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Hello everyone!

It is Sakura Hayes speaking here. I assume that all of you guys might be enjoying the first season of the Blue Moon Knights. Don't worry, it is not gonna end yet! But some feedback could be useful for me,so I'd like to invite all of you to give me a "Like" on Blue Moon Knights' official Facebook page, which link comes below:

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Sakura Hayes

Hello Everyone!

This is Sakura Hayes, passing by just to tell you that a new update was mae on this blog: I'm talking about the Character's Profiles page,which was reposted just a few seconds ago. Since a new character arrived - Kimi Das Vaali -, that update was really necessary. So, please take a look at it:

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Sakura Hayes

-Finnish Heart

In Helsinki,in the humblest and most isolated port of the main city, there was an asleep boy on the boards of the pier. He was very white, with straight, shoulder-length blond hair. He was wearing tight black shorts, revealing strong thighs, white boots, at the time of the calf, and a gray sweater, at the time of the chest with a blue detail passing center and surrounding the end of the blouse, which was sleeveless, revealing strong shoulders and arms .One gold belt tied a blanket on his body, which length reached his ankles .His eyes were closed but when opened, they were beautiful light blue eyes.

The Baltic winds blow on the boy's body, trying to awake him. The boy woke up, getting on the boards where he knelt before sleeping peacefully. He was Kimi Das Vaali, the guy that Melchior was looking for at that time. He stood up, grabbing their weapons and left the place. He carried a halberd, a spear with two blades - one normal and one shaped like a crescent moon - light and easy handling. He was being followed by Eclipse, who ordered one of her servants to go to Finland in order to capture Kimi.

The boy had to wait for the arrival of Melchior to leave the dock, but he was afraid that the Eclipse Warrior would find him, even though she had been foiled a few hours ago by the Finnish man, she would not be too far away .The cold weather was draining his fear and the fatigue he felt as well: it was not the first time he fainted from exhaustion since Eclipse’s servant was sent in his pursuit.

Its concentration in the environment was abruptly interrupted by a ringing in his shoulder. His instincts made him pull out the gun, but his mind did slow down his arms to see that Melchior was one who had touched him.

“Hyvää Yötä, Kimi” greeted Melchior, saying "Good evening" to him in Finnish “Miten menee?” He asked, saying "how are you?" in the same language in a jesting tone, for he was aware of the persecution that the blonde was suffering.

Olen kunnossa, kiitos kysymästä” - Kimi answered, saying "I'm fine, thanks for asking" “Okei, nyt täältä pois!” He added, saying "Okay, let's get out of here!"


The pair turned, facing Jasmine the Jamaican, who was not pleased: the persecution lasted hours, she complained, and the corners were also a pain to go across. She was sleepy, and very irritated. Despite to know just a little about her, Melchior knew it was a bad sign.

“Auta minua, Melchior!” Kimi begged, saying "Help me" in his mother tongue. “Älä anna hänen minua kiinni!” He added, saying "Do not let her get me."

“Stay calm, Kimi” Melchior spoke, staring at Jasmine “I will not leave you. Jasmine, get some sleep ... you are sleepless and not want to fight you now. Truce? Only today?”

“Look,” She began yawning “it's very gentlemanly of you, but I pass. I need that boy, now! And you will not stop me, do not even try!”

The girl did not use weapons; at that time, the service would be made on the basis of brute force. She just ran towards the boys, who were running and screaming through the deserted streets of Helsinki .Even though the situation was critical, Kimi did not lose the opportunity to make fun of Melchior, suggesting a certain involvement with the Jamaican, which generated several "shut ups" from Melchior.


While Melchior and Kimi ran for their lives in Northern Europe, Thalas was facing a very dangerous situation. Maya wanted the necklace crescent of Anael by any means necessary and would not go away until she had it.

“I want the necklace” she ordered “and now. If I were you, I would not be in my way. Give me the necklace.”

Thalas had no choice but to use the power of the necklace in his behalf; he had some daggers in his pockets. Rapidly, he threw them against the Maya, who had no way to defend herself besides crouching, letting the objects stuck on the walls. Thalas did not give up and continued to fire against the Honduran that gradually began to feel afraid of the Franco-Guatemalan. Fortunately for Thales, one of his daggers had just hit Maya's thigh, giving you time to grab a robe and collar Anael, which would use to stop the girl before him.

To Be Continued...

Hello Everyone!

