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-Finnish Heart

In Helsinki,in the humblest and most isolated port of the main city, there was an asleep boy on the boards of the pier. He was very white, with straight, shoulder-length blond hair. He was wearing tight black shorts, revealing strong thighs, white boots, at the time of the calf, and a gray sweater, at the time of the chest with a blue detail passing center and surrounding the end of the blouse, which was sleeveless, revealing strong shoulders and arms .One gold belt tied a blanket on his body, which length reached his ankles .His eyes were closed but when opened, they were beautiful light blue eyes.

The Baltic winds blow on the boy's body, trying to awake him. The boy woke up, getting on the boards where he knelt before sleeping peacefully. He was Kimi Das Vaali, the guy that Melchior was looking for at that time. He stood up, grabbing their weapons and left the place. He carried a halberd, a spear with two blades - one normal and one shaped like a crescent moon - light and easy handling. He was being followed by Eclipse, who ordered one of her servants to go to Finland in order to capture Kimi.

The boy had to wait for the arrival of Melchior to leave the dock, but he was afraid that the Eclipse Warrior would find him, even though she had been foiled a few hours ago by the Finnish man, she would not be too far away .The cold weather was draining his fear and the fatigue he felt as well: it was not the first time he fainted from exhaustion since Eclipse’s servant was sent in his pursuit.

Its concentration in the environment was abruptly interrupted by a ringing in his shoulder. His instincts made him pull out the gun, but his mind did slow down his arms to see that Melchior was one who had touched him.

“Hyvää Yötä, Kimi” greeted Melchior, saying "Good evening" to him in Finnish “Miten menee?” He asked, saying "how are you?" in the same language in a jesting tone, for he was aware of the persecution that the blonde was suffering.

Olen kunnossa, kiitos kysymästä” - Kimi answered, saying "I'm fine, thanks for asking" “Okei, nyt täältä pois!” He added, saying "Okay, let's get out of here!"


The pair turned, facing Jasmine the Jamaican, who was not pleased: the persecution lasted hours, she complained, and the corners were also a pain to go across. She was sleepy, and very irritated. Despite to know just a little about her, Melchior knew it was a bad sign.

“Auta minua, Melchior!” Kimi begged, saying "Help me" in his mother tongue. “Älä anna hänen minua kiinni!” He added, saying "Do not let her get me."

“Stay calm, Kimi” Melchior spoke, staring at Jasmine “I will not leave you. Jasmine, get some sleep ... you are sleepless and not want to fight you now. Truce? Only today?”

“Look,” She began yawning “it's very gentlemanly of you, but I pass. I need that boy, now! And you will not stop me, do not even try!”

The girl did not use weapons; at that time, the service would be made on the basis of brute force. She just ran towards the boys, who were running and screaming through the deserted streets of Helsinki .Even though the situation was critical, Kimi did not lose the opportunity to make fun of Melchior, suggesting a certain involvement with the Jamaican, which generated several "shut ups" from Melchior.


While Melchior and Kimi ran for their lives in Northern Europe, Thalas was facing a very dangerous situation. Maya wanted the necklace crescent of Anael by any means necessary and would not go away until she had it.

“I want the necklace” she ordered “and now. If I were you, I would not be in my way. Give me the necklace.”

Thalas had no choice but to use the power of the necklace in his behalf; he had some daggers in his pockets. Rapidly, he threw them against the Maya, who had no way to defend herself besides crouching, letting the objects stuck on the walls. Thalas did not give up and continued to fire against the Honduran that gradually began to feel afraid of the Franco-Guatemalan. Fortunately for Thales, one of his daggers had just hit Maya's thigh, giving you time to grab a robe and collar Anael, which would use to stop the girl before him.

To Be Continued...


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