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Good afternoon, everyone!

It's Sakura Hayes the one who's posting; I'm just passing by to explain some things before the first season of the Blue Moon Knights starts. Here we go:
  1. The Chapters will be posted twice a week - Every Tuesday and Friday, I'll be posting one chapter of the blue Moon Knights. The posts will be online by the afternoon (according to Brasilia's official time schedule - (GMT-03:00) );
  2. The Chapters will be organized under Markers - Well, since the story will be divided in Seasons, they'll be available at the left column of this Blog. So, you can just search for the numbers and titles of the season (e.g. 1- The legend Begins: this is the First Season);
  3. Other posts will be also Marked - Depending on the post, different Markers will be set for them, just to organize the Blog. Articles, posts related to drawings (art gallery) and whatsoever will be marked here (even nonsense posts);
  4. This Blog's Title Page will be Customized - According to each season of the Blue Moon Knights. The First Season's Title Page is on the making,and will be ready soon.
The First Season of the Blue Moon Knights will start next week, on February 7th (Tuesday). Stay tuned for more news!

Sakura Hayes


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