This is Sakura Hayes speaking, just passing by to tell you great news: I finally updated the 'Blue Moon Knights Versions' page, which I talked about on this post . Let me tell you what I had added to this page:
  1. Melchior's First Version, which was missing; he was the last one drawn by me during this last trip that I had done;
  2. Anael's Second Version - The Elite Dragon in his real form. This version debuts at the Chapter Five of this Season. See the marker 1- The Legend Begins to understand it;
  3. Thalas' Second Version - The Electro Archer as we start to know. The Blue Robe upgrade can be seen on Chapter Six of this Season. Also see the marker 1 - The Legend Begins for further information.
Curious? Like it? Want more? Don't be shy: leave a comment here or at the Facebook Official page, which can be accessed by clicking on the Facebook box above.

Stay tuned for more news!

Sakura Hayes

- The Dragon Awakes! Moon'Seeker's Weakness!-

Anael turned around to face the charge of machinations that culminated in the death of his friend; Iracema stared at him with a cynical smile. For her, everything was going as planned: the Guatemalan boy was wearing the robe and the coveted half- moon necklace .His feeling were a mixture of sadness and anger. Emilio should not have paid with his life for a commitment that Anael and his friends assumed.

“Give me your robe and collar that I won’t harm you” ordered Iracema, with superb “I do not want you to end up dying, let's end this useless struggle.”

Anael stayed a few seconds without answering; Iracema was staring him with her uncovered eye. The Brazilian saw the fury with which the boy gazed her; he was very serious, and his countenance became even more threatening, and Iracema felt a shiver up her spine.

“Whether the collar”? He spoke in a threatening tone “Come get it!” He roared through his teeth, ready to move on the girl.

Iracema used magic against him, charging spears of silver and throwing them against the Guatemalan, which diverted from them. He took a spear and went to the top of Iracema, ready to defeat her there. However, the weapons were only obedient to their owner and disappeared every time the boy tried to hurt the Brazilian, disarming him. Taking advantage of the loopholes, Iracema hit the boy countless times with bursts of magic, which only didn’t kill the boy because of the robe, which was protecting him.

Both want to call that fight, and once again Iracema had the advantage: She invoked a dragon to her aid, putting Anael into serious trouble, if Iracema could not kill him, the huge reptile in front of him surely would. ‘There was not much to do’, he thought. Iracema extended her left arm in his direction, ready to cast the fatal spell. The boy closed his eyes in an attitude of withdrawal.

“This is the end, Anael!” Iracema declared, throwing the magic bullet against him, sure that she would kill him and could finally take the items she wanted so badly “but what ...?”

Iracema could not believe what she had witnessed: the blast was dissipated, and Anael was unhurt. The boy also had two surprises when you open your eyes: he was not just alive, but his robe had been turned into an armor that resembled the scales of a dragon in it, with bat wings and a visor that gave Anael reptilian eyes; all these events were work of his half-moon necklace, which reacted with the robe, preventing the death of the Blue Moon Knight.

He discovered, too, that he had electrical power, and now was on an equal footing to fight Iracema. Being able to rely on his physical strength, he prevented the dragon from swallowing him, keeping the open maw of the beast with only the strength of his arms and thighs. He released one of his arms, carrying it with static electricity and mercilessly stuck his hand in the roof of the mouth of the dragon, destroying it. Now was the time of Iracema to be released to her own fate.

The girl fell when the dragon died and disappeared in a curtain of purple smoke. The dark outlines of Anael were visible, inspiring more terror in the girl. She gave up her plans and created a vortex to escape she was still alive.

“I'll return, Knight!” She roared, looking for some courage that was left in her soul “Mark my words: you may have won the battle but didn’t win the war! I'll come back and, next, you're dead!”

Anael could not stop it, but at least the robe and the necklace were still under his possession. Unfortunately, he would have to deliver the body of Emilio to his mother. Poor woman, she did not deserve such pain. Suddenly, he felt his body turning; he was getting dizzy, but he had to take the body of Emilio away before police arrived. When he took flight, already with Emilio's body in his arms, the police were already arriving on site.

He placed the body in the back of the house, and quickly invented a cause of death for him, said that the boy had the misfortune of going through a shooting and a stray bullet killed him. He said, too, that the Elite Dragon, a Blue Moon Knight, had managed to rescue the body to be buried as it should.

‘Elite Dragon’. This was the code name Anael gave to himself, and it was very appropriate. He liked these mythical beings and always dreamed of owning one as a pet. His head was still spinning, and he flew with difficulty and felt his heart beating irregularly. He awkwardly entered in the back of the house, while in civilian clothes; he was nearly fainting when his friends saw him. His heart was faltering.

