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-Surprise! Part Two! -

In peace, at last. The kids were asleep, with their robes hidden from view of any other. Outside of their bedrooms, the noise increased, announcing the arrival of another site. Melchior, who had a lighter sleep, just woke up, bothered by such noise. The Salvadoran left the room only to bump into a girl that looked different; malicious and menacing.

The girl was dark-skinned with dark blue eyes, curly black hair which was at the height of her shoulders, a strong body and height similar to that of Melchior. The red-haired stepped back, bumping the door he had left, slightly frightened .That girl smiled slightly and collapses, causing an embarrassment for the boy.

- Cuál es su nombre? - She asked him with a strong accent that did not belong to any Central American natives who spoke Spanish.

- Melchior - the redhead replied, trying to identify the nationality of the girl.

-Jasmine - the girl said, and then pointed to herself, trying to answer the question that Melchior was done mentally - Jamaica.

That initial situation, at first embarrassing, generated an interesting conversation for both; Jasmine told Melchior that there were groups of Salvadorans and Hondurans, and that she was the only Jamaican present there. Melchior told a little about his origins, making much mystery about them. Everything was fine until Melchior had the “bright” idea to tell Jasmine about the robes they found in a cave not far away.

Suddenly, the expressions of Jasmine changed: she has assumed a cold and somewhat grim. In her lap, there was a design similar to a lunar eclipse. To make matters worse, two other girls appeared next to Jasmine, mysteriously, with the same brand and grinned look. They maliciously smiled at Melchior and then announced their names: Iracema and Maya.

Maya, who was from Honduras, and had a Judas-coloured,straight ,shoulder-length hair, an Indian copper skin and bright yellow eyes, Iracema, unlike other girls, had white skin, short and smooth dark brown hair with a broad fringe that went down to her left eye, covering it entirely, and big light brown eyes. The trio said they had been sent by an entity named Eclipse, who was the mastermind behind the robes that the boys found. Being no fool, Melchior said he would surrender themselves if they lost in Mayan football. The girls accepted the deal. Having done the deal, the red-haired ran into the boys to tell what he had done.

“You did what?!” Thalas inquired angrily “How stupid you are! For the girl who told about the robes?! And worse, how could you bet our finding with them?!”

“Calm down, Thalas” Anael intervened, diplomatically – “It was not right what you did, Melchior” Censorship Anael, for the happiness of Thalas, which unabashedly celebrated “but I think we can take advantage of that. If they want these objects, it is because they have some kind of power, and I think we should use it for good things. We should ...”

“... form a group of heroes?” Inquired Thalas “With this hombre here?! Never!” He censorship Anael, referring to Melchior “Look at the situation he got us into! I do not trust him!”

Melchior was clearly offended and, at that time, there was a fierce exchange of insults that almost resulted in physical aggression if Anael had not separated them and had uttered the following words:

“And you like it or not, we are a team now, and it's time to act accordingly. Tomorrow, we play against these chicas - whoever they are - and we will win, vale?”

Despite the discussion, Thalas agreed with his best friend and turned away from Melchior with a grunt. The redhead, visibly angry and upset, muttered to himself. The boys went to bed and did not utter a word that night.


The next day, the trio entered the arena where the Mayans used to play a different football: a rubber ball that should be played against the walls of the arena and should pass in arcs, using the head, shoulders and thighs. If they would rely on Thalas’ legs, the boys would win for sure.

The instructor said a few words about the game, the playing time and general rules, the winner there would follow for the quarter-finals and so on. Given the rules, the man took the coin to decide those who would start with the ball, which were girls.

With a whistle, the game began. Balanced at first, it did not take long for Maya to steal the ball and score the first point. This provocation was enough to Thalas to combine a move with Melchior, marking the point of the first tie.

From there, each time that open an advantage lost it to the other one, trying to open itself to advantage. Melchior kept teasing Jasmine, making her a fool to pass the ball to Anael at the last minute, and scoring points, as the Guatemalan was always free of markings. Finally, in one of these boys’ play they won the game, happily celebrating a sweaty victory.

Melchior was eventually pardoned and received the apologies of Thalas with humility. He managed to keep his robes in their possession. By looking at the other side of the arena, they noticed the sudden disappearance of the girls out, what aroused some concern them. They returned to the bedroom, not knowing what to do next.

To Be Continued…


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