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-The Dragon Awakes! Moon'Seeker's Turn!-

Later that day, the boys discovered what to do. On the dormitory, after winning every game, they decided to take the robes and become the Blue Moon Knights. Now they had to find out who those girls were and what they wanted with his robes. They spent the entire night talking about it, looking for some understanding.


Meanwhile, in a place far away where the light does not touch the ground nor lit up the room, the trio of girls composed of Jasmine, Maya and Iracema waited for the orders of their Superior, known as Eclipse.

Eclipse was the dragon which had almost killed the Blue Moon Knights; in addition, those robes, the ones caught by the boys, belonged to her; they were part of punishment which she had received related to certain acts in her life. This witch had big, layered color teal, hair, a defined body, sharp teeth and eyes of a reptile. She was next to a richly ornamented table watching a crystal ball, not satisfied with what she saw.

“First, my robes ...” Eclipse began gradually furious “Second, my dragon ... Now, you come here, my maids, without my robes?!” She pounded the table, scaring the girls “It was such a simple task! How did you miss it?!”

“Forgive us, lady” Jasmine started with a certain fear “but they are not ordinary young men ...”

“Silence!” Eclipse roared angrily “I do not want excuses! I want results! Bring me my robes, and fast!”

The frightened girls hurried out of the room, leaving the lady alone with her thoughts. The trio was in another room, thinking of a plan to win the favor of their master again. Jasmine tapped her fingers on a hardcover book while Maya was listening to music on her MP3. Iracema, however, was not feeding her leisure as her companions; she decided to invest in her plan. And ,quickly, she devised a plan to achieve not only the robes, but other object that attracted her attention while playing against Anael and his friends: his half-moon necklace, which surely this was the object that triggered the robes .

She decided to expose to her colleagues the plan of action, detailing the time and all the steps, all in the coldest calculation. Iracema waited to get it right, and after discussing a few minutes, left the place all set.


After a series of discussions and multiple wins in Mayan football, the boys returned to the capital of Guatemala. But, rather than return to their normal activities, Anael proposed to enforce them to do the title of Blue Moon Knights: from that day they became the heroes that Guatemala needed. From small tasks such as helping children find their lost toys in the woods, to the large redemptions, such as survivors of landslides, they have gained more fame and prestige. Throughout Guatemala, everyone only spoke of them, and all in a span of two months.

And everything seemed to be going nicely for the trio American Central. But one day, it changed. In that day in question, Iracema and her colleagues decided to implement the plan of salvation of their souls. Near the house of Anael, lived a family poorest, who was a friend of his: Emilio. Emilio was a Garifuna boy, brown-eyed, with typical ethnic features, strong body and a good heart. He, like Anael, was also the only man of the house, but had to bear the financial responsibilities that, in theory and practice, would be his parents’.

Emilio was a carpenter and had an order to deliver. Thanks to the influence it had on some people Iracema, she managed to find his connection with Anael and how it could she hurt him using Emilio. Putting the plan in action, Maya turned into a snake and stealthily followed Emilio. From the top of the city skyline, Jasmine followed the target until its final destination.

The Garifuna did not know what to expect and when he approached the door of the customer's home, Maya poked his leg, causing him to scream and try to hit her with wood; that was the opportunity which Jasmine was waiting for. The Jamaican drew her gun and fired, killing him with a shot in his back. More than quickly, Maya made a clone of the guy that would work as a puppet to attract the one who had the half-moon necklace.

Some time later the phone rang Anael's house, and it was Emilio’s mother, who did not know where her boy was, because he did not return her calls. More than fast, the boy put on his robe and went out by the back of his house, ready to find the boy. He recalled that Emilio had talked about a package that if delivered on time, would give him much money, and was not far away. If he ran, could arrive in time to avoid a disaster.

The boy reached the house, finding Emilio; Anael ran to the Garifuna, asking him what had happened. Emilio did not answer him, and Anael insisted; soon, he discovered that he was not Emilio, but a puppet controlled by someone. Then, what happened to the true Emilio?

Then the puppet began to run of Anael, as if it was taking him somewhere. It beholden when stopping and Anael made a muffled cry of terror: Emilio was dead, and a shot was the cause of his death.

“Fell into my trap ...” Said a person whose voice was familiar to Anael “You should not have come here alone, Blue Moon Knight.”

“Iracema!”Anael roared angrily “Why?”

To Be Continued…


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