“Anael?!”Melchior exclaimed, surprised at the poor appearance of his friend.

Qué pasa?”Inquired Thalas also concerned “Cuentanos!”

Mi corazón ...” He stammered, fainting soon after.

They rushed to support Anael, who was having a heart attack on the spot. Thalas did not know what to do, and Melchior tried to heal the heart of Anael overloaded with magic, but nothing seemed to have any effect. At the height of the situation, their phone rang, and Thalas had to attend.

“We are los Caballeros de La Luna Azul, what’s your situation?” Thalas attended; his face became seriously confused as the person on the other side spoke. “Melchior, do you have a Google Translator Service at hand?”

“No, why?” Melchior inquired, surprised by the question he made.

“There's a guy speaking a strange language here” Thalas said, extremely confused “He speaks nonsense .I only know that it's for you because he spoke your name, and he is starting to scream in my ear.”

- “Pass to me.” - Melchior spoke, without diverting their attention from the unconscious Anael – “I already know who he is”. Thalas put the phone in the ear of Melchior in order to facilitate his life “Haloo, Kimi ¹?
Mikä hätänä ²? Mita?! Tulossa Olen, seiso ³!” Melchior spoke that language, and then asked Thalas to turn off the telephone. Faster than anything, the red-haired man was preparing to leave the site when questioned him Thalas.

“What the hell of language is that?!” Inquired the confused Franco-Guatemalan “Since when you speak that language? Who is Kimi? Where are you going?! And Anael...?”

“Easy, Thalas” answered Melchior, trying to calm him down “Everything’s going to be okay. First, ‘such language’ is Finnish. Second, I think I can speak that language as long as I remember - do not ask me how I learned. Third, Kimi is an old acquaintance of mine and, apparently, is in big trouble. Fourth, I’ll go to his homeland, Finland, more precisely Helsinki, the Finnish capital. Last but not least: Anael will be well, the point is that your body is electrically charged, and that energy has seriously affected the body of it, so do not use a defibrillator. I managed to conjure up a sort of "artificial heart" for him and will keep it alive until I come, or until your heart beating normally again, I left a few jewels magically charged near him. In case that the artificial heart to stop working, simply insert the jewelry.”

“Yeah, I understand” Thalas said, a little bewildered with so much information to be absorbed “but when will you come back?”

“Do not wait” said Melchior subjectively “I will return as soon as possible. Soon, you know Kimi ...”

Melchior disappeared into a vortex created by him, leaving Anael with Thalas. The boy with the black hair and saffer eyes stood by alone, watching his friend breathe. His artificial heart, invisible to everyone who does not use magic, was operating as well. He hoped that Melchior would return in time.

It was not long for Thalas to hear an unusual noise in the room. He turned around to check, and found a huge cobra around his leg, about to bite him. He threw a stone at its head in order to remove it. This served to irritate the animal, which, surprising Thalas, became one of his enemies: Maya, also known as Black Witch.

Buenas noches, Thalas” said the girl, with an air of mystery.

“I should have known” Thalas replied, with a serious face “You would not give up on us so easily.”

To Be Continued…

-The Dragon Awakes! Moon'Seeker's Turn!-

Later that day, the boys discovered what to do. On the dormitory, after winning every game, they decided to take the robes and become the Blue Moon Knights. Now they had to find out who those girls were and what they wanted with his robes. They spent the entire night talking about it, looking for some understanding.


Meanwhile, in a place far away where the light does not touch the ground nor lit up the room, the trio of girls composed of Jasmine, Maya and Iracema waited for the orders of their Superior, known as Eclipse.

Eclipse was the dragon which had almost killed the Blue Moon Knights; in addition, those robes, the ones caught by the boys, belonged to her; they were part of punishment which she had received related to certain acts in her life. This witch had big, layered color teal, hair, a defined body, sharp teeth and eyes of a reptile. She was next to a richly ornamented table watching a crystal ball, not satisfied with what she saw.

“First, my robes ...” Eclipse began gradually furious “Second, my dragon ... Now, you come here, my maids, without my robes?!” She pounded the table, scaring the girls “It was such a simple task! How did you miss it?!”

“Forgive us, lady” Jasmine started with a certain fear “but they are not ordinary young men ...”

“Silence!” Eclipse roared angrily “I do not want excuses! I want results! Bring me my robes, and fast!”

