you see your country be completely devastated and cannot do anything about it!”

The place where the knife was stuck represented Guatemala, along with the other Central American countries. Eclipse was willing to take revenge in the most aggressive he could. No one in Central America would be safe. They could not run or hide of the raging fury of the Dragon Tamer.


It was quite some time, and Eclipse seemed to have temporarily ceased her activities; in this period of time, Maya moved from Honduras to Guatemala because her uncles got the citizenship of that country; Jasmine returned to her hometown, Port Royale, in Jamaica, where she could devote herself to her family and justice; Kaiser and Kimi, after much discussing, decided to stay in Guatemala, for a time, as exchange students. They were living at the home of Anael, while Melchior was the home of Thalas.

Those were the best weeks of Anael’s life since he became a hero. Finally, he could act like a 13-year old boy, carefree and happy, with the only responsibility of being a student. He thus faced some criminals and gave them to Justice. But compared to Eclipse, they were nothing.

In addition, each passing day, Kaiser was more mature and worldly. Step by step, he was losing the childlike innocence that once possessed, giving rise to the mentality appropriate to his 15 years of age. Despite a rapidly maturing, part of his ingenuity was not lost, so he would not be so unrecognizable to Altagracia, whom he owed his life. If it was not for her courage, he would never have given a second chance to his brother and to his own life.

One day, however, peace would end in fact; Anael had another nightmare prophecy: that he had seen all of Guatemala devastated by natural disaster absurd. Also, people nearing death walked disoriented in a mixture of blood and ruins of the decaying city. His friends were killed right under his feet, and Central America succumbed to the flames, the floods and gales. Eclipse's voice could be heard at all times, as if she were to that orchestrated symphony of horrors. It was a sign; Eclipse was ready for her revenge. Were they prepared for it?

The emerald eyes of the Guatemalan waked up startled, his heart throbbed with the dose of adrenaline gained during sleep. He did not know when it might be, but revenge was near. He had to warn the other knights of his dream, however insane it seemed.

He descended from his network and was thoughtful, at that time, Kaiser agreed, and the odd night attitude of his friend, asked if she was OK, the guy responded, and still completed the answer, saying:

“I'm concerned, Kaiser ...” Anael spoke, hesitating “I had one of those dreams again ... This time, I have every reason in the world to think it is real.”

“Why?” Kaiser inquired, worried “You do not you think it was a prophecy, do you?”

“It is something in that style” Anael agreed, even more upset “Listen, we need to warn others!”

“Tell tomorrow at school.” Kaiser supported, with an innocent smile “We'll all be there.”

“You are looking forward to the first day of classes, aren’t you?” Inquired Anael, calming down.

Niin!” Kaiser said, happy “I'd love to know the people of Guatemala! You know, it has been quite a while since I saw other people, and since I got my life back, I can do it! You do not know how happy I am.”

“Greetings” Anael said, trying to be happy for his friend.

Kaiser withdrew from the room and returned to his; alone, Anael finally could express his sorrow. He felt very bad since the death of Iracema, and each time he had these dreams, he felt worse. He wept in silence until he could sleep. He hoped that his friends took seriously what he had to say the next day. They had to get the gravely signal too strong to be ignored.

Despite the stormy night, Anael wakes up in a good mood the next day, was walking to school with Altagracia, Kimi and Kaiser, Melchior and Thalas found at the entrance, not many words exchanged, just a greeting, and went to the room his sister to leave her.

“Can I show what I can do to my friends?” Asked the girl, referring to her powers “They will love it!”

No! No se puede hacerlo!” Anael chided softly “You'll reveal ourselves if you do. Promise me you will not do?”

“I promise ...” Muttered the girl into the room, with cheeks puffed.

After the incident Anael showed Kimi the halls of high school. Then he took him to Kaiser, saying that his age was changed so that the Finn could recover the lost years. Now, pretend that he was thirteen, his mind is still too close to five years; it was easier to reveal the age, and suffer from the lost time.

Nevertheless, Kaiser proved to be very excited about the idea of ​​knowing the people of Guatemala, how they lived and studied, learning about their culture and history, and other things more. Once entered the room, was greeted with a hail of sighs and looks feminine. The boy blushed with shame, but soon showed resourcefulness as they made friends with the class of Anael.

