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-Surprise! Part One!

Anael reached the spot where his friends were, carrying with him the armors. Melchior and Thalas looked at the objects with curiosity .Rapidly, Anael explained what had happened while he was out. Thalas could not believe in what happened to his friend and Melchior, unlike Thalas, was elated and immediately took a reinforcement to analyze.

The boys wore the robes, with a childish fascination. Anael named the trio as "The Blue Moon Knights", after the color of the robes and the jewel of his necklace, without which nothing would have occurred. A will to explore this cave grew, and the boys took their bags to continue their journey. Anael’s necklace lit the way with an unusual brightness.

Soon, they found, embedded in the wall of the cave, weapons, and many were rusty, but there was a bow made of ivory and silver, which was intact and the Thalas claimed it to him. Melchior found a crystal ball and claimed it. For Anael a pair of daggers was left and although they were very dusty, they were very sharp, and could work nicely.

The exploration led to a stone wall, the cave’s boundary. Once again, Anael’s half-moon stone had the answer: there was a fit of the stone in the same format in which the necklace could be placed. After placing it properly, the stones of the wall fell, leaving an open space in the environment in which they passed.

After all passed, the wall was back to normal, closing behind them, and the noise gave way to silence. The boys followed with care. They were almost seeing a way when suddenly they heard a roar behind them.

“Beware!” shouted Thalas “Anael! Get out!”

Behind the owner of the necklace was a huge dragon. Yes! This mythological creature was now only a few meters away from Anael, and the boys had to find a way to defeat the monster before the Guatemalan emerald-eyed boy was turned into lunch.

Thalas still had some arrows in his quiver, and was keen to use them. However, the animal’s leather was too strong for his arrows, which ended up shattered. The saving task ended up on Melchior’s hands. Using his spells, he created a wall of ice with some blue gems, giving Thalas the time he needed to find a new weapon - a crossbow already equipped with many bolts – and start shooting again.

This time the bullets hit the target in the throat, annihilating it. Melchior helped Anael get up and moved on. The cave was already showing signs of leaks and the floor seemed to succumb as the trio walked by. The air was damp and the smell was very familiar to them: the smell of the forest. There was a river nearby.

Their intuition was correct: the river grew there, a few meters and seemed to disappear beyond where the light came to the cave.

“My God!” Melchior said when he saw the end of the river “It’s a waterfall! The cave ends here! We climbed the mountain!”

The three were standing right on the edge of the waterfall, not knowing what to do. How would they climb down without risking their lives? Once again, the cleverness of Melchior surprised the Guatemalans: the boy built surfboards with wood found in the cave. The boards were dry enough to not sink beneath the waters. Melchior rapidly threw himself towards the waterfall, followed by Anael and Thalas.

What they saw next was a mess of waters, each following its course. The boys tried to stand on the boards, but the water didn’t allowed them to have such bounce .The river was getting closer and with it, the end of the whirlwind.

At the end of the waterfall, the boys were washed away. It was so strong that the three sank .Melchior tried rise to the surface, even knowing that it would be an impossible task, since the waterfall was pushing them increasingly to the bottom of the river. He called for another spell, taking some white jewelry from his pocket, which was also bewitched. Using only his thoughts, he made the jewelry increase in size until they became bubbles, and he also commanded them to put Anael and Thalas inside of them. Another command of Melchior was making the bubbles arise, making possible for the Guatemalans to reach the surface. The objects carried them to the shore, disappearing soon after.

The boys were coughing a lot, expelling water intake; when Melchior came to the edge, he helped them to raise and recover their breath. After that, the feeling of worry was replaced by sudden joy: they had managed to cut a large part of the way, arriving at the Temple of Tikal before all and breaking a record: in less than three days! They rushed to get there.

The way was much simpler than the path they used to reach the location; the terrain was flatter, and the trees were not blocking the available tracks. Their arrival was quick, lasting about ten minutes. Some instructors were friendly, and directed the boys to a room outside the Temple.

The boys lay on the mattress and slept. The worst was over, they thought. They barely knew that the torment had just begun ...

To Be Continued...


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