The frightened girls hurried out of the room, leaving the lady alone with her thoughts. The trio was in another room, thinking of a plan to win the favor of their master again. Jasmine tapped her fingers on a hardcover book while Maya was listening to music on her MP3. Iracema, however, was not feeding her leisure as her companions; she decided to invest in her plan. And ,quickly, she devised a plan to achieve not only the robes, but other object that attracted her attention while playing against Anael and his friends: his half-moon necklace, which surely this was the object that triggered the robes .

She decided to expose to her colleagues the plan of action, detailing the time and all the steps, all in the coldest calculation. Iracema waited to get it right, and after discussing a few minutes, left the place all set.


After a series of discussions and multiple wins in Mayan football, the boys returned to the capital of Guatemala. But, rather than return to their normal activities, Anael proposed to enforce them to do the title of Blue Moon Knights: from that day they became the heroes that Guatemala needed. From small tasks such as helping children find their lost toys in the woods, to the large redemptions, such as survivors of landslides, they have gained more fame and prestige. Throughout Guatemala, everyone only spoke of them, and all in a span of two months.

And everything seemed to be going nicely for the trio American Central. But one day, it changed. In that day in question, Iracema and her colleagues decided to implement the plan of salvation of their souls. Near the house of Anael, lived a family poorest, who was a friend of his: Emilio. Emilio was a Garifuna boy, brown-eyed, with typical ethnic features, strong body and a good heart. He, like Anael, was also the only man of the house, but had to bear the financial responsibilities that, in theory and practice, would be his parents’.

Emilio was a carpenter and had an order to deliver. Thanks to the influence it had on some people Iracema, she managed to find his connection with Anael and how it could she hurt him using Emilio. Putting the plan in action, Maya turned into a snake and stealthily followed Emilio. From the top of the city skyline, Jasmine followed the target until its final destination.

The Garifuna did not know what to expect and when he approached the door of the customer's home, Maya poked his leg, causing him to scream and try to hit her with wood; that was the opportunity which Jasmine was waiting for. The Jamaican drew her gun and fired, killing him with a shot in his back. More than quickly, Maya made a clone of the guy that would work as a puppet to attract the one who had the half-moon necklace.

Some time later the phone rang Anael's house, and it was Emilio’s mother, who did not know where her boy was, because he did not return her calls. More than fast, the boy put on his robe and went out by the back of his house, ready to find the boy. He recalled that Emilio had talked about a package that if delivered on time, would give him much money, and was not far away. If he ran, could arrive in time to avoid a disaster.

The boy reached the house, finding Emilio; Anael ran to the Garifuna, asking him what had happened. Emilio did not answer him, and Anael insisted; soon, he discovered that he was not Emilio, but a puppet controlled by someone. Then, what happened to the true Emilio?

Then the puppet began to run of Anael, as if it was taking him somewhere. It beholden when stopping and Anael made a muffled cry of terror: Emilio was dead, and a shot was the cause of his death.

“Fell into my trap ...” Said a person whose voice was familiar to Anael “You should not have come here alone, Blue Moon Knight.”

“Iracema!”Anael roared angrily “Why?”

To Be Continued…

Hello Everyone!

It is Sakura Hayes speaking from Buenos Aires, Argentina! Yes, I am travelling during the Carnival Week (it is holiday in Brazil), but it did not stop me from updating the Blog. I'll work on whatever possible during this week,but I cannot promise much.

Anyways, I did some effort and I finally managed to give this blog one new feature: the page The Blue Moon Knights Versions. That's right - this page is nothing but an HUGE heroic wardrobe - it contains the first outfits of each hero, which can be changed throughout the story.

Curious, seeking for more? Don't be shy, click on the Facebook box above and start to follow this Blog's every update!

Sakura Hayes

-Surprise! Part Two! -

In peace, at last. The kids were asleep, with their robes hidden from view of any other. Outside of their bedrooms, the noise increased, announcing the arrival of another site. Melchior, who had a lighter sleep, just woke up, bothered by such noise. The Salvadoran left the room only to bump into a girl that looked different; malicious and menacing.

The girl was dark-skinned with dark blue eyes, curly black hair which was at the height of her shoulders, a strong body and height similar to that of Melchior. The red-haired stepped back, bumping the door he had left, slightly frightened .That girl smiled slightly and collapses, causing an embarrassment for the boy.

- Cuál es su nombre? - She asked him with a strong accent that did not belong to any Central American natives who spoke Spanish.

- Melchior - the redhead replied, trying to identify the nationality of the girl.

-Jasmine - the girl said, and then pointed to herself, trying to answer the question that Melchior was done mentally - Jamaica.