With each passing class, the greater the interest in Kaiser in learning. His luck was to be intelligent and quick-witted, able to absorb and understand the contents of each teacher. Occasionally, Anael offered to help the boy, who sometimes accepted, sometimes gently refused, saying they did not need.

Anael seemed more relaxed; perhaps, his dream was just the result of a paranoia .The emerald-eyed young man sighed in relief. Today, nothing would happen. Kaiser nudged him and handed him a paper, he would talk so as not to disrupt the classroom teacher.

Everything seemed to be going great when suddenly the ground begins to shake. Initially, it was a slight tremor, which led to a disastrous "growing" to blur the vision and movement impossible.

Terrified students ducked under the desks so that injuries were avoided. Since no one was watching them, Anael and Kaiser went to the windows, and fears of the indigenous were confirmed: a tornado approached in the bar of the quake. At the time of the year, the chances were nil, so there was only one explanation for this phenomenon.

“Eclipse ...” Whispered the boy, astonished “My dream ... It is becoming reality!” He turned away and stared Kaiser “We have to find Melchior, Thalas and your brother! Quick!”

Kaiser agrees and they both run from the room, hoping to find the missing members of the Blue Moon Knights.


Luckily for them, Thalas and Kimi had already seen what happened; the blonde found the missing Melchior who, until then, was playing basketball with some friends. Kimi separated from Thalas and ran against the red, very breathless.

“Kimi?” Melchior inquired, surprised at the condition of his friend.

“I myself” said the boy, panting.

“Are you dying?” Melchior inquired ironically.

“I'm on that path.Kimi said, calmer. “Why all this calm?! You did not realize what's going on?! There is a hurricane coming this way!”

“How wonderful ...Muttered Melchior at the edge of irony. “Where are Anael, Thalas and Kaiser?”

“Thalas separated from me.Kimi said, a little scared “Anael and Kaiser should be together still ...”
“In this case,” Melchior began, thinking “He will search for them. The hurricane is heading towards the city. We must save as much as possible ...!”

Melchior’s cellphone rang. It was Thalas, and was with Kaiser. The connection was very bad, since it was quite windy, preventing communication. But the key was spoken: it was their action plan.

“... You need to get everyone out of there!” Ordered Thalas, speaking louder “Kaiser and I are near the center of town! Listen: treat us to cover the wounds here!”

“Okay” Melchior nodded “Anything else?”

“Do not turn off, Melchior!" Asked Kimi, agonizing “Ask him if we can bring us Altagracia. She is a Blue Moon Knight, after all!”

Melchior bit his lip; surely, Anael would be very unhappy with the idea. Nevertheless, the red just wondered if the little girl would accompany them in the last battle against Eclipse. Thalas was also hesitant, but allowed their action, as long as they watched the girl. Hanging the phone, the pair that was still in school when they went to find Altagracia.

To Be Continued...

-Conquering The Sun-

Altagracia knew she would end up repenting her brave words; she was very small and thin,she didn't even had a chance against Kaiser now having autonomy over his body. Still, the small Guatemalan had to save Kimi at all costs.

“Get out of my way, shorty!” Kaiser shouted, trying to hit Altagracia.

The girl returned the blows with bursts of energy, striking Kaiser, who did fall under the mantle of water, drinking large gulps it if Anael was watching that scene, would be proud of his little sister, a natural warrior. The girl strayed, kicked, punched, beat and even biting. All to protect those who performed his greatest dream. What most concerned him was the significant increase in water level, which was at the time of the girl's chest.


Meanwhile, Thalas managed to dominate the Honduran witch Maya; the franco-Guatemalan kept her imprisoned by her hair, pulling it on each escape attempt of hers. The boy asked who she was and what Eclipse wanted, and whether they were aware of their actions. Maya knew how to respond to all questions: Eclipse was said to be a great evil, and that Jasmine and Iracema hoisted under her spell, but only Maya managed to get free.

This piqued the curiosity of the boy who, by a strange impulse, promised her a place among the Blue Moon Knights in case she taught the spell to nullify the power of Eclipse. The girl, wanting to salvation, readily accepted the agreement and with a bit of his blood, water and magic, the Eclipse brand disappeared, and the Honduran lost consciousness in the arms of Thalas.

