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- The Dragon Awakes! Moon'Seeker's Weakness!-

Anael turned around to face the charge of machinations that culminated in the death of his friend; Iracema stared at him with a cynical smile. For her, everything was going as planned: the Guatemalan boy was wearing the robe and the coveted half- moon necklace .His feeling were a mixture of sadness and anger. Emilio should not have paid with his life for a commitment that Anael and his friends assumed.

“Give me your robe and collar that I won’t harm you” ordered Iracema, with superb “I do not want you to end up dying, let's end this useless struggle.”

Anael stayed a few seconds without answering; Iracema was staring him with her uncovered eye. The Brazilian saw the fury with which the boy gazed her; he was very serious, and his countenance became even more threatening, and Iracema felt a shiver up her spine.

“Whether the collar”? He spoke in a threatening tone “Come get it!” He roared through his teeth, ready to move on the girl.

Iracema used magic against him, charging spears of silver and throwing them against the Guatemalan, which diverted from them. He took a spear and went to the top of Iracema, ready to defeat her there. However, the weapons were only obedient to their owner and disappeared every time the boy tried to hurt the Brazilian, disarming him. Taking advantage of the loopholes, Iracema hit the boy countless times with bursts of magic, which only didn’t kill the boy because of the robe, which was protecting him.

Both want to call that fight, and once again Iracema had the advantage: She invoked a dragon to her aid, putting Anael into serious trouble, if Iracema could not kill him, the huge reptile in front of him surely would. ‘There was not much to do’, he thought. Iracema extended her left arm in his direction, ready to cast the fatal spell. The boy closed his eyes in an attitude of withdrawal.

“This is the end, Anael!” Iracema declared, throwing the magic bullet against him, sure that she would kill him and could finally take the items she wanted so badly “but what ...?”

Iracema could not believe what she had witnessed: the blast was dissipated, and Anael was unhurt. The boy also had two surprises when you open your eyes: he was not just alive, but his robe had been turned into an armor that resembled the scales of a dragon in it, with bat wings and a visor that gave Anael reptilian eyes; all these events were work of his half-moon necklace, which reacted with the robe, preventing the death of the Blue Moon Knight.

He discovered, too, that he had electrical power, and now was on an equal footing to fight Iracema. Being able to rely on his physical strength, he prevented the dragon from swallowing him, keeping the open maw of the beast with only the strength of his arms and thighs. He released one of his arms, carrying it with static electricity and mercilessly stuck his hand in the roof of the mouth of the dragon, destroying it. Now was the time of Iracema to be released to her own fate.

The girl fell when the dragon died and disappeared in a curtain of purple smoke. The dark outlines of Anael were visible, inspiring more terror in the girl. She gave up her plans and created a vortex to escape she was still alive.

“I'll return, Knight!” She roared, looking for some courage that was left in her soul “Mark my words: you may have won the battle but didn’t win the war! I'll come back and, next, you're dead!”

Anael could not stop it, but at least the robe and the necklace were still under his possession. Unfortunately, he would have to deliver the body of Emilio to his mother. Poor woman, she did not deserve such pain. Suddenly, he felt his body turning; he was getting dizzy, but he had to take the body of Emilio away before police arrived. When he took flight, already with Emilio's body in his arms, the police were already arriving on site.

He placed the body in the back of the house, and quickly invented a cause of death for him, said that the boy had the misfortune of going through a shooting and a stray bullet killed him. He said, too, that the Elite Dragon, a Blue Moon Knight, had managed to rescue the body to be buried as it should.

‘Elite Dragon’. This was the code name Anael gave to himself, and it was very appropriate. He liked these mythical beings and always dreamed of owning one as a pet. His head was still spinning, and he flew with difficulty and felt his heart beating irregularly. He awkwardly entered in the back of the house, while in civilian clothes; he was nearly fainting when his friends saw him. His heart was faltering.

“Anael?!”Melchior exclaimed, surprised at the poor appearance of his friend.

Qué pasa?”Inquired Thalas also concerned “Cuentanos!”

Mi corazón ...” He stammered, fainting soon after.

They rushed to support Anael, who was having a heart attack on the spot. Thalas did not know what to do, and Melchior tried to heal the heart of Anael overloaded with magic, but nothing seemed to have any effect. At the height of the situation, their phone rang, and Thalas had to attend.

“We are los Caballeros de La Luna Azul, what’s your situation?” Thalas attended; his face became seriously confused as the person on the other side spoke. “Melchior, do you have a Google Translator Service at hand?”

“No, why?” Melchior inquired, surprised by the question he made.

“There's a guy speaking a strange language here” Thalas said, extremely confused “He speaks nonsense .I only know that it's for you because he spoke your name, and he is starting to scream in my ear.”

- “Pass to me.” - Melchior spoke, without diverting their attention from the unconscious Anael – “I already know who he is”. Thalas put the phone in the ear of Melchior in order to facilitate his life “Haloo, Kimi ¹?
Mikä hätänä ²? Mita?! Tulossa Olen, seiso ³!” Melchior spoke that language, and then asked Thalas to turn off the telephone. Faster than anything, the red-haired man was preparing to leave the site when questioned him Thalas.

“What the hell of language is that?!” Inquired the confused Franco-Guatemalan “Since when you speak that language? Who is Kimi? Where are you going?! And Anael...?”

“Easy, Thalas” answered Melchior, trying to calm him down “Everything’s going to be okay. First, ‘such language’ is Finnish. Second, I think I can speak that language as long as I remember - do not ask me how I learned. Third, Kimi is an old acquaintance of mine and, apparently, is in big trouble. Fourth, I’ll go to his homeland, Finland, more precisely Helsinki, the Finnish capital. Last but not least: Anael will be well, the point is that your body is electrically charged, and that energy has seriously affected the body of it, so do not use a defibrillator. I managed to conjure up a sort of "artificial heart" for him and will keep it alive until I come, or until your heart beating normally again, I left a few jewels magically charged near him. In case that the artificial heart to stop working, simply insert the jewelry.”

“Yeah, I understand” Thalas said, a little bewildered with so much information to be absorbed “but when will you come back?”

“Do not wait” said Melchior subjectively “I will return as soon as possible. Soon, you know Kimi ...”

Melchior disappeared into a vortex created by him, leaving Anael with Thalas. The boy with the black hair and saffer eyes stood by alone, watching his friend breathe. His artificial heart, invisible to everyone who does not use magic, was operating as well. He hoped that Melchior would return in time.

It was not long for Thalas to hear an unusual noise in the room. He turned around to check, and found a huge cobra around his leg, about to bite him. He threw a stone at its head in order to remove it. This served to irritate the animal, which, surprising Thalas, became one of his enemies: Maya, also known as Black Witch.

Buenas noches, Thalas” said the girl, with an air of mystery.

“I should have known” Thalas replied, with a serious face “You would not give up on us so easily.”

To Be Continued…


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