That initial situation, at first embarrassing, generated an interesting conversation for both; Jasmine told Melchior that there were groups of Salvadorans and Hondurans, and that she was the only Jamaican present there. Melchior told a little about his origins, making much mystery about them. Everything was fine until Melchior had the “bright” idea to tell Jasmine about the robes they found in a cave not far away.

Suddenly, the expressions of Jasmine changed: she has assumed a cold and somewhat grim. In her lap, there was a design similar to a lunar eclipse. To make matters worse, two other girls appeared next to Jasmine, mysteriously, with the same brand and grinned look. They maliciously smiled at Melchior and then announced their names: Iracema and Maya.

Maya, who was from Honduras, and had a Judas-coloured,straight ,shoulder-length hair, an Indian copper skin and bright yellow eyes, Iracema, unlike other girls, had white skin, short and smooth dark brown hair with a broad fringe that went down to her left eye, covering it entirely, and big light brown eyes. The trio said they had been sent by an entity named Eclipse, who was the mastermind behind the robes that the boys found. Being no fool, Melchior said he would surrender themselves if they lost in Mayan football. The girls accepted the deal. Having done the deal, the red-haired ran into the boys to tell what he had done.

“You did what?!” Thalas inquired angrily “How stupid you are! For the girl who told about the robes?! And worse, how could you bet our finding with them?!”

“Calm down, Thalas” Anael intervened, diplomatically – “It was not right what you did, Melchior” Censorship Anael, for the happiness of Thalas, which unabashedly celebrated “but I think we can take advantage of that. If they want these objects, it is because they have some kind of power, and I think we should use it for good things. We should ...”

“... form a group of heroes?” Inquired Thalas “With this hombre here?! Never!” He censorship Anael, referring to Melchior “Look at the situation he got us into! I do not trust him!”

Melchior was clearly offended and, at that time, there was a fierce exchange of insults that almost resulted in physical aggression if Anael had not separated them and had uttered the following words:

“And you like it or not, we are a team now, and it's time to act accordingly. Tomorrow, we play against these chicas - whoever they are - and we will win, vale?”

Despite the discussion, Thalas agreed with his best friend and turned away from Melchior with a grunt. The redhead, visibly angry and upset, muttered to himself. The boys went to bed and did not utter a word that night.


The next day, the trio entered the arena where the Mayans used to play a different football: a rubber ball that should be played against the walls of the arena and should pass in arcs, using the head, shoulders and thighs. If they would rely on Thalas’ legs, the boys would win for sure.

The instructor said a few words about the game, the playing time and general rules, the winner there would follow for the quarter-finals and so on. Given the rules, the man took the coin to decide those who would start with the ball, which were girls.

With a whistle, the game began. Balanced at first, it did not take long for Maya to steal the ball and score the first point. This provocation was enough to Thalas to combine a move with Melchior, marking the point of the first tie.

From there, each time that open an advantage lost it to the other one, trying to open itself to advantage. Melchior kept teasing Jasmine, making her a fool to pass the ball to Anael at the last minute, and scoring points, as the Guatemalan was always free of markings. Finally, in one of these boys’ play they won the game, happily celebrating a sweaty victory.

Melchior was eventually pardoned and received the apologies of Thalas with humility. He managed to keep his robes in their possession. By looking at the other side of the arena, they noticed the sudden disappearance of the girls out, what aroused some concern them. They returned to the bedroom, not knowing what to do next.

To Be Continued…

Hello Everyone!

It is Sakura Hayes speaking here, just to tell you guys some important things. Next week I'll be travelling, so I may not be able to update the Facebook page (which you can "like" clicking on the box above) during my trip. I'll be back before the end of the month.

But don't worry! The chapters will be posted during my trip,and I'll be working on the next features for this blog!

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Sakura Hayes

-Surprise! Part One!

Anael reached the spot where his friends were, carrying with him the armors. Melchior and Thalas looked at the objects with curiosity .Rapidly, Anael explained what had happened while he was out. Thalas could not believe in what happened to his friend and Melchior, unlike Thalas, was elated and immediately took a reinforcement to analyze.

The boys wore the robes, with a childish fascination. Anael named the trio as "The Blue Moon Knights", after the color of the robes and the jewel of his necklace, without which nothing would have occurred. A will to explore this cave grew, and the boys took their bags to continue their journey. Anael’s necklace lit the way with an unusual brightness.

Soon, they found, embedded in the wall of the cave, weapons, and many were rusty, but there was a bow made of ivory and silver, which was intact and the Thalas claimed it to him. Melchior found a crystal ball and claimed it. For Anael a pair of daggers was left and although they were very dusty, they were very sharp, and could work nicely.