Altagracia was forced to plunge into the water surrounding her; Kaiser had surrounded her and his spear almost pierced the girls’ body. She needed to get rid of water and, with a knife, a makeshift circle of witchcraft. One thought was enough, and a knife stuck in the center of the circle: the water was sucked into a vortex, and finally Altagracia could gain traction. However, she was vulnerable to Kaiser, who was dangerously close to her. The little girl was still dizzy and could not prevent any action of Kaiser.

The blonde came up with an evil smile, raised his spear; the blade aligned to the head of Altagracia and brought it down with speed. Altagracia believed to have been killed in that instant, his life flashed before his eyes in fractions of seconds that Kimi was enough to hold the shaft of the spear, preventing Kaiser to kill the girl.

“Enough, veli!” Kimi said, imposing “Your fight is with me! Let Altagracia outside!”

“As you wish, pettäjä!” Kaiser said the traitor “Man, I waited for this day ... My revenge is a dish best eaten cold, but with a taste of food cooked on the spot!”

It was with these words Kaiser grappled his brother, hitting him hard; Kimi was not defeated, and reacted to the blows, wounding his brother. Altagracia was kneeling, looking at all: she had to do something, but both would die. However, without having yet recovered her breath, what could she do?

In another corner of the chamber, Melchior and Jasmine stopped fighting and other elders (in theory, wiser) of the two groups decided to stop to observe the facts and talk about them. With arms crossed and sitting with legs crossed, Melchior talked animatedly with Jasmine, newly released from the spell of Eclipse. She seemed very grateful, and delighted with the skill and deduction of the boy, who seemed to be very intelligent.

“We should interfere in the fighting, right?” Jasmine inquired, referring to the twins who fought each other.

“No…” Said Melchior, with a mischievous smile “They will stop beating shortly, you will see. You will find that is not the brawl that will resolve their differences, but a conversation; and who knows, a little girl may help.” He concluded, referring to Altagracia, which had already stuck in the middle of the two in order to separate them.

“Stop it!” Ordered the girl, desperate “You will not solve it that way! You seem like three year olds! Me and my brother, though he is a little hollow-head, we deal with our differences in the conversation! You are all you have; the family is left to you. Do not let it get lost!” The boys looked at the floor, clearly embarrassed “How touching! You have fifteen years! Time to act like ones!”

Kaiser, his face red with shame, he looked into the eyes of his brother. Eyes so equal to him, and both so different; for five years, his soul saved immense anger. Maybe it was time to forgive. After all, if the target merges them again, there should be some reason behind it. And Kimi was the same: his soul ached from the day that his brother had been snatched from life, leaving him without a family. Altagracia was giving them a chance to be happy again.

“Can you forgive me, veli?” Kimi inquired, with a more animated countenance. “I never wanted your death, and missed you, as well as our isä (FIN: Father) and our äiti (FIN: Mom) ...”

“Well,” Kaiser began reluctantly “it is true that I spent half of a decade planning for it ... Oh, fuck! I forgive you, veli! But I want a favor from you ...”

“What?” Kimi asked, surprised.

“Give me a knife, please.”

For a moment, Kimi thought that his brother would commit suicide, and perhaps just to have forgiven from time and in peace. Truth be told, the only death that occurred was that of Kaiser's long blond hair, which he cut, trying to look less like his twin brother. After five years in his body, dividing his mind, he wanted to have an identity that was not the shadow.

With a smile, Melchior watched happy, he, once again, the rogue in his wisdom, had been right, and Jasmine was even more delighted with the boy. The survivors withdrew from the Temple of the Sun for the funeral of Iracema, which alone would not live to see the end of it all.

Maya and Melchior conjured a beautiful casket, made of quartz, marble, pearl, and feathers of red and blue macaws, to give a touch of the deceased’s homeland. Jasmine and Anael put the deceased in the beautiful container. Thalas, Altagracia, and Kimi Kaiser dug a shallow grave. Then the Finnish twins, along with Melchior and Thalas, put the coffin into the grave, and Maya spoke about the deceased, her life and her person. One Our Father and one Hail Mary were recited by all, and, after the ritual sexton, Anael fell to playing the first handful of earth on the grave.

