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-The Legend Begins-

When Guatemala is in danger, they are the “hombres fuertes” to be called ... They are The Blue Moon knights, willing to protect all Guatemalans and Latin Americans who need them ...

Anael Moon’Seeker was a young man like many others, went out with friends, enjoying himself, was cheerful and very gentle. He liked to study and took care of her sister, Altagracia, with much care and sought to help his mother whenever possible. He had an orange star-shaped hair, copper-skinned like an Indian and green eyes. Many girls considered him handsome, and this kind of compliment made his face redden every time he heard them talking about him.

For all his joy, great sorrow was hidden in his countenance: his father died eight years ago, a victim of the monster who always fought every day: fire. Anael’s father was one of the best firefighters in the capital of Guatemala and his death was felt by many beyond his own family.

The boy of thirteen, after the death of the patriarch, became the man of the house and therefore had to be as strong as his mother, especially when his sister asked him about her late father, who she never met. Since this event, it was harder for Anael to cry, even being a sensitive person.

He was asleep, preparing himself to a great event sponsored by his school, which was in the military: a test of survival in the jungles of Tikal, ancient Mayan site full of danger. They would be divided into groups and the ultimate goal - the Temple in the center of the forest - should be achieved by the group, validating their victory.

His sleep, however, was far from tranquil: he had some nightmares. There was a voice calling him to the danger, lightning striking in its direction, and he felt the ground shake. Some rays hit the ground at his feet with such force that shattered it, and Guatemalan felt in the air, falling, while the rays continued to follow him to ensure his death.

“Help ... Help!” Anael stammered, trying to get rid of the dream “I do not want to die! ... No!” He finally awakens and cries, breathless .His heart was pounding and his eyes were still getting used to the low light of your room.

The boy looked at his watch: it was four thirty in the morning, and he had to groom himself .He searched for clothes which he arranged the day before, and changed his outfit rapidly. He sat on his bed, trying to get used to the poor light in the place. Then, he recognized the room: he was the guest room of the house of his best friend. He didn’t sleep at home because he was invited to sleep in the house of another, as it was closer to the beginning of the trip.

Anael's best friend was Thalas-Juán Dharalión, a young man with white skin, black hair, blue eyes and loner by nature. He had dual citizenship and rich relatives, and since childhood, I was ill-regarded by his colleagues, except Anael, who understood very well the pain of having a reality of life very different from the others.

With the backpack, Anael descended the staircase leading into the living room, where Thalas was waiting for him, reading The Count of Montecristo, his favorite book. Reading while listening to his friend’s steps, the Franco-Guatemalan looked at him with the corner of his eye, smiling a little to see him awake and willing.

“Bonjour, Anael” greeted Thalas, marking the page of the book to close it. “Are you ready?” He inquired, rising with the backpack.

“Maybe...” Anael said, rubbing his left eye, still sleepy. “What about the map?”

“I have it.” Thalas said, with the piece of paper in his hand. “Well, according to the way I drew, hopefully, we may arrive at Tikal in five days.”

“A five-day trip?” Anael inquired, incredulous. “Are you sure?”

“Absolutely.” Thalas said, opening the gate of the house. “But we have to be fast and lucky. Very lucky.”

The boys leave the beautiful house and moved toward the school .When they arrived, some trucks were waiting for them: they weren’t walking any distance from the capital of Tikal, which was a great relief to them. However, this meant that they would be far from civilization in a few hours.

Teachers asked Anael and Thalas to climb into the truck before it left. The boys obeyed, and sat near a guy who they had never seen. He was red-haired, with Indian features like theirs and black eyes. Also, he had a strong-typed body, like them. The boy watched from the corner of the eyes, smiled and said:

Yo soy Melchior. Quiénes son ustedes?

“Anael” said the emerald-eyed boy “y el es Thalas” Anael pointed to the white guy near him.

Melchior smiled slightly to both. Although Anael were found to be very friendly with the red-haired young man, his smile raised a suspicion on Thalas. Could they trust him? The truck went his way along the paved road, bumping a lot. The trio would face the major task of their lives...

To Be Continued...


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