The exploration led to a stone wall, the cave’s boundary. Once again, Anael’s half-moon stone had the answer: there was a fit of the stone in the same format in which the necklace could be placed. After placing it properly, the stones of the wall fell, leaving an open space in the environment in which they passed.

After all passed, the wall was back to normal, closing behind them, and the noise gave way to silence. The boys followed with care. They were almost seeing a way when suddenly they heard a roar behind them.

“Beware!” shouted Thalas “Anael! Get out!”

Behind the owner of the necklace was a huge dragon. Yes! This mythological creature was now only a few meters away from Anael, and the boys had to find a way to defeat the monster before the Guatemalan emerald-eyed boy was turned into lunch.

Thalas still had some arrows in his quiver, and was keen to use them. However, the animal’s leather was too strong for his arrows, which ended up shattered. The saving task ended up on Melchior’s hands. Using his spells, he created a wall of ice with some blue gems, giving Thalas the time he needed to find a new weapon - a crossbow already equipped with many bolts – and start shooting again.

This time the bullets hit the target in the throat, annihilating it. Melchior helped Anael get up and moved on. The cave was already showing signs of leaks and the floor seemed to succumb as the trio walked by. The air was damp and the smell was very familiar to them: the smell of the forest. There was a river nearby.

Their intuition was correct: the river grew there, a few meters and seemed to disappear beyond where the light came to the cave.

“My God!” Melchior said when he saw the end of the river “It’s a waterfall! The cave ends here! We climbed the mountain!”

The three were standing right on the edge of the waterfall, not knowing what to do. How would they climb down without risking their lives? Once again, the cleverness of Melchior surprised the Guatemalans: the boy built surfboards with wood found in the cave. The boards were dry enough to not sink beneath the waters. Melchior rapidly threw himself towards the waterfall, followed by Anael and Thalas.

What they saw next was a mess of waters, each following its course. The boys tried to stand on the boards, but the water didn’t allowed them to have such bounce .The river was getting closer and with it, the end of the whirlwind.

At the end of the waterfall, the boys were washed away. It was so strong that the three sank .Melchior tried rise to the surface, even knowing that it would be an impossible task, since the waterfall was pushing them increasingly to the bottom of the river. He called for another spell, taking some white jewelry from his pocket, which was also bewitched. Using only his thoughts, he made the jewelry increase in size until they became bubbles, and he also commanded them to put Anael and Thalas inside of them. Another command of Melchior was making the bubbles arise, making possible for the Guatemalans to reach the surface. The objects carried them to the shore, disappearing soon after.

The boys were coughing a lot, expelling water intake; when Melchior came to the edge, he helped them to raise and recover their breath. After that, the feeling of worry was replaced by sudden joy: they had managed to cut a large part of the way, arriving at the Temple of Tikal before all and breaking a record: in less than three days! They rushed to get there.

The way was much simpler than the path they used to reach the location; the terrain was flatter, and the trees were not blocking the available tracks. Their arrival was quick, lasting about ten minutes. Some instructors were friendly, and directed the boys to a room outside the Temple.

The boys lay on the mattress and slept. The worst was over, they thought. They barely knew that the torment had just begun ...

To Be Continued...

Good Morning, Everyone!

It is Sakura Hayes speaking here! I'm just passing by to tell all of you about profiles. Since the Blue Moon Knights were now introduced to you (all of the three), it is up to me to bring more info about them now.

I spent most of my mourning on the drawings and translating some information. To see the extra information about the Blue Moon Knights, just follow the link:

For an easier access, just use the menu located on the right column (More Features).

Stay tuned for more news!

Sakura Hayes


After two hours of travel, the truck stopped near the rain forest. From there, students would be by their own and instructors could only answer the student’s questions before the chimes of a bell from a cathedral not far away.

The sun appeared on the horizon and with it came the cold winds that heralded the arrival of winter. Anael and Thalas were already prepared. If Anael hadn’t realized that Melchior was completely alone, he would have already gone with Thalas. The red-haired guy was moving his belongings when the Guatemalan approached.

“Melchior?” Anael inquired, approaching him “De dónde eres?”

“El Salvador” The boy replied, somewhat discouraged – “I'm living here ... For a while.” He was pretty sad “No conozco a nadie aqui...
Voy a hacer esto sólo...”

“You won’t” Anael stated with a smile “Puedes venir conmigo, sí?
Well, I know that I have a partner already, but one more pair of hands is always welcome.”

Melchior was overjoyed and accepted the proposal immediately. While they were returning to Thalas, Melchior told a little of his history.