The Elite Dragon hesitated, despite having only known Iracema on the battlefield, eventually falling in love for her, and this farewell was too much for him, he began to cry. Altagracia helped him pull himself together and played together a handful of soil over the beautiful casket. Melchior raised the land by telekinesis and placed it on the shallow grave. Finally, erected a tombstone that read:

Iracema Silva Yanomami
* Rio Branco, Acre - Tenotchtitlán + (Ciudad de Mexico), Mexico
Determined warrior, beautiful girl, great friend
She existed, and that's what matters to us.
Vaya con Dios

The group left the place without uttering a word. Melchior conjured a dragon to take them back to Guatemala; mounted on the animal, flying over the clouds of evening, a few words were exchanged among the survivors. Anael, however, was not there; he chose to fly on his own, trying to lighten the burden of his conscience for the death of Iracema. Suddenly, as I stare at a cloud, with teary eyes, he swore he saw Iracema between them. It would be a sign? W
ould Iracema be his guardian angel?

To Be Continued...

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I did some updates today prior to the post of the Fourteenth chapter of the Blue Moon Knights. They are all related to the newest character, Altagracia Moon'Seeker:
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She is a pure attack of cuteness, isn't she?

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-The Living Sword-

The door will yield!” Anael screamed in despair “I cannot hold it any longer! You both have to get them out of here!”

“For you die alone? Never!” Thalas protested, shooting arrows against Jasmine and Iracema successively “If you go to die, we die together!”

“ I agree with the French!” Intruded Melchior, keeping Maya at a safe distance of them “We will not leave you here to die. We'll hold them here until Kimi coming ...”

“If he comes ...” Added Thalas, pessimistic.

“Hurry up, Kimi” Anael was delirious with pain “We really need your help here!”


If Kimi elven ears allowed him to hear sounds at long distances, and this visual field extends to where the Knights were, he certainly would have met them, have invented an excuse to Altagracia, one in which she would believe , and leave the house of Dona Maria swiftly, leaving the eight-year old girl alone. No, he could not do that, nor would if he could. He would not let a little girl on her own, alone in a house.

“Can I ask you a question?” The girl asked, her eyes sparkling with curiosity.

"Oh, great!" Kimi thought, feeling his body frozen inside. "What the hell she will ask me? Hopefully not ...”

“You, my hermano mayor and his friends are superheroes, are not you?” The girl asked what Kimi did not want her to ask.

The blond was not used to lie, since he had lost his family, promising to himself that he would be the most honest person he could, leaving out the truth at all. Now he found himself in a situation where he should lie, but did not know how to do it. The truth was stronger.

Niin, we are.” Kimi said, annoyed “Why?”

“You know ...” The brunette began playing with her brown curls “I always liked heroes and magic ... I have a big dream, you know? If you have power, can you accomplish it?”

“Well ...” Kimi bit his lip, thinking in the answer that she would give “What would it be?”

“Can you give me powers?” The girl asked, without hesitation, her eyes shining with excitement. “I always wanted to be a witch! It is my greatest dream! Kimi, if you can attend my request, please, please, small favor, pick up! I will not tell anyone about you guys, I swear!” The girl inflated her little cheeks in a sign of anxiety, waiting for a positive response from Kimi.

“Okay” Kimi answered with a long sigh “I do.” The Finn took a leather bag and took out a half-moon necklace replica of Anael’s. Then he handed the stone to Altagracia “This necklace will give you all the power you need, store it carefully. Anael would kill me if he saw me doing this, but I have no choice: you'll come to Mexico with me, okay? It’s your first mission as a Blue Moon Knight.”

“Yay!” The girl hummed extremely happy “Come on! Come on, my brother must be waiting for us there!”

The pair immediately teleported; in the way to the Temple of the Sun, Altagracia Kimi taught various spells and ways to use the shaman-stone. He told, too, about the special skills that he gave her. Every detail has left the girl more excited about her new double life.

However, upon reaching the entrance to the sacred place of the Aztecs, they heard a loud noise similar to an explosion. Kimi pulled the girl by the arm and in less than five minutes gone all the way to the Knights of the Blue Moon in a few hours. The intuition was guiding the pair, who faced a frightening scene when reached the last chamber.