He was born in El Salvador, near the capital, San Salvador, in a little misfortuned family. Melchior starved many times in his life because their parents could not afford to buy him food. He told about how they miserably lived, hungry and feeling cold, without ability to envision a better future, especially after his father abandoned the family to fend for themselves.

“And how did you handle the situation?” Anael inquired curiously.

“Well” Melchior began with a smile “My older brother got a job here in Guatemala, after graduating, and he is well paid. Now, my mother and I live well ...”

Before Anael could congratulate him about his family’s overcome, the cathedral bells began to chimer. Thalas quickly picked up his bag and instructed them to do the same. They got into the woods, swift as the wind, followed by dozens of other students willing to be the first to arrive at the Temple.

The boys knew that there were armed groups and fighting would be a regular event there. Right behind them, a group of students have grappled, while others fled the battle field. The strongest could defeat the other groups, leaving them unconscious .Being no fools, the trio formed by Thalas, Anael and Melchior decided to make use of their intelligence: building traps as they went, and sought to hide their trail in order to not be followed.

Unfortunately for them, some students managed to escape and immediately ran to follow them .Some already came with knives and bows .A group of six boys, three of them gunmen, escaped unharmed from the trio’s complex traps. They started fighting; Anael managed to knock one of them with the use of sheer brute force, and the second was disarmed by him. Thalas, who coached archery, could hurt another close combat guy. Melchior surprised two of the shooters with a trap made of advance: a trap dug made by him a few hours ago. He lured them and let they fall there.

They would be crowing if they hadn’t heard a cry of pain and agony, followed the trail of the last shooter .Anael had fallen on the floor and had been wounded in the left thigh. A bull’s-eye arrow shot caused the projectile to enter right in the muscle, causing him a lot of pain. Melchior and Thalas didn’t know what to do; if they couldn’t find not a shelter and take the arrow away, Anael could have an infection and die.

“Look for a shelter!” Thalas ordered to Melchior. “And quickly!”

“No!” Melchior protested “I know how to handle those wounds! You'd better go searching. You are way faster than me, and also more observant.”

Against his will, Thalas agreed, and muttering to himself, he went on an acknowledgment of the area. The night was approaching, and soon, they wouldn’t be able to see a thing. Anael was holding himself not to scream, moaning in pain with his eyes closed. Melchior knelt next to him to examine the wound.

“I confess that I lied to you, Anael.” whispered Melchior, grasping the handle of the projectile. “Yes, my older brother got a job, but it's not so good ...” He pulled the arrow from a single tug, forcing the Guatemalan to scream. “The truth is that I was able to bring them up here.”

“How so?” stammered Anael, feeling too much pain.

“Watch this ...” Melchior placed his hand just above the wound. Almost immediately, a blue light involved Melchior's hand, and it circled the wounded man's thigh and healed the injury instantaneously. Anael couldn’t believe in what he had witnessed. He repeatedly looked to his thigh, and all he saw was a clean scar. Even the blood that trickled down his leg was gone.

“How did you...?” Anael asked, dumbfounded.

“Swish! Keep it down!” Melchior asked, helping him to rise. “Impressive, huh? I am a magician since childhood ... My mother discovered my talent and I revealed to the world as a ‘child prodigy’ ... With the money earned from my presentations, we were able to move here, and I could stop presenting myself.”

“They treated you like a circus animal, right?” Anael inquired, knowing that his question was rhetorical.

“Sí” Said Melchior with a twinge of bitterness “But it was for the good of the family, so I did not care. I just don’t want to have that experience again.”

Once Melchior ended his speech, Thalas appeared in place with good news: he had found a refuge for them nearby. Melchior supported Anael on his shoulders so that the boy wouldn’t force too much his wounded leg. The cave was large in height and, probably in depth. The boys they came in and lit a fire farther from the entrance .They would stay there for a night, safe from harm.

Thalas opened his backpack and took some food from it, eating just a bit .He used the fire’s heat to dry wet clothes and its brightness to finish reading The Count of Montecristo. Melchior opened his backpack and pulled out some food and water, providing Thalas and Anael a little, which they accepted politely.

The boys started talking doing a lot of pauses as a sign of caution .Thalas was still suspicious of the intentions of Melchior, but every minute he talked with him, the more his distrust diminished. In each part of speech they found common things, facilitating their diplomacy. They were so distracted that none of them realized the output of Anael.