Anael laid on the floor, with water streaming down his body. Thalas was badly wounded in the legs and trunk, trying to lift Anael and prevent him from drowning under water, coming out of where the coveted Sapphire Sword was kept .Melchior had the most difficult task: to keep the Eclipse Warriors away from the double over the waters.

Altagracia and Kimi did not know what to do, the Finn could not drop Anael's sister, and she had no such certainty about their powers, and the room was getting dangerously flooded. What would the double do to prevent the death of all?


After slipping a lot, Thalas can finally rebuild Anael, who was coughing a lot, trying to expel all the water that he swallowed. The Elite Dragon thanked his friend for help, moving away soon after.

“I have to take the sword from the chains!” Said the boy, tottering.

“I'll give you coverage!” Thalas answered with a bow in hand. “Go!”

“But” Anael began, stopping along the way “You're wounded ...”

“But I'm not dead!” Thalas answered with a touchy smile “Go ahead, I can take it!

The Dragon Elite ran without looking back to stay focused on the Sapphire Sword. It was a very beautiful object, with the cable in silver with runic carvings, which formed the design of a dragon when seen from afar, and also had a slot for some sort of gem, which, surely, was the necklace half-moon of Anael. He had a dim blue glow, and was extremely sharp, and seemed to have life of its own: the currents sometimes down, sometimes climbing, sometimes they went out to the sides, as if the sword was trying to break free from the bonds.

The boy approached the artifact, struck by her beauty. The necklace called the Sword, and the converse was true: those objects belonged to Anael, and only he could release the Guatemalan Sword Sapphire, and nobody else.

“Halt, handsome!”

Anael turned toward the voice: it was Iracema, the electric eye, which appeared there to prevent you from acquiring an Eclipse of the objects that needed so much. She had managed to fly quickly by Thales, who found himself busy with Thunder Jamaica, bravely fighting it so far.

“Hello, Iracema” Anael answered with a mischievous smile on her face “Well, I see you will be my opponent ...Have something to say before we start beating us?”

“You have beautiful eyes and a beautiful face too ...” The girl confessed, with a slight laugh “The best shall win, ‘friend’.”

“You will have the honor to meet them, my dear” he said as his face flushed slightly “To beat the best, Iracema!”

Speech was the introduction that the battle asked for. This time, Iracema out of his comfort zone and decided to confront him face to face. Despite Iracema as an adversary, Anael was being extremely careful with her because she did not want to leave too injured was enough to leave her unconscious for a time.

It was a sequence of kicks and punches from the double. None of them was willing to give up the Sapphire Sword, which moved faster and faster. The winner would get access to the most powerful weapon in the world. Each hit was blocked by a kick, kick and each was either blocked or evaded by one of them.

The battle was on an equal footing, both as Anael Iracema had median injury. But the Brazilian seemed to be suffering more with them than the Guatemalan, who wanted to end this battle as quickly as possible. He tried punch where it would hurt more, where the knockout was inevitable.

The currents were giving the Sword of the ceaseless motion, and in this point, the battle began to heat up. The sky was the limit: the impulse that could walls and wings increased the amount of injuries they acquired in their bodies. Anael was much altered since his collar every moment gave him more power. Iracema had few options: either fought or died.

Finally, the sword broke off, looking for its owner, willing to annihilate everything in its path. Anael saw the object coming toward him and, instead of receiving the sword in his chest, tearing his heart, lost altitude to hold it by cable. Iracema, in despair, returned to his comfort zone, firing all sorts of projectiles against the boy, who just broke them with his new weapon.

Iracema was a cold sweat; he was dangerously close. He stepped back, took off and flew rapidly toward Iracema, which could not escape. The sword was sharp, and Iracema’s heart was pierced by it. The body of the Eclipse Warrior crashed in the waters that came from the room. The boy landed on them, reducing the size of the magic sword, turning it into a pendant for his necklace. He closed his eyes and did as if he would faint through the waters again.

Suddenly he opened his eyes, as if waking from a nightmare. He searched the body of Iracema and after verifying where it was, he noticed the girl had been killed by him.

“No...” Regretted the boy, with the Brazilian in his arms “That was not what I had in mind ...”


To the relief of others, the water stopped rising, getting in at the waist of some. Altagracia was on the stairs, trying to escape from the waters. She was bewildered, because at some point she lost sight of Kimi and could not try to get into fights with anyone.

Then she hears a cry; it was Kimi who was dying with a huge gash on his back. To horrify Altagracia even more, something emerged from the wound: a shadow, who took human form, identical to those of Kimi, with subtle differences in his face and eyes. The boy left the body and Kimi fall into the water without worrying about his fate. Altagracia began to tremble in fear as the boy approached her.

“Who are you?!” Asked the girl, trying to muster up the courage “Do not take a further step, or I ...”

“‘I’ll attack,’ was what you thought to say?” -Replied the voice, with an evil smile “I'll introduce myself: I am Kaiser, the kaksoisveli (twin brother) of Kimi, very pleased. Now, if you please, I'll end with his life. Excuse me.”

“I will not let you come near him!” protested Altagracia, ready to fight with Kaiser “I’d ask you not to make me do anything, because it's my first day, but you left me options!”

To Be Continued…

-The Sacred Temple of the Sun-

The trio of girls came quickly to the legendary Aztec temple in the heart of the Mexican jungle. But they had a small obstacle in their way: the map itself. This object, which should guide them, was hampering their entry into the Temple.

- According to "le bagacet" - Jasmine began, fooling the map - the entrance is right here! But, I see nothing to indicate that this is the entrance!

- Look at the stairs - Iracema replied, rolling his eyes - it is they who will guide us. An existing rear entrance and I'll show you where it is.

Iracema girls led the expedition to the Temple entrance. Do not want to be seen by the Knights of the Blue Moon, and had to rush to find the Sword of Sapphire before them.


Anael Moon'Seeker, the Elite Dragon, carefully guarded the perimeter. His eyes got not only the reptilian look, but also night vision, which facilitated their immaculate perception in the darkness. Thalas, the Electro Archer, along with the alchemist of the Four Forces - Melchior - completed the vigil. They reached the temple shortly after the entry of the Knights of Eclipse and, until then believed to have come before girls.

After some time in surveillance, and convinced that there was no one nearby, Anael gave the order to the Knights to entry. Unless Anael, who could fly, they climbed the stairs cautiously, seeking some silence. If the girls were around, they did not want to be discovered by them.

The Temple was pure darkness, and Anael had to guide the group in most of the way. The building was divided into chambers, whose numbers increased as we descended to the floor. In addition, the stone passages were sometimes narrow, sometimes steep or signs of traps. Each door that appeared on the way was a new surprise; arrows appeared, flames danced to their own light, bats flew flat to heads of the boys, but none of these rooms was the Sapphire Sword. And every open door, disappointment grew.

“Kimi had to be here to guide us!” Thalas muttered, trying to keep his voice at a whisper “Hell, if we had not left ...”

“But that Kimi would not be with us” He answered Melchior, reminding them of the presence of Kaiser, which had dominated the earlier body of Kimi.

“Swish! Quiet!” Ordered Anael, signaling with his hand to be silent.

“What is it? Thalas inquired, with the bow and arrow in hand taut “Is anyone here?”

“No...Denied Anael, less stressful “I thought someone was here, but I was wrong. We have to move on!”

The feeling Anael future would show correct. In that floor, they did not check a single port. This one contained the Eclipse Warriors, who escaped from an early fight. Iracema was sent to check the distance of the boys from his hiding place.

“They are gone” Iracema whispered “And now?”

“They were faster than I thought ...” Jasmine muttered, thinking “I thought we had more time of advantage.”

“We need a plan of action” Maya intervened, serious “but ...”

“I already know that, Maya” Jasmine resumed, with the enlightened mind “and I have the solution: let's split up. We need to cover a larger area if we are to the advantage back. If you find or the Sword, or the Knights, whistling. And remember: discretion, always. Scandal in the latter case, please.”

“Okay” Iracema and Maya both agreed “Come on!”

The following three each for their part, finding passage leading to the floor. The next Knights, on the other hand, were already very close to the camera right, and united. As we approached the Sword, the voltage increased Anael.

“Are we close?” Inquired Thalas to Anael, the only one who could see the darkness that surrounded them.

” Anael He answered positively “it's as if my collar was being attracted by a force whose origin is unknown ...”

The boys came to a door that Anael pointed as the true one. That was said to be the entrance to the rooftop, and they were not alone: ​​Jasmine also came there, but was hidden behind a wall. She waited for the boys entered the room for a few minutes later; she whistle, telling the girls position.