The emerald-eyed young man walked inside the cave, following a greenish glow emanating from the bottom of it. His eyes blazed with sudden light in the dark environment. The light came from a crystal containing blue armors that seemed to have been made from the scales of some unknown reptile. Anael took a look in his half-moon necklace, which seemed to react to the brightness of the armors, as if he were calling.

Anael removed his collar and instinctively put it above the crystal. In a short period of time, the material began to melt, exposing the armors .Anael put his collar on the neck again and took the armor in order to bring them to the boys. Maybe it was the proof that the instructors really wanted.

To Be Continued...

-The Legend Begins-

When Guatemala is in danger, they are the “hombres fuertes” to be called ... They are The Blue Moon knights, willing to protect all Guatemalans and Latin Americans who need them ...

Anael Moon’Seeker was a young man like many others, went out with friends, enjoying himself, was cheerful and very gentle. He liked to study and took care of her sister, Altagracia, with much care and sought to help his mother whenever possible. He had an orange star-shaped hair, copper-skinned like an Indian and green eyes. Many girls considered him handsome, and this kind of compliment made his face redden every time he heard them talking about him.

For all his joy, great sorrow was hidden in his countenance: his father died eight years ago, a victim of the monster who always fought every day: fire. Anael’s father was one of the best firefighters in the capital of Guatemala and his death was felt by many beyond his own family.

The boy of thirteen, after the death of the patriarch, became the man of the house and therefore had to be as strong as his mother, especially when his sister asked him about her late father, who she never met. Since this event, it was harder for Anael to cry, even being a sensitive person.

He was asleep, preparing himself to a great event sponsored by his school, which was in the military: a test of survival in the jungles of Tikal, ancient Mayan site full of danger. They would be divided into groups and the ultimate goal - the Temple in the center of the forest - should be achieved by the group, validating their victory.

His sleep, however, was far from tranquil: he had some nightmares. There was a voice calling him to the danger, lightning striking in its direction, and he felt the ground shake. Some rays hit the ground at his feet with such force that shattered it, and Guatemalan felt in the air, falling, while the rays continued to follow him to ensure his death.

“Help ... Help!” Anael stammered, trying to get rid of the dream “I do not want to die! ... No!” He finally awakens and cries, breathless .His heart was pounding and his eyes were still getting used to the low light of your room.

The boy looked at his watch: it was four thirty in the morning, and he had to groom himself .He searched for clothes which he arranged the day before, and changed his outfit rapidly. He sat on his bed, trying to get used to the poor light in the place. Then, he recognized the room: he was the guest room of the house of his best friend. He didn’t sleep at home because he was invited to sleep in the house of another, as it was closer to the beginning of the trip.

Anael's best friend was Thalas-Juán Dharalión, a young man with white skin, black hair, blue eyes and loner by nature. He had dual citizenship and rich relatives, and since childhood, I was ill-regarded by his colleagues, except Anael, who understood very well the pain of having a reality of life very different from the others.

With the backpack, Anael descended the staircase leading into the living room, where Thalas was waiting for him, reading The Count of Montecristo, his favorite book. Reading while listening to his friend’s steps, the Franco-Guatemalan looked at him with the corner of his eye, smiling a little to see him awake and willing.

“Bonjour, Anael” greeted Thalas, marking the page of the book to close it. “Are you ready?” He inquired, rising with the backpack.

“Maybe...” Anael said, rubbing his left eye, still sleepy. “What about the map?”

“I have it.” Thalas said, with the piece of paper in his hand. “Well, according to the way I drew, hopefully, we may arrive at Tikal in five days.”

“A five-day trip?” Anael inquired, incredulous. “Are you sure?”

“Absolutely.” Thalas said, opening the gate of the house. “But we have to be fast and lucky. Very lucky.”

The boys leave the beautiful house and moved toward the school .When they arrived, some trucks were waiting for them: they weren’t walking any distance from the capital of Tikal, which was a great relief to them. However, this meant that they would be far from civilization in a few hours.

Teachers asked Anael and Thalas to climb into the truck before it left. The boys obeyed, and sat near a guy who they had never seen. He was red-haired, with Indian features like theirs and black eyes. Also, he had a strong-typed body, like them. The boy watched from the corner of the eyes, smiled and said:

Yo soy Melchior. Quiénes son ustedes?

“Anael” said the emerald-eyed boy “y el es Thalas” Anael pointed to the white guy near him.

Melchior smiled slightly to both. Although Anael were found to be very friendly with the red-haired young man, his smile raised a suspicion on Thalas. Could they trust him? The truck went his way along the paved road, bumping a lot. The trio would face the major task of their lives...

To Be Continued...

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