When they entered the room, Anael was so neurotic that was about to attack their friends thinking they were one of the Warriors. The top floor was
empty, except for a door located at the end of the room. When the Elite Dragon tried to approach the door, Jasmine and the other girls burst into the room, trying to stop them picking up the sword.

The attack began with the bursts of magic Melchior and Maya were the openers of the way for physical aggression between Anael and Jasmine and the dancing arrows and spears of Thalas and Iracema. The electric powers of Anael gave him an advantage over weapons of Jasmine, until the spears Iracema hit his legs without drilling, but opened wounds on the thighs of the boy, making him uncomfortable.

With the peer exchange, Thalas and Maya now were face to face, making arrows and magical beams dance. With Melchior and Jasmine, the situation was very different: it was the battle between magic and firearms, with no end in sight.

In all these battles, they sought to keep their enemy away from the door that held the Sword of Sapphire, who called the stone of Anael. They had to defeat them, but how? If Kimi was there ...


While the fighting has followed in the depths of the Sun Temple in Tenotchtitlán, life in Guatemala remained the same. The home of Anael witnessed the sunrise as any other home, so Ms. Maria went to work; Altagracia, her restless daughter, has aroused from her pleasant sleep. The little hurried on to enter the guest room occupied by Kimi. Since the blond friend of the Guatemalans had come to the house, the girl never took her eyes off him. She had many questions to ask the pointed-ear boy.

Once there, she saw the boy still asleep; he was with his right arm out of bed, revealing a tattoo on the back of his hand. There were also some purple stains on his shins, and a bump on the forehead. Of course, he fell to the ground overnight. These and other observations made by the girl carefully generated the doubt in your mind: what happened the night before?

She approached the blonde and was very close to his face. The soft breath of the boy stroked his face, making her laugh lightly. When his laughter was a bit more noticeable, Kimi woke up and came face to face with the little sister to watch him Anael.

“Morning, Kimi!” Altagracia greeted with his usual mood “is ‘Kimi’, right?”

Niin” Kimi said, rubbing his eyes “by the way, hyvaä huomena (good morning) for you too.”

“Wow! Exclaimed the girl, holding her hand between Kimi’s “What a beautiful tattoo!”

“Huh?” Inquired the boy, not understanding “Olen? Tattoo?” He looked at his hand, viewing the unfamiliar design on his skin “How did it get here?”

In addition, to his surprise, he noticed the bruises on his shins and head, which made doubts wipe off his head: Kaiser hurt him the night before, while in possession of his body. The blond had to contain his anger and surprise, as if to say something there would reveal the identities of the Knights of the Blue Moon, and he was one of them! Altagracia could not know anything.

“Anael, be careful with the door! Do not!”

Thalas, who was screaming, tried to help his friend, who was thrown violently against the door where the Sapphire Sword was. To everyone's surprise, the door was intact, except for some chipped, which began gushing water. That room was a tank to be filled and, unless they develop gills, they would all die shortly.

However, this was the least of the worries of the six present, which continued to beat him mercilessly. Thalas away Anael Jasmine for these could get up and continue the fight.

“The door will give way!” Jasmine said with an ominous tone of voice “Give up while you still can!”

“You do not know who you are messing with!Anael answered, blocking the door “Guys, we cannot let that destroy the door!”

“Kill them! - Jasmine ordered screaming “We need that sword, no matter what has to be done to succeed!”

The trio of girls found their peers and under the bars of the music in their Latin bloods, the next six continued movement of that deadly symphony. The guarantee to obtain the Sword of Sapphire by one side was the life of another. Anael was holding the door while Thalas and Melchior were aware of the other three, but the advantage of the girls was even more apparent. Anael’s physical strength and electrostatic powers were needed on the battlefield, but he was the only one who was strong enough to deal with the door that was about to explode with such internal pressure.

The Guatemalan felt that day the same as the mythological Titan Atlas when he carried the sky on his back and shoulders. The pain was monumental, but could not leave the gates at the risk of drowning everyone. They needed the help of Kimi. Immediately. The Elite Dragon hoped that the Finn arrived in time and, if possible, with reinforcements.

To Be